They didn’t just come in throw some glue down and leave, they took their time and made sure all the seams matched up evenly and level.

We are lucky enough to receive a service for a highly competitive price that is so outstanding that we write about it both to recognize the company.

We specialize in natural stone fabrication and installation.

Our regular customers particularly value our customer service. Huge selection including some of the today’s most unique stones from around the world.

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Look into our shop, (through the fishbowl) and see how a custom countertop is made. Once all details are finalized, you will see your countertops in 8 business days or less. Listening to your ideas and communicating with you is very important to us in creating and fabricating your products.

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Quartz surfaces are manufactured from crushed quartz mixed with pigment and resin, offering the appearance of natural stone.

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Viatera offers surfaces 24% larger than the standard slab, and can accommodate larger layouts including larger kitchen islands with fewer seams. Viatera is committed to supporting a greener earth by using sustainable material and an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Cambria has responded to market demands increasing the number of natural-looking patterns that more realistically resemble the depth of granite along with sophisticated marble-like patterns. Zodiaq quartz is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, commercial bartops and even for a slab backsplash. Silestone surfaces make an excellent choice for countertops, bartops, bathroom vanities and more. Nano glass can be used for countertops, tabletops, and vanities. Engineered quartz is more maintenance-friendly than natural stone such as marble , granite or quartzite. The resin binder reinforces the strength of the material, resulting in a more chip and scratch resistant surface than natural stone alternatives. If you love the style and benefits of natural stone without the added level of care, quartz is an ideal alternative for your interior. Viatera is seamless and non-porous, and, unlike other surfaces, it does not require a regular application of sealants or waxes.

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And Vanitie Baltimore

I am in need of a special sized cabinet and he will make it for me. He then told me it was my fault he missed it also( the sink hole became my fault).

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Third, when the cabinets arrived, the drawer that was made to hold the trash cans, came with 2 trash cans already in them!

Owner screamed and yell and hung upon me after confronting him about these problems. He then told me it was my fault he missed it also the sink hole became my fault. The place may not have visually a great impression when you first walk in, but man talk about a diamond in the rough!

And this is all after they cut the first piece with a sink hole before seeing the sink. I realized why i wanted a laminate counter top dolce vita hd. It was sitting in front of his face when he entered my home.

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If you don’t feel comfortable on purchasing online, no problem.

We can set up an appointment and take the samples to your place.

You can make all your choices and decide your project from home.

We can set up an appointment and take the samples to yor place.

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