As a functional accessory to a room, chairs and barstools can be a great addition to tie the room together. They can help to break up colors or accent little-used colors in the space. As in the image above, the chairs in this kitchen help to bring the wood color of the island further into the room giving the color a larger presence to balance out the use of white in the space. Colors are just as important as styles and materials too, be it a light chair in a dark kitchen or vice versa. The island is large enough to offer plenty of space for cooking prep and double as a breakfast bar for three.The white cushions are highlighted by the white dishes and vases around the room.

Bright green accents are used around the room to bring in a pop of color to the otherwise dark space. Metallic accents bring color and class into the kitchen to complement the warm wood of the island countertop. The gorgeous copper lanterns accomplish the same goal by breaking up the space at the top of the room. The introduction of greenery on the counter brings life and a splash of color into the space. Little splashes of color are introduced into the room through plants and flowers – which help to liven up the space.Separating the island cook space from the eating space of the counter is a genius idea and it allows the individual spaces to remain uncluttered. The dark brown is kept to the floor and ceiling, effectively framing the space with its dark lines. The kitchen work space is kept to a single aisle surrounded by dark cabinets but effectively balanced by the creamy countertops and matching tile backsplash. Navy blue cabinets is complemented by the frosted blue glass of the accent wall. Dark chairs continue to ground the space and pops of bright green bring bits of color and life, carrying the eyes around the rest of the room. The decor is accented with bright spring green, cheery orange, and vibrant yellow – adding colorful interest to the space. The black chairs mirror the black cabinets surrounding the stove. Light countertops match the colors of the tile backsplash and offsets the dark wood of the cabinetry. The room opens up into the living room, seen in the background. Crystal light fixtures adds both sophistication and helps to diffuse the light around the room. Dark floors counter the lightness of the room with the help of the barstools.

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The materials and colors can help to bring multiple aspects of the room together, thus making the room visually seamless. A small bookshelves provides entertainment just beside the breakfast bar while there’s a glass door leading to balcony. Beige walls accent the dark cabinets and the granite counter top well. The island chairs, in a distressed golden color, stand apart from the rest of the room with their unique hue. High-gloss white cabinets and countertops allow for the solid black accents and sparse uses of natural wood to stand out even more from the rest of the room. This color is broken up by pale, sage green walls and the inclusion of plant life to highlight the use of green even more. China blue accents, especially in the tiled image in the backsplash, are highlighted by the yellow nicely. Stainless steel appliances also help to break up the white and bring a bit of a modern look to this contemporary style. Bright cabinets, bright walls, bright accents, even the floor is a bright honey-colored wood. Black chair legs help to break up the brightness and tie together the black accents in the appliances without feeling harsh in the space. Bold textures offset the sleek, structured look of the cabinets and chairs. The kitchen itself flourishes with the addition of the rough stone backsplash bringing in color, though neutral, that stands out against the light hues of the rest of the room. The chairs highlight the stainless steel of the appliances with their simple silver frames.

The speckled gray of the counter facing creates a neutral but complementary color choice to the exposed concrete of the pillar to the left and on the floor. Alternating colors like the pale floor, tan cabinets, pale backsplash, and so on keep any one hue from dominating the room. The natural wood counter tops break up the dark colors of the room and more pops of color are added in the leather accent chairs placed around the end of the island. That light color is carried into the tiled backsplash to bring together the light and dark colors used in the palette of the room; giving way to the dark chocolate cabinets and slate grey countertops. The brick arched ceiling matches the colors in the bricks on the floor while white cabinets help to brighten up the space and green marble adds a bit of contrasting color. The pale blue tiled walls add a difference in the shade of the room but keep to the washed out color scheme, helping to keep the space light and bright. The warm gray of the island helps to differentiate it from the uniform counters.

You can better see the spherical pendant light above the island and the floating appearance of the cabinets. Highlighting it in bright white, silver, and black makes for a great contrast of colors the pale granite of the counters is carried up into the backsplash to brighten up the gray cabinets. The high-gloss shine of the countertops helps to reflect more light up and around the room, despite the dark color of them. A gorgeous wood countertop breaks up the space and adds another level of color to the room.

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Whether you’re scratching out a plan on a napkin or looking for advice from the local home improvement center, you should know how much knee space you need for comfortable seating at islands and peninsulas. Peninsulas are connected to other cabinetry or a wall and are often used as a divider between the kitchen and the adjoining space. It all comes down to basic geometry as applied to the human leg. The standard kitchen counter height is 36″ in most regions, although it’s not uncommon for it to vary an inch higher or lower at the request of homeowners.

You should allow a minimum of 15″ of clear depth for comfortable seating. Raised bar-type counters take up the least amount of space and provide a more pronounced visual break between spaces. Remember that the raised counter needs to be supported with at least a 3/4″ thick panel.

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Look for 24″high stool for a 36″ counter and 30″ high bar-stools for 42″high counters. Seat to foot rest dimension remains the same regardless of bar stool height increase. It’s also common these days to include informal seating in the kitchen , allowing family and friends to hang out and chat over coffee or snacks. The size, height and use of the island will determine how much seating space can be practically incorporated into it. The higher the counter – the shallower the space needed . A higher stool keeps our legs more vertical – so our knees don’t project as far forward – it’s that simple. Add another 36″ to that 18″ deep counter and you’re looking at needing 4 1/2 feet of floor space for table-height seating. Seating at kitchen counter height is very handy because the uninterrupted counter space can be reclaimed as kitchen work surface when needed. A typical dining chair will work for a 30″ high counter with a seat about 18″ h. I personally don’t care for 12″ overhang regardless of counter top height.

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That way it’s equally accessible from all sides and won’t be an obstacle for people walking through. A perimeter island, for example, might work better with open floor plans. From creating more counter space to adding additional seating, we’ve selected a few different kitchen island ideas that will help you get the most out of it. Create contrast by using a different material or color for the island counters than you did in the rest of the room. This will require running downward (most common in islands) or overhead venting (which can be expensive), and allocating extra space to in-cabinet pipes. This is beneficial especially if appliances take up a lot of cabinet room, or if you’re looking for a unique way to showcase certain items by using open shelving.

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Another option is to use open shelving to display cookbooks or other items.

You can also experiment with lighting elements, or if you’ve decided to install a stovetop with overhead venting you can use the space for the range hood. In addition to being a visual anchor in the space, they also help increase the room’s functionality and efficiency. If you don’t have a kitchen or dining room table (and even if you do), extra seating might be a priority. A good general rule for enclosed kitchens is to place it in the center of the room. That placement might not work best for all kitchens, however. Having more counter space adds obvious benefits: more room for meal prep, multiple chefs and can serve as an eating area. If your regular countertops are white quartz, try black or a dark stained wood for the island. Create a breakfast bar or dining table, and leave a counter overhang that offers enough room to tuck the chairs or stools underneath when not in use. Installation can be tricky, so pay attention to details like ventilation and plumbing. Store dishes and pots within reach or keep less frequently used appliances out of the way. If you have a smaller kitchen and less space to work with, be sure to check out these small kitchen island ideas.

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So far, they hold the weight but there is a slight sag because of the weight of the bar top after installation.

We recommend spacing brackets every 16 inches apart. I had everything measured level with three of these used in a 62″ space for a granite bar top. The 2×4 underneath was routed out so the brackets were flush with the 2×4 for install. Very same bracket supplied by granite installer at much better price.

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Open shelves display cookbooks, glassware, china and art, enhancing a sense of airiness. The black-painted glass wall and white glass doors of the upper cabinets bounce light around the room. The homeowner specified the appliances to her needs with one gas burner and the rest induction on the stove. When the house was built, the kitchen would have been located on the garden level. The slim appliances — a 24 inch fridge, 18 inch dishwasher and 24 inch stovetop and oven — discreetly blend in. Like a yacht’s polished rails and hardware, metallic stools add a hit of shine to the relaxed atmosphere. Frosted-glass doors on custom-built cabinetry hide dishes, glassware and a pantry. Hide-upholstered stools provide seating on three sides of the island for a dining table effect. Introducing wood bases and shelves with the marble counters and backsplash feels rustic and elegant.

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Glass storage shelves fitted into the window wells are a visually airy alternative to upper cabinets; the light streams through the dishware, making it appear almost weightless. The cheery yellow door on the pantry punctuates the pale wood millwork. The backside of the kitchen island provided a perfect hiding spot. In the kitchen, the cabinets’ vertical grain leads the eye up to the cedar-clad ceiling, for a treehouse effect. The island is framed in off-white quartz with a waterfall edge and, in a bold move, houses the eight-burner stove. Recessed cabinet pulls feel elegant and modern, while a herringbone-patterned runner adds a hit of softness underfoot. A long breakfast bar in canary yellow injects playful color into the room. On the sink side, a stainless steel counter and appliances keep the look sleek. For a streamlined look, sliding pocket doors conceal three ovens while paneling disguises the fridge. An abundance of wood and natural light keeps the space from feeling cold. Chairs with high-gloss green plastic backs complement this space’s sleek look and are easy to clean — making them ideal for children. A contemporary spin on glamorous style makes this kitchen stand out from the crowd. Contrasting black window frames make the snow-covered outdoor views look even more like a picture. Simple cabinetry, free of knobs or pulls and finished in a pale olive-beige, creates a soothing look in the minimalist kitchen. A steel frame suspended from the ceiling visually anchors the island while disguising a bulkhead. An inviting blend of white and walnut cabinetry perfectly suits this sunny family kitchen. It’s a sea of clean, calming white warmed by mid-toned wood floors and a wall of leaded glass leading to the patio. Small appliances — the toaster oven and coffeemaker — are tucked away in an appliance garage. This allowed the cottage’s simple wall paneling to wrap around the entire great room for a cohesive feel. Clever open shelves on the front of the island house stacks of magazines. Despite the open kitchen’s sleek look, it’s packed with storage. Overhead, an intricate, modern chandelier adds a touch of pretty. Paneling plays up the height of the windows and the depth of their wells. Accessed by ladder, the extra-high cabinets house little-used and seasonal items. One major downside of the original kitchen was a row of uppers that divided the space in two, cutting off sight lines between the cooking and eating areas. The kitchen island is kitted out with a wine fridge, cooktop, bar sink, storage and seating for four.The herringbone-patterned backsplash provides a bold backdrop for dishes displayed on open shelves. The customized cabinets allow for an undermounted flatscreen, which blends into the all-black side of the island. Artful pendants delineate the dining area without blocking views. Overhead, the mod fan is the room’s main sculptural element. A crisp white ceiling, white-painted trim and lighter toned flooring balance out the effect. Storage is everywhere in this contrasting kitchen, from the ample island to the floor-to-ceiling black cabinets flanking the white cupboards. Upper cabinets were removed and the lower cabinets were relocated to one wall for a more open look. The black polished granite floor extends to the outside patio and plays off the natural granite seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The kitchen’s clean lines and minimalist decor allow the lake to take center stage. A porcelain mosaic tiled wall breaks up the abundance of stainless steel and glossy white cabinetry in the kitchen. A smoked-glass backsplash and marble counter add glamour to the room. Solid pine planks offer warmth and a visual break from the expanses of polished concrete in this dramatic, contemporary space.

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Battery switches on/off (1) accessory, (2) engines, (1) optional generator, (1) optional thruster. Batteries: (2) engine, (1) accessory, (1) optional generator, (1) optional bow thruster. This is where on-water comfort meets cruising thrills, with a little extra flair. On demand fresh water is delivered via a fresh water pump installed in the engine compartment. A float switch for the high bilge water alarm is installed in the engine compartment and forward bilge.

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Buy a few flower pots in a cheery accent color or paint your own. Be sure to measure the distance between a pull’s screw holes before you shop, as not all pulls are the same size. Keep in mind, for most homeowners a double-basin sink offers more versatility. Whether it’s a long runner or an area rug, choose one with enough color and pattern to handle the occasional spill or stain. Consider how you use your kitchen before you buy, and if you need an area to sit and eat, make sure there’s enough countertop overhang to accommodate seating. When assessing your space with lighting and budget in mind, there are three zones to consider: ceiling, task or breakfast bar and under-cabinet lighting. Many retailers have seasonal sales where you can score a new refrigerator, stove and dishwasher around this price point. Here’s how you can add style and function to your kitchen at a variety of price points. Having a few herbs close at hand may also encourage more flavorful cooking. If you’re not a foodie, display a cheery tea kettle or a few patterned dishes. It’s timeless and makes it easier to keep surrounding countertops clean. And if you can swing it, buy the deepest sink you can afford; you’ll get more use out of it in the long run. They’re a great way to bring a warm, sophisticated look into what’s usually considered a utilitarian space.Accidents will happen, so going with a really expensive rug in this space probably isn’t the best choice. A free-standing island is usually a more affordable option and can be made mobile with the addition of castors. For the avid baker or chef, select an island with open shelves or drawers for utensils and cookware.

You can even add your own personal touches like spice racks, extra hooks and a towel holder. Buying them all at once gives you a little leverage to bargain for a better deal. As you price this project out, you’ll want to clarify what you’re paying for: the countertops, installation and any special edging fees.

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The building’s sleek, understated décor soothes the soul, with unexpected touches of elegance like the asymmetrical concierge desk that evokes a modernist sculpture, and the building’s unique laser-cut lattice exterior. With 11 storeys and only 67 condominium suites, this boutique building is quiet and intimate – but never boring. The lower levels feature nine suites per level, and upper levels (7-10) have just six. Italian kitchen, complete with integrated appliances and in-cabinet microwave and pantry. The overhang­­ is perfect for breakfast, dining or gathering around with friends and family. Large terraces complete the glass-enclosed upper storeys of these elegant suites, offering gracious, private spaces for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying the sun. Head to the wellness room, a serene spot with cardio machines and other exercise equipment, with areas for stretching and yoga practice. Head outdoors, and you’ll see the elegant terrace has plenty of space for dining, barbecuing and entertaining. And if you get around on two wheels, there are bike racks for all residents and generous visitor bicycle parking. Like a memorable evening in a perfect little place no one else has discovered yet. Like a beautiful painting, abstract and full of angles and colours. And right at home in one of the city’s most exceptional neighbourhoods. The fireplace is the focal point, and is complemented by modern seating, striking herringbone floors and a sculptural concierge desk that’s as much art as it is functional. While all suites have outdoor spaces, the seventh floor terraces truly shine – the building’s setback offers large outdoor spaces up to 948 square feet, with plenty of room for patio furniture and entertaining friends and family. The quartz countertop and backsplash complete the stunning kitchen. Central to the cooking experience is an oversized 3ft wide island in two varying lengths (6ft or 8ft) based on your suite layout. The island is complete with a wine fridge and plenty of drawer space for your large cooking pots. You’ll find the bulk of the building’s amenities on the second floor, with a fitness area and a beautiful indoor-outdoor space that’s perfect for a party or some solo quiet time. Gather around the firepit or beside the beautiful fireplace, enjoy dinner al fresco at the big dining table, or make a beeline to the comfortable lounge chairs to soak up some sun. There’s a handy pet spa off the lobby where you can clean up your pup after a walk – no need to get your own bathroom dirty.

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Traditional newel post at beginning of wooden staircase to upper level hall with linen closet . The master bedroom suite is complete with two large closets (one a walk in) and an oversized master bath with a stand alone shower, jetted tub and double sink vanity . Additional updates include custom made mahogany wood blinds in 2nd bedroom, four ceiling fans with light fixtures , and five outside motion sensor lights. Mstr bath has new oversized mirrored medicine cabinet with light bar and new vanity in half bath. There’s a large crib barn at the back of the property, a 3 bay barn garage with upper hay loft , and a garden shed. Find solace in the tranquil sunroom with natural views surrounding you. Continue through the hallway and enter into spacious master bedroom with a tray ceiling . Up the stairs to the second floor notice the balcony overlooking the family room. The fully equipped eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, large sink and gorgeous granite counter tops with backsplash , has an outside access to an adorable covered porch, ideal for early morning coffee. Upon entry, the foyer leads you to the living room featuring a gorgeous fireplace with custom built shelving on both sides, crown molding and an incredibly large picture window, which boasts year round stunning views. Across the hall from the bath is an additional large hall storage closet .

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