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Major DIY’s In The Kitchen: PART 1 Countertop Resurfacing « Joe and by

The guy at the hardware store said it should work just as well.

I love how the sealer really brings out that stony coloring!

Stay tuned for the full before and after reveal where you’ll get to see them in the context of the whole kitchen. We’ve been living with the new countertops for about a month and a half now, and they’ve been holding up great!

This is not something that will likely happen unless you are cutting food driectly on top of the surface, so just avoid doing that and always use a cutting board. Since the surface is irregular anyway, you don’t even notice it (i had one small scratch i had to patch up).

Icestone Recycled Glass Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 17 Seconds

I was wondering if you could share the name of the polyurethane you chose for sealing. You’ll know there’s liquid absorption when you see a darkening of the concrete when it makes contact with liquid. Its just enough shine, but it not so glossy that you’ll ever see a fingerprint. I get tons of compliments from friends and they are very functional and low maintenance. They are very helpful and will be happy to provide you with a list of local retailers. This alone was no big deal and would have been super easy to re-seal with a spot of sealer. I always have a plate or a cutting board between the counters and my food. I let it fully cure after all coats were applied, before really using the counters.

You can pretty much layer this stuff forever if you wanted. I did not read her blog entry very carefully, but from the photos, it appears that she used a high gloss sealer to finish her countertops. I used a matte finish sealer which hides imperfections much more easily.


My only issue is that the cat, kids, or husband seem to have scratched the surface!

I noticed you had not removed the old one when you were updating the countertop. Also, if you are using satin finish sealer, it will dry looking much less shiny than when it’s wet. Also, it doesnt scratch easily, but pressure from a sharp knife will create a scratch or gouge. But scratches are pretty easy to fix just by touching up with some polyurethane.

You won’t see any liquid absorption once the two layers are applied. I love the way your counters turned out and really enjoy the difference in color and texture you achieved in your ardex counters. Would you mind commenting on the troweling techniques you used while applying your ardex?

I think that helps contribute to the organic look of the lights and darks. I was wondering if you would give us another update on how they are holding up. But polyurethane is a standard sealer for most wooden furniture and tables. I believe you can add a powdered concrete/plaster tint to your concrete mixture for other color options. I mentioned this in an update in the post and on some of the comments above, but my only complaint to this point is that the polyurethane yellows over time.

I have not noticed this problem at all, but it might have something to do with the type of sealer she used. I have read many of the blogs, and am all set to start my kitchen countertops.

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