Painting countertops may be a great option for you, even with a textured surface. My question, well there will be two questions-do you think by doing like the marble tops would work on these.

Hate Your Tile Floors? Paint Them! by

We purchased the home from my parents last year and are so excited to tackle some big renovations as almost everything is original. You’ll be surprised how little paint and poly you actually use!

Pin this image to refer back to when you’re ready to start!

Check back next week for the rest of this mini-makeover, we love the thrifted cabinet we created!

Check out this easy chalk paint countertops tutorial!

I purposely distressed it to help camouflage the wear & tear but other than a few scuffs the sealer is doing its job well and the paint is holding nicely. As long as you use a great sealer you should be good to go!

It’s been a few years and it’s held up well without being sealed, but it’s just a backsplash, not a trafficked floor.

Transforming/Painting Countertops Diy! | Duration 8 Minutes

Would have to get it done before bed as need to visit bathroom at least once a night, other bathroom at other end of house, would never make it in time, my old legs aren’t that quick. Any scratches or areas where the paint has chipped or worn off?

We’ve been trying to add some charm and custom touches over the past 4 years, being renting ourselves. I haven’t been wanting to dump too much money into it since we’re going to gut it when we save enough cash to do so. I washed and used the same brush but threw away the rollers after each use. It goes on thicker which allows for less coats and it dries faster to save you time.

We stenciled our floors like a pro and love how the painted floors turned out!

I placed it in the middle then dabbed the white on with a foam stencil brush. I didn’t want to try to line it up a second time and have it smudge. I used my hand sander and went over the middle of each stencil and in between them too to “grunge” it up a little. It’s also a good way to camouflage potential future scratches or nicks.

Paint Diy

A super affordable way to update your flooring without spending thousands of dollars. I liked this chalk paint tile floors tutorial, it’s very simple. I pinned this to try to convince the hubby to let me try!

I chalk painted a backsplash in the kitchen, and use it as a chalk board. Love this and have ceramic tile would love to banish but would be happy to disguise. And whose little sweetie is that with her baby under her arm, so adorable. Since our living room is light gray was thinking dark grey tile with stencil, to be decided. I tried covering much of it with an outdoor rug, but it still peeks at me.

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