You can choose from a multitude of intricate patterns and color schemes. The seamless pattern makes it suitable as a background texture or fabric print for clothing projects. It is completely customizable and can be processed with a vector illustrator to match your preferences. Its seamless pattern can be used as a background for many projects.

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We hope that we gave you enough ideas to inspire you for your next work.

The pattern is synthesized with mosaic ceramic tiles in circular, oval and square shapes. It is editable and can be layered while maintaining the resolution. This blue and white ceramic pattern is suitable for background textures as well as for brochures and flyers. Its layer properties make the background features customizable in size, color and they can also be replaced. This abstract geometric style of square shapes in different sizes makes for an interesting sight. The lively color of the leaves will make it the focal point of any project.

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If your bathroom was “remudeled” in the past it can be hard to find a floor tile that will fit your home’s age and style. If your house is older than 1900, it’s very possible the bathroom was an addition since indoor plumbing wasn’t considered a necessity until after that time. The rest of the world made due with a chamber pot and a commode which was a type of a nightstand for when nature called in the middle of the night. These tiles typically came in 3/4″ and 1″ size and because of their small size they create a very unique look, especially from a distance. Little 1″ square tiles (3″ and larger tiles are a different style entirely) were another very popular choice for floor tile. Usually black and white (which was the theme for the average home bathroom) this tile really gives the illusion of being weaved together. They were rarely any other color than the standard white with a black center, but on a rare occasion, you might find a dark blue tile in the center of the pattern. The 1940s gave rise to thousands of color combinations for this tile pattern as it became increasingly popular throughout that decade. Buying enough tile to finish a bath as tiny as most historic bathrooms won’t break the bank. I am going for a black and white floor, with the original bluish gray tiles with black trim on its walls which are in v good shape, may need re-grouting.

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I may go for block random or even white round pebbles (pls comment if u disagree) esp if i change the blueish gray wall tiles down the road to something white for a cleaner airier feel. I called the company to speak to someone, but the owner, whose recommendation that was, has passed away. Honestly in such small joints it would be hard to tell what kind of rout you used.

I love the fact that the edges are flat and not rounded, and they feel great to walk on. I started peeking in another area of the bathroom floor and realized that it didn’t continue. Do you have recommendations for bathroom tile in the late 1800’s? We are worried that the tile is too thin to hold a claw foot tub and be durable over the long run. Try a bunch of cleaners (don’t mix them together to avoid any bad reactions) and see which works best for your particular situation. I really would like to keep with the style of the house but hexagonal tiles with white grout seems like a nightmare to keep clean. I wanted to save the hexagonal floor tile, but it had damage from previous renovations/drains/radiators etc.

There are lots of beautiful old styles out there to choose from and the bathroom will fit perfectly with the house moving forward! Our 90-year-old house has a square cut hex mosaic bathroom floor that’s in perfect condition. I had heard that this was done on purpose to show it was laid by hand and therefore shouldn’t be perfect.

My most recent discovery is the original unglazed square mosaic tiles in my foyer area. Do you have any tips on polishing or buffing the tiles to remove some of the residue from the cement and mastic to bring back the original shine? It take a lot to get that all that stuff off the tiles enough for them to be “restored”. Some fool (a flipper) bought the house 30 years ago and decided to “modernize” the bathroom floor by installing linoleum (bleh)that looks like it came out of a 1970’s apartment.

And if you are working on a vintage bath, it’s important to use historic floor tile patterns that fit your home. The small size of most early 20th century bathrooms makes them poor candidates for large format tiles. Their small 1″ size allowed for some very creative mosaic patterns to be incorporated by a skilled tile setter. Their round shape creates a larger portion of grout than with most other tile options so grout color becomes very important with this style.

These tiles come in 12″ x 12″ sheets, just like the hexagons and penny rounds. This pattern works well in a large or small space and was also a popular option in kitchens of the day. This tile was fairly popular in the late 1930s and thru the 1940s in a variety of colors. If you have a historic house and you stick with one of these 6 historic floor tile patterns, no one will know it is anything other than original. In the 1940s the other color schemes faded and pastels like pink (not a girl’s color at the time), blue, yellow, and green rose in popularity along with creme colors.

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That leaves you the ability to spend more per square foot and get some really nice tile that will last as long as you old house has.

The pinwheel black and white tiles with grey grout that are there now, while with no crack anywhere, look dirty and tired. What do you think of wax, maybe even a lime wax as a whitening “cheat” perhaps? After removing a half wall that was added in the 80’s from the previous owner, we discovered under a layer of glow in the dark star floors (yes, we’ve been living with that) and linoleum, beautiful random block tile (white with random black pieces). Do you have any recommendations for finding or laying this type of tile?

They can make tile patterns to match almost anything you find. The contrast looks good and you won’t notice any dirt from traffic. You inspired me to go buy a medium grout colored paint for my white grout in my first bathroom. The tile would not come up itself as it was laid on 3 ” of concrete. However, two tiles (a black and a white) have been swapped which throws off the pattern and your eye immediately finds it. I suppose mosaics weren’t backed by mesh in 1925 (?) and this would require a skilled hand. At one point in time (perhaps in the 50s or 60s) the original floors were tiled over in vinyl. The tiles were covered with a self leveling cement in some areas along with vinyl tile mastic with a third layer of carpet adhesive (the space was actually carpeted as well at one point). It can be done with a lot of elbow grease and some harsh chemicals. It’s probably not salvagable, but it would be great to replace it with something similar to keep the same look and feel.

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Complementary color tones of gray, tan, brown and white, balance any space with modest beauty and charm.

Bathroom Design Ideas Bathroom Tiles And Mosaics From All Marble Tiles | Duration 39 Seconds

Squares in a grid or brick-joint patterns in different sizes allow for versatile style.

Complementary color tones of gray, tan, brown and white, balance any space with modest beauty and charm.

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Adorning kitchens, bathrooms and powder rooms, it comes in many colors and fits all kinds of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Like the little black dress, subway tile is the best choice if you want your bathroom to look great and retain its decor value through the years. That strip is perfect for choosing accent colors—in this case, light blue on the wall and towel. This subway-cut marble tile features gold and gray veining, perfect for effortless color and movement. The polished finish works great to illuminate the space, which would otherwise be rather dark. The strength and direction of the lighting are essential for this space to work. The tile here is more subtle than #9 above because it’s not beveled, and it does have a slightly less heavy feel.

If you want to avoid the boring all-white effect, choose a darker grout, as in this bathroom, for contrast and visual interest. In this case, a varied blue tile marks the mid-wall, separating the light blue paint from the white subway tile.

The natural stone floor, bench, and rain shower head make this shower feel more like a forested getaway than a closed shower in a bathroom. And, of course, as a blank canvas to start off from, a classic white subway tile opens up infinite decor possibilities. The subtle color changes bring out the classic regularity of the brickwork pattern.

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If an individual tile on the mesh is damage you can cut the bad tile out and replace it easily.

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Ant’s service is nice and help to make a right decision on amount needed.

So, it causes less loss of raw materials to produce porcelain mosaic tiles than glass or stone mosaic tiles, which means it has high efficiency on cost-performance index. There is little probability of chipping or breakage and the glaze or surface hold up under continuous wear because it is impact and abrasion resistant after high-temperature oven firing. With proper installation, porcelain mosaic tiles should last the lifetime of the structure. A low water absorption rate also enables a tile to absorb food or beverage stains on a lesser percentage.

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Depending on the type of material, this sheeting may be a mesh on the back of the tiles, or paper covering the front of the tiles, which is removed once the tiles have been installed.

When bathrooms and plumbing were making their way indoors, they were frequently housed in what was once a closet or other small space. Mosaic tiles have the ability to flex at each one of their grout joints, allowing them to conform to a sloping or hilly floor.

Most patterns used during this time period were two-tone, with the wall tiles complementing them. Small, thin circular tiles in glass, ceramic or stone add a whimsical twist to any bathroom floor. The sheets are laid next to one another in an overlapping pattern that appears like water jetting up from a fountain. Mounted on sheets and interlocked with one another, these random mosaics add quiet tranquility to any space. Mosaic tile patterns are perfect for small spaces, where the many tiles emphasize pattern rather than the size of the space.

Since the substrates of these areas were typically not strong enough or flat enough to handle larger materials for bathroom floors without damage, mosaic tiles became the answer. When the substrate flexes underfoot, the tiles flex with them, making them the perfect solution for old bathrooms, shower floors and unstable substrates. Basketweaves, hexagons and octagon-and-dot patterns are still used and created for many bathrooms.

Flower patterns of black and white in hexagons, target or spiral patterns and “dog-bone” basketweaves came into play.

As you walk over these gently rounded tiles, they provide a massage to the feet and a feast for the eyes. Stones plucked from nature are ground down to a flat surface, but maintain their original natural outline. Or work with an artisan to create something truly unique and inspired. Mosaics are also non-skid material, with their many grout lines grabbing the feet, making them a great choice for any bath.

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