While there’s always new countertops and amazing new appliances, the kitchen remains, for the most part, a space dominated by its function more than by fashion. Best of all, if properly used, this ally will not only look great on its own, it will provide the backdrop to take all of the rest of your kitchen decor to the next level. The backsplash is one of the best places in the kitchen to invest color, pattern and even texture into the space. So whether you like things soft and simple or loud and proud, we’ve got a backsplash style that you’ll adore.

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But if you don’t want to overwhelm the room, your backsplash can be a subtle help instead of an eye-catching scene stealer. A simple patterned backsplash can be all it takes to bring a little visual energy to your kitchen. This interchange of patterns and solids helps to create a rich visual landscape that will make your kitchen stand out. Here the pattern of the vertically placed tiles is made even more fetching by their range of colors. Marble is a longtime favorite for backsplashes and kitchen counters, so using it for both surfaces is an easy choice for creating a beautiful, unified look. By partnering this hexagonal tile with the smooth countertop and wooden cabinets, this kitchen is giving us three different textures to complement the parts that each surface plays in the color story of the room.

To keep the interest level high in the absence of pattern, look for colors that make a bold statement in the context of your kitchen color palette. This kitchen’s ultra-modern aesthetic is coming from a number of places. The artistic light fixture is the final piece, all brought together by a moody color palette that completes the look. From faucets and fixtures to ovens and refrigerators, metallics are a mainstay of kitchens everywhere.

Whether the style is subway tile or geometric, colorful or subdued, the variations—and the possibilities—are endless. If your kitchen is mostly light neutrals, use a similarly light color that will pop against the neutral backdrop without going overboard. Here the juxtaposition of metallic and gray tiles creates an abstract pattern that gives greater character to the backsplash and, by extension, the surrounding kitchen as well. The rules in the kitchen are no different and, in fact, the kitchen gives you a lot more opportunity to play with different surface types than some other rooms. Instead, it’s about how the backsplash interacts with everything else in the room. The geometric cube pattern of the backsplash is a wonderful starting point, and it’s complemented by the smooth, clean lines of the table and chairs. Coupled with some slight variations in the shade of the different tiles, this backsplash is adding some very low-key drama to this kitchen.

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This massive backsplash brings a shimmer to the entire space, taking an otherwise basic kitchen space and turning into something to talk about. Even better, the bar stools give us another burst of the same pattern.

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The subway tile backsplash provides a sense of sophistication that will never go out of style. The best bit about laying the tiles is that you could do it on your own without worrying about extra costs associated with employing a technician. If you add stain resistant glazes, then your cleaning is further eased. You could pick one depending on your favorite colors and themes. The single-colored backsplash is ideal if you want a simple look. Some varieties offer a glossy finish while others get you a matte finish. You could also match black mosaic tile with grey cabinets and marble tops.

Solid grey tiles offer more strength whereas the soft grey gives a delicate feel. You could also opt for different mosaic styles to add some flare to your kitchen. It is also ideal if you live in a rented house and not looking to make long-term changes to your home.

Cream subway tile backsplash is ideal if you want to change to kitchen styles constantly. Thus you do not have to keep changing the backsplash style when you reinvent your kitchen. Carve out the area that you’ll be covering and use tape to demarcate the perimeter you’ll be working on. Always ensure that you do any readjustment before fixing the next tile. After the mastic has dried overnight, use a rubber float to apply the grout. You could use any color of grout depending on the color you like. If you want the backsplash to blend well with your kitchen colors, you would want to go for neutral shades.

Crackle glazes offer a vintage style which gives a sense of texture even though the surface remains smooth. However, if you want the backsplash to stand out then have the tiles up to the ceiling. You need to consider the styles of your cabinets, countertops, appliances, and floors. If your kitchen is sleek and urban, then you would want that reflected in the backsplash. However, if you want your backsplash to stand out, use a contrasting color.

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Matching the tile color with that of the grout is a great way of making big spaces to appear smaller.

They are not only urban and bold but also extremely playful.

Having a backsplash with thin grout lines makes it easier to clean the kitchen. If you could want a traditional feel in your kitchen, you could opt for darker and traditional tones. You can pair black splashes with; glossy subway tiles with white cabinets and black countertops. Black splashes are ideal if you are looking to make a strong statement in your kitchen.

The bold blue invokes rest and tranquillity and would be an ideal addition to your kitchen. If you like some little drama, brilliant blue hues will serve you better. It exudes energy, and your kitchen could benefit from a splash of color. Neutral shades are incredibly versatile and can go well with other colors. The tone also comes with inherent sophistication and calmness. The grey tile backsplash could be useful if you want to tone down bright colors. It not only gives a touch of elegance but also provides the kitchen with an exotic vintage look. This could be the best option if you are looking to cut your expenses. You can opt for different colors as per your tastes. The color brown is best served with muted sage-green, burgundy or pale aqua.

The cream subway tile backsplash would provide your kitchen with pleasantness and warmth. Using the putty knife apply mastic on the area and apply slightly higher than the tile height. This serves to reduce air pockets under the tile and levels the tiling surface. You could use spacers to make sure that the spacing is done correctly. Using a tile saw, cut any tile that needs to be sized especially those that would be placed around electrical sockets. Be sure to tape out the regions that you would not want to get into contact with the grout.

You need to consider the amount of time that you would require for the installation.

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You also need to look at your ability to get the required tools and consider if you can obtain them without straining financially. You could ask questions at your local hardware store.

Neutral colors such as cream and white give the kitchen a sense of cleanliness.

If you love bold colors and would want your kitchen to stand out, go for a colorful glaze. Satin glazes, on the other hand, have a matte finish thus reducing reflections. It is important to consider the backsplash’s lighting especially if it is under the cabinets; the lighting is key in highlighting the type of finish used. You could pick from a variety of patterns depending on your tastes and preferences. The shape you choose is important as it sets the tone of your kitchen. For a more urbane look, go for a blend of the flat and domed hex tiles. If you don’t want the backsplash to take over the entire kitchen set up, then you would want to have a moderate height. This type of grouts results in less staining and discoloration, which is essential in creating a flawless look. If you want a less dramatic look, you could match your grout color with that of the tiles.

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Usually when you do this afterwards, the backsplash just fits right into the space and unifies the look.

And, if your counter tops have a lot of color or movement in them, you don’t want the backsplash to compete with it. If your space is smaller, generally 1 tile/1 size will work better. This style decision is based on your personal taste, and the other choices you’ve already made for the room. Then, create a picture frame above the oven (a few inches from each side…use pencil liners for this) and then use a 4″ x 4″ tile of the same material and lay it on a diagonal within the picture frame.

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They don’t realize that you need a different type of adhesive when you’re using glass. But, all you need to do is find a grout color that is very similar to the tiles and blends in. You want to seal the grout so that it doesn’t get dirty and it lasts longer. The good news is that it’s super simple to do, and you can even do it yourself. While you’ll want to install a backsplash soon, you can definitely use your kitchen as long as you are careful about splashing around the sink and splattering by the oven. It’s just tricky to center and cut the tile, and there are a lot of edges, as well as cuts needed around the outlets.

If you get fancier with the tile patterns, this will increase the cost. If you are able to install the backsplash yourself, that will obviously save you a big chunk of change.

And, of course, it provides a functional purpose as well – to protect your walls from all the splashes and spatters.

In the meantime, here are more than 20 neutral tiles for kitchen backsplashes. Most of these tiles are mosaics and come on a meshed 12 inch x 12 inch backing which makes them super simple to install, even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. It will be much easier this way as you’ll have the right color tone. If you’ve fallen in love with your counter tops or cabinets, you might prefer for those to be the focus. Sometimes, they will mix up the shapes of those tiles (see below). Also remember that this is “semi permanent” meaning that you may be living with it for 15 to 20 years (pending on how often you remodel your kitchen. The one area where you may want to opt to get a bit creative is if you have a nice size space above the stove area.

For example, you could use a subway tile shape (3″ x 6″) on a horizontal layout for the majority of the space.

I think that’s because years ago, sometimes people contrasted the grout color. Grout is basically sand, so if you don’t seal it, it will absorb everything including dirt, cleaning products and food stains. You should seal the grout around 2 weeks after it’s installed. If you are redoing the whole kitchen, after the counter tops are installed, and then sink is connected to the plumbing, you can use your kitchen.

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I would probably avoid that by the stove as it might be a fire risk). If you choose glass or natural stone, that will cost a bit more, too (as those are harder to cut, and you usually need a wet saw. Remember that while backsplashes may cost more than you expect, know that the majority of the cost is not from the tile itself. You’ll still have to pay the same for grout, transition pieces, thin set and labor anyway.

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Mark electrical outlets by applying lipstick to the outlets, then press the sheet of tile against it to transfer the mark to the back of the tile. Remove any protruding thin-set from the tile joints with a flat-head screwdriver.

Use a rubber float to apply the grout to the tile joints, pressing the grout into the tile at a 45° angle. After the grout has dried, use a soft cloth to remove any grout haze from the surface. The size of the notches in the trowel are important and will vary depending on the size and type of tile being installed, so check the label on the thin-set or mastic. After you position the piece around the obstacle, you can add back in little individual tile pieces to complete the pattern. Now once the tile is all in, it will need to dry overnight before you continue.

And remove any chunks of thin-set left showing between the tiles, so they don’t show through the grout. The grout is applied with a rubber grout float turn partially on edge. As the grout begins to dry, begin to wash off the excess with a damp sponge—regularly rinsing it out in clean water. Even after the grout is completely dry, there will be a slight haze over the tile which can be removed by buffing it with a soft cloth. You are so helpful, and have great solutions to problems folks have.

Cover the countertop with plastic sheeting held in place with masking tape.

Position the sheet on the wall, and press it into the wet thin-set adhesive. Use a utility knife to cut through the mesh on the sheet of tile around the outlet. Dampen the surface of the tile with water on a sponge before applying grout. When the grout starts to set, go over the tile surface multiple times with a sponge dampened with clean water to wipe off any excess grout. Creating a plumb, or perfectly vertical, line from the countertop up to the cabinetry is a good way to do that. Position each piece, using the counter as a guide, and press it firmly into the thin-set. For sheets of mosaic tiles, most of your cutting will be done to the mesh mat that holds the tile. Apply masking tape around the tile before applying the grout to simplify cleanup. To reduce grout cleaning later, dampen the surface of the tiles before you begin applying the grout. Push the grout across the wall at a 45-degree angle to the lines between tiles, so the float doesn’t catch the edges and dig out the grout.

Circular motions work well to remove grout from the tile surface without taking it out of the grooves between tiles.

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But you must know that the main purpose of a kitchen backsplash is that it can protect the walls from liquids. With the use of a diagonal cut, they can give your kitchen backsplash a unique look. Another issue is that you have to spend more money when using diagonal tiles for your kitchen. This is a perfect choice if you want to create a classic and neat look for your kitchen. If you don’t have a lot of money, then you can choose some materials such as ceramic and porcelain. There are some great examples that you can use as the source of your inspiration.

In fact, the backsplash height will also affect the style of your kitchen. When it comes to planning the layout, you need to determine your backsplash height too.

If you think that you can’t handle the project yourself, then hiring a professional contractor is a better choice. But you don’t have to worry about this issue as you can use a marble tile.

If you use a kitchen backsplash, then you can ensure that it will define the style of your work area. We have some helpful tips that every homeowner must know. If you are not sure which material that you want to choose, then you can use your budget as the main guideline. But if you need better options, then you can choose glass, marble, or granite. For example, you can use blue tiles which work well when paired with grey cabinets. But you shouldn’t forget that the backsplash height also plays an important role. If you want to create a beautiful kitchen, then you can use a full-height backsplash. Make sure that you read the manual instructions so that you don’t make any mistakes. You must ensure that your tile saw is good enough to handle this project.

It is a simple pattern that looks great in any kitchen.

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This minimizes air pockets under the tile and keeps the tiling surface as level as possible. A toothpick, old knife, or even a flat screwdriver works well for this. Push the blade along the line to score the tile – one pass should be sufficient. You’ll need to be precise in your alignment for a successful tile lineup. Subtract the length of your spacer (in this case, 1/8”), then mark a tile for cutting. I cut along the two short edges, then stood behind the tile wet saw with the tile (shiny side up) and carefully cut the space between. Here is where you can really make things your own – from white to grey to black to any color you want. You’ll be able to clean off the tiles completely after the grout sand has dried. You should also run the float over the grout lines from multiple directions, to make sure each side of the grout adheres to the adjacent tile’s edge.

Again, don’t worry about getting it completely clean right now, though.

This sealant will help to lengthen the life of your grout and keep it looking clean and fresh. The sealer will leave a residue on your tiles that’s much harder to get off when it has dried, so wipe it off when it’s still wet.

Installing a subway tile backsplash into your kitchen provides both an updated look (that will never go out of style) and a neutral one. Starting on the bottom row at an outer corner, wipe a layer of mastic onto the wall with a putty knife. When you approach an obstacle, such as an electrical outlet or light switch, measure the distance between the electrical box and the last tile laid.

If you’ve measured and notched your tile correctly, it should fit perfectly. Probably with the spacers you’re doing just fine, but it’s a good idea to check before the mastic starts to harden. Use the trowel teeth for both rows at the same time, because you won’t have enough room to work with the trowel for a narrow row all alone. This time, you’ll want it directly under the cabinet edge because, let’s face it, no one ever sees there. This will work out if you’ve been keeping things level as you work your entire way down the rows toward the corner.

Tape off any edges you don’t want the grout to go, such as the sides of adjacent cabinets. Choose something that will stand the test of time for your style. If you keep wiping and wiping with the wet sponge, you’ll start to pull grout out of the tile spaces, which is obviously counter-productive. The goal is to squeeze grout completely into these spaces to prevent cracking and flaking over time. The grout will be darker at this point than when it is dry, so if it looks too dark right now, don’t worry. With the addition of tile onto your backsplash, your wall surface has likely been pushed “out” a ways. These are plastic strips that can be folded and cut to the desired width, then placed between the outlet itself and the electrical box in the wall. These will save your life if you need more than three or four spacers. Begin your caulking in an area less visible (such as in a far corner, or behind the refrigerator, or beneath the upper cabinets), so you can get the hang of it before moving on to highly visible areas. This includes the edges between the countertop, the upper cabinets, and the walls.

The goal here is to seal the edges of the caulk to the two surfaces it touches. If you have much excess, remember to apply less caulk in the strip next time.

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And for durability, protect the wood with washable paint or marine varnish. And veneer brick is thin enough to cut around receptacles and outlets for a seamless look.

Pegboard kitchen backsplashes allow for plenty of organization! But be sure you understand the different grades of plywood and their applications before tackling this job. The application is as simple and peel and stick, and these tiles can be installed over existing tile and many other surfaces, making it an easy way to boost the value of your home. But bring your patience, as cleaning and installing pennies can be painstaking work. And installing a backsplash is the perfect time to add extra kitchen electrical outlets to make your space more functional. The area behind a stove is the perfect place for a kitchen accent wall.

Reminiscent of fish scales, these tiles are neutral enough to go with any décor but unusual enough to not appear cliché. The muted color of these brown tiles contrasts beautifully with the glittery mosaic for a perfectly elegant statement. For this type of kitchen backsplash ideas, you’ll want to know how to cut tile with a grinder for a perfect fit every time. The ridges on these tiles create great color variation and make the tile look luxurious. Here are more kitchen upgrade ideas that can be completed in a weekend. White marble tile with vining strands of mother of pearl is a stunning choice for a backsplash. Speaking of flowers, check out these eight succulents that make pretty garden groundcovers. And if you’ve wondered what it takes to tile a backsplash, read this.

And when the grout gets a little grimy, read this article on how to whiten even the grimiest grout. This vibrant teal and white tile is a perfect accent wall, that can easily be coordinated with plain white chevron in the rest of the kitchen.

We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test.

And learn how to drill a hole in a mirror, and you can even customize your backsplash to hang utensils or other kitchen tools. Today’s wallpaper is high-tech and durable, making it a cinch to install, and easy to remove when you decide to try a new look. Paint it a soft pastel and stencil for a vintage look, or stain dark and accent with raw metal for an industrial edge. And best of all, chalkboard paint is perfect over magnetic paint, making the organization possibilities endless. And the soft blue with natural wood accents hearkens to yesteryear, yet the sleek gold handles and stainless appliances make sure the look doesn’t appear dated. For a seamless look, pull colors from cabinetry and countertops to create cohesiveness that will impress. If you’re considering your first tiling project, check out our article on how to grout tile for the best results.

Learn how to install a new backsplash in six hours with this ingenious project. The colorful accented tile is a perfect match for the whimsical range hood and is an effortless way to add a punch of color to a basic subway tile backsplash. And before replacing any tile, read these dos and don’ts of a first-time subway tile installation.

The mix of patterns and textures in this metallic backsplash make it sparkle. It would look incredible paired with a marble countertop and light gray cabinetry, and while you’re dreaming of that, read up on our best grouting tips to make your project a success. Today’s tile takes floral to a new level with dimensional shapes that make the wildflower pattern pop. If glass tile is your thing, check out this beautiful glass-tiled vanity top and learn how to make your own. By using monochromatic subway tile in a pretty blue with an intricate mosaic inlay, this kitchen backsplash idea went from drab to fab in a cinch. It takes considerable effort to transfer the pattern onto something you can use as a guide for buying, cutting and setting the tile, but the payoff will be a work of art you’ll see every day. For more great kitchen backsplash ideas and accent wall ideas, you need to read this. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended.

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Keep reading and find out how to hide those kitchen backsplash plugs and switches!

Finally, try to know all the lighting and electrical fixtures up front and early. Know the height inside your apron cavity vs the height of power strip, to ensure it is hidden by the apron.

Additionally, as your appliances and layouts change, your electrical plugs don’t have to – you are always covered! Above all, this will eliminate yet more electrical switches at/around the cabinets, backsplash, and task lighting. Finally, whatever you decide, happy kitchen remodeling to you all! After 8 long years, it’s finally time to give this old kitchen some love.

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If you want to add personal touches, like a relief tile of a fish or hand painted tiles of a chicken or fruit, keep in mind that if you sell your home these elements may not appeal to all buyers. If you still want to add these tiles, consider mounting then onto a board and hanging them like a piece of artwork in your kitchen. Some kitchens have a single row of tile to frame a countertop, but a fully tiled backsplash behind a sink or stove area helps contain staining from water or food. Relief tiles have more crevices and are harder to clean, especially behind a stove where you sauté or fry food. When selecting tile also consider covers for electrical outlets and light switches.

Keep the areas behind the counter where you plan to keep canisters, racks, cooking supplies, bowls etc.

You will also want to ask about care and maintenance of both the tile and grout. In a kitchen you will want to use a grout that is water and stain resistant.

Choices for a kitchen backsplash can be personal but using universally appealing tiles, such as simple and clean lines of subway tile, will add value to your home. Also, consider a concave mold trim where the tile meets the wall for an easy-to-clean joint rather than a sharp crevice. If you select an intricate tile for this area, be prepared for a little extra care and maintenance. Installing a large format tile will reduce the number of grout lines and is easier to maintain. The most prominent areas of tile layout in a kitchen are behind the sink and stove. The backsplash areas behind the sink and stove are natural focal points. We recommend a grout sealer even if the product has additives to repel water and stains.

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Installing new kitchen backsplash for full – scale can cost very high.

There will be a lot of advantages that people can get from applying the kitchen backsplash. Here are the best ways to install new kitchen backsplash to upgrade the look of the room. Otherwise, you should use tiles with lower cost to rest area of the kitchen. It is important to avoid boredom and gives certain character to the kitchen. As result, your kitchen will look more spacious than its actual size. The tile choice will not only make your kitchen looks larger but have fancy look to increase your house value. Before the installing process is started, don’t forget you check the walls carefully to make sure that there no thin silver or other small items left while the tile chosen will meet your cabinetry. After that, be sure that you move the tiles based on your own preference patterns till you reach the top of the wall. If you only have small budget to upgrade the look of your kitchen, it will be better if you use more expensive handmade ceramics or glass tiles to give certain accents to the cheap backsplash tile you have. If you have solid counter in your kitchen, then picking up colorful and complex backsplash can be the best choice to do.

Moreover, the smart combination of the tile will easily catch people’s eyes and make it the center of attention. Skim the whole are where you intend to put the tile on by using white thinset. In this way, you will be able to have perfect surface where you can lay out your plan.

For instance, if you want to create modern look for your kitchen, you can rotate the tile vertically. You can pick up glass tile with translucent pattern to bring light to your kitchen and create airy feel around it. Moreover, it can cause you to spend a lot of money to get perfect same color for all of your kitchen areas. It needs tricks to make the installation process works successfully without you have to lose a lot of money. There are so many ideas about kitchen remodeling, starts from replacing cabinetry, applying new floorings, and many more. Share this article about tips for kitchen remodeling ideas for you who want to remodel your kitchen. Even you do not make major renovation in the kitchen, small change still can be given to provide new look.

However, to avoid spending a lot of money you can choose to tile a backsplash.

The applying process will only need a couple days to accomplish. In remodeling your kitchen backsplash, you can do it without moving any appliances. If you only have limited budget to buy expensive tile to upgrade your kitchen, you can put them above your stove only. But, if you have more budget and afford to buy the similar expensive tiles for all of the parts of your kitchen, you need to remember to use different pattern or color around the cooking area of the room.

You can pick up tile made of crystal marble with colors such as deep purple, lilac, black, and gray. You also need to pick up tiles with suitable size that will not look too big or too small for your kitchen. You also need to plan ahead before deciding to install new kitchen backsplash. You can easily do it by holding the tiles against the wall at the lowest part of the backsplash area. You can pick up ceramic tiles that come with flower patterns and solid colors to create beautiful accent to the kitchen backsplash. This is one of the greatest ideas to improve the appearance of your kitchen and makes it more unique.

For instance, you can combine metal and glass tile to create new modern look of your kitchen. With a less attractive counterpart, the unique backsplash can save the look of your kitchen. If you want to do it easier, you can try to use your pencil to lay out all of your kitchen backsplash installation plan. Also, it will allow you ideal surface that you will use to set up the tiles. You can change the orientation of the field tile to do it. Meanwhile, if you want to create a focal point with low cost, you can lay the tiles diagonally.

It is pretty much different with thinset that requires you to combine it correctly during the application process as well as knowing how it can work well for your kitchen. In this way, you can change the appearance of the tile since it is shown through the glass. Instead applying the same colors and patterns of tiles, you can use the ones with complementary colors. The wrong way to install the item will cause you to spend huge budget.

Share this article about tips for kitchen remodeling ideas for you who want to remodel your kitchen. There are so many ideas about kitchen remodeling, starts from replacing cabinetry, applying new floorings, and many more. The trends 2019 seems to offers some changes in the kitchen. Even you do not make major renovation in the kitchen, small change still can be given to provide new look.

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These tiling tips for beginners will give you the confidence you need to tackle tiling your own kitchen backsplash. We painted the cabinets a while ago, but the backsplash was seriously clashing with the rest of the look and was in desperate need of an overhaul. Basically, just go to town on the tile until it starts falling off the wall. After some backbreaking work, your backsplash will look like a tornado went through it. I used this multi-tool to cut all around the damaged drywall and pull it off the wall. Once your area is full of drywall, apply drywall tape on all of the seams, and then mud the seams and screw holes with drywall compound.

Apply two coats, then sand it down with a sanding block so it’s nice and smooth, and you’re good to go. I mean, if you don’t look closely, you can’t even tell that’s just plain old drywall, right? ! I like to work with pre-mixed thinset – it’s definitely more expensive, but in my mind, it’s worth the cost to not have to deal with mixing it to the perfect consistency. Apply it directly to the wall with the smooth edge of the trowel at a 45-ish degree angle. To apply your tile in a subway pattern, just start with a full piece of tile on your first row, then cut a piece of tile in half to start your second row. I used these spacers for this project and they were great – you can snap pieces off to get the exact configuration you need and they helped keep everything nice and level. Wet saws generally have an area on the side that you need to fill with water.

As you work, be sure to check on the water level frequently to ensure it doesn’t get too low. Once you’ve got your tile cut, bring it inside and test it to make sure it fits before you place it.

It isn’t pretty if you look at it without the outlet cover, but thankfully it’ll be covered up so no one has to know.

To apply your grout, just grab your grout float and scoop some up, then apply it to the tile (focusing on the spaces between the tile, obviously) using a 45-degree angle and a good amount of pressure. Once you’ve completed a small section, go back with the float at a 90-degree angle and scrape each tile to remove any excess thinset – this will make cleanup much easier! I didn’t do this for all of the lines, just the ones that looked like they needed a little extra help. Continue in that manner until the whole area is grouted and cleaned. Grab a cheesecloth(they’re next to the dropcloths in your local hardware store) and rub down the tile to remove the haze. Be sure to tape off the lines you’re working on so you don’t make a mess everywhere, and pull the tape up before the caulk is completely dry. Jack won’t stop talking to me in the middle of a very important phone call or when the baby spits up on my freshly-washed jeans for the 12th time today. Our paperwork had gotten waaaaaaay out of control and it was seriously time to deal with it. We were out of town this weekend, and the whole family is beyond happy to be back home and in our routine again. Come back here once you’ve tackled this category and let us know how it’s going for you!

He’s an absolute joy and (so far) basically the opposite of his big brother.

Don’t have a kitchen renovation on the agenda at the moment? If you’re careful and good at what you do, you can preserve the old drywall. If you know ahead of time that you’re removing the drywall as well, you don’t need to be too careful about messing it up. I mean, can you imagine trying to repair that hot mess and actually getting a level surface when all is said and done? Typically, you need to allow the drywall compound to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat. These tiling tips for beginners will give you the confidence you need to tackle tiling your own kitchen backsplash. Decide on the area you’re going to start on, then use your trowel to scoop up some thinset. Once you’ve applied the thinset to the entire section you’re working on, flip it around to the notched side and run that horizontally through the thinset (again, at a 45-degree angle) to create ridges in the thinset. Continue that pattern and you’ll end up with the coveted and classic subway pattern. There will be a max fill line – don’t go above that or you’ll just make a big mess.

If you’re working in a corner or near the top of the wall where you didn’t put a good amount of thinset, you can just apply it directly to the back of the tile using the same method you used before. For the pieces like the one on top of the outlet above, you can just make two cuts in the tile with your wet saw – it’s much quicker and easier than the ones that need to be notched out.

You don’t want to work with sanded grout on vertical surfaces – it’s really meant for flooring and areas with larger grout lines – so be sure to look for grout that’s specifically labeled as unsanded. You want to push the grout into the holes without getting a ton extra on the tile. This is a dusty process, so be prepared to clean your entire room – and yourself – afterward. Anywhere that a horizontal surface meets a vertical one, you’re going to want to caulk the seams using grout caulk. Our kitchen looks so much brighter and cleaner, and it’s no longer all clash-y and weird. And, if all goes according to plan, it’ll be the big reveal of our finished banquette! Keep making and documenting them because they bring such joy when you get older. This will further “open” your kitchen and it it a truly modern look especially with your new beautiful subway tiles.

Talk about a great reminder to slow down and enjoy this insanity! There’s just something special about sleeping in your own bed, you know? Do you purge books in your home, or are you team “keep all the books”? We figured five was a good age to start inviting friends – and holy cow, is it ever pricey!


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