In addition to the aforementioned benefits, we also do not deal with middlemen so as to ensure that you have made the best possible savings while enjoying the highest quality of these natural stones.

We understand the frustration that many people have to endure when dealing with small fabricators and we have our services tailored in such a way that you do not have to contend with such problems. Our fabrication services are marked with the latest technology with our granite processing machinery being computer controlled. This means that we do not carry out the work manually and this helps in saving time and providing you with more accurate granite slabs whenever you need them.

Granite Counter Tops by

You arrived on time to install our beautiful granite counter tops.

You were very comfortable with each other and laughed and teased one another, which made for a relaxed homeowner….me.

You were very professional and made this part of the process of my upgrade of my home, easy. He helped us figure out the measurements and assisted us in picking out the perfect colors. I was buying and selling our houses, moving, turning on utilities and making a handful of repairs to the house. Their price beat every single one of their “competitors”!

Countertop Refinishing Charlotte | Countertop Repair Service | Duration 2 Minutes 13 Seconds

The time and effort they took to make everything flow in the same direction and especially the detail in cutting and matching the seam is fantastic. When we first met you several weeks ago you were kind enough to take all the time necessary to help educate us on the materials, and show us what was possible. It was installed yesterday and the entire experience has exceeded our expectations.

We are looking forward to working with you again soon on the kitchen remodel that we discussed. Upon our first meeting with you at your showroom, we knew we would be choosing your company to do the work. This was a great help, as we did not have to hire a plumber or electrician to do this, and try to coordinate schedules to do so. The young men who did the tearout and installation of the countertop, sink and cooktop were great. The gentleman who did the backsplash the next day was excellent as well. The fit, look and change it made have transformed the entire room. This is why, when building or renovating your home or place of business, knowing who to turn to for top quality products for your home is of utmost importance. This means that there’s no need to look anywhere else or deal with multiple companies just to get the job done.

They were perfectly safe and cut as needed to fit my cabinets. Bob, thank you for your promptness in scheduling my home so quickly. He took us into the warehouse where we saw the actual slabs to be installed and met a few of the great guys in the back.

We were told that the install would be in 7-10 days but they easily beat that and had it in 5 days later. I watched them for a while and was very impressed by their attention to detail. I will be using your services anytime the need arises, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Your installers were courteous and professional and did as thorough a job as possible cleaning up after the installation. The entire process was done efficiently and with great care.

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