How do you manage to maintain the same efficiency, style and organisation of large kitchens when given with much reduced spaces?

When space cuts off workspace availability, get creative with pull-outs. This tiny kitchen looks bigger and beautiful, thanks to its almost white walls, floating shelves and light grey cabinets. This kitchen would have gone unnoticed if not for its avant-garde wall clock, interesting drop lights, and repurposed pallet kitchen island. Thanks to its imposing rustic styling and strong colour schemes.To break down the stark whiteness, splurge on charming rustic touches.

This small but efficient and functional island provides additional workspace, storage and looks trendy to boot!

Everything is against the wall and the middle is cleared for traffic and movement. This tiny yet adorable breakfast nook will brighten up your mornings!

Shift the focus from the limited space to something innovative and astounding. Instead of hanging a picture or a decorative feature, install racks and hooks for additional storage and organising help.

Origami 3drawer Countertop Organizer With Wooden Shelf | Duration 7 Minutes 52 Seconds

A side pantry will have room equivalent to several cabinets. No more bulky machine for you, you already got it in your sink!

And when you don’t have a wall for a window, open up the splashback!

This small yet elegant kitchen opens at the end with a window and features an attractive hexagonal floor tiles to effectively draw away attention from its narrowness. It provides the room the breathing space it needs, else it would appear cramped. Unlike cabinets, the open shelves offer flexible storage and organising options without visually hampering the space. The stark white colour scheme is broken down by pops of lovely lavender. If you can’t afford open shelves, like when you have cats, go for these screened and lighted cabinets. This white kitchen is creatively and uniquely improved by its exceptional splashback tile art. This cool mint, chrome and wood concoction adds elegance and style to the mix. With the cabinets, shelves and appliances set to the side, traffic is smooth and space is maximised.

Install corner cabinet shelves that will allow you to use the space without straining to reach and put back the items. The delightful orange colours of this kitchen reflect light and are pleasing to the eye. The vintage black and white floor and enchanting curtain keeps things interesting and charming. Bare concrete walls, counters and floor radiates industrial vibes, while the black furnishing and fixtures are all about strength and unconventional charm. The goal is to take away the attention from the smallness of the room. This kitchen added a mix of interesting and unmatched floor tiles and a colourful hard-to-miss wallpaper. Roll it in when needed and roll it to the side when you need the space. But with the on-going trend of micro-homes and downsizing, kitchens are also shrinking. The counter can also serve as the breakfast bar or dining table!

This small kitchen looks bigger than its actual size, thanks to the transparent bar stools and predominantly white colour scheme.

You get lots of natural lighting, airy feel, and a really interesting kitchen feature. This minuscule country house kitchen is compact, charming and efficient. This hidden chopping board pull-out comes with a garbage chute and a garbage receptacle underneath, increasing kitchen work efficiency.

But if white is too glaring or too stark for you, go for the off-white alternatives. These kitchen drawer organisers will keep all your kitchen stuff in place, away from plain sight yet within easy reach. Gold lampshade lighting and fixtures, chrome appliances and a striking set of bronze bar stools!

Trim black cabinets and pops of red make an interesting combination, making one tiny remarkable kitchen!

The opened windows extend the visual horizon making the room appear bigger. Sensibly yet fashionably decorated with plants, vintage drop lights and an eye-catching rug. Vertical drawers are ideal for using up the awkward gaps between appliances, walls or cabinets. This tiny kitchen uses a lot of wood details on it counters, shelves and displayed kitchen implements. This white cottage kitchen increase the charm factor with an adorable rug and rustic shelves curtains. This cool kitchen cabinet assembly is unique, striking and functional. Again, the main colour theme is white to visually expand the area.

Organize Your Bathroom On A Budget Pt. 1 Install Wall Shelves | Duration 2 Minutes 25 Seconds

And instead of building cabinets, boost up character and charm by adding a lovely brick wall into your kitchen. This innovative kitchen sink also doubles as a built-in dishwasher. Vertical dividers, door shelves, and interior drawers help stack and organise items so everything is within reach. The deep royal blue subway tiles stand out beautifully against the lighter background. The clean lines of the uncluttered shelves are modern and neat. A nice colourful valance curtain, a window plant, a vase or bowl of fruits and a neat sink or counter will surely capture the attention, and keep it away from the cramped interior. This small cottage kitchen is beautiful, delightful and welcoming. It works the same in extending the vision and not cramping the room space.

Building Lower Cabinets + Countertop | Duration 15 Minutes 56 Seconds

When you have a small kitchen, get creative with your storage and never run out of space. Using random and colourful tiles, the average kitchen is transformed into an attractive and delightful space. Both sides of the kitchen are kept busy while the middle is left open for efficient movement.

You can do that by creating eye-catching features down or up.

36 Inch Wide 4 Door French Door Refrigerator With Steel Shelves by

You can now take advantage of scheduling service, view accessories, etc. The finger print resistant stainless coating is awesome!

The water / ice dispenser has worked flawlessly, the filter although expensive, works great and is easy to replace. Maytag customer service professional, courteous, and a delight to work with. Refrigerator is freezing all my refrigerator food, called service and they stated again that it will be 7 days before they send service.

We moved all of our stuff from our old side by side fridge into this one and had room to spare!

That’s the one thing that always seems to go out first and usually pretty quickly. I got it delivered the day before thanksgiving and it worked like a champ!

To provide you with the best possible experience, only 5 products can be compared at one time. They also use less energy and last longer than incandescent lighting. It’s a whole new way to light up the refrigerator—with a clean, even light right where you need it. This one has been solid, it’s definitely built sturdy and feels well made.

Origami 3drawer Countertop Organizer With Wooden Shelf | Duration 12 Minutes 5 Seconds

It does need cleaning occasionally if you have little ones like we do – but it stays very presentable 90% of the time. The lighting is amazing – you can actually see every square inch of the inside, no more finding moldy surprises in the back corner because you forgot something was there. The first issue was water filter wouldn’t reset and took them 3 service calls to get it fixed. First few days since installation the refrigerator part was not cooling, called service right away and had to wait 7 days for a service guy and then another 5 days for the guy to come back with a part to repair the brand new out of the box refrigerator.

We bought the refrigerator as part of a complete kitchen remodel about a month ago. The shelving and drawers in the main fridge compartment are excellent quality. The freezer holds more than you would think and the pizza box compartment is really useful.

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Really creates a feeling of more room in your powder bathroom or any bathroom for that matter, do it in your 5×8 bathroom. Tie your under cabinet lighting in with your over the vanity lighting, switches on at the same time. Recessed combination shampoo and soap holder centered on shower head. If your pipes come out of the floor, a drawer across the bottom will not work. Code clearance is 12″ from bath tub to center line of toilet.The tub is deep, comfortable and the tiled front skirt is a very nice custom touch without a lot of added expense. Lots of recessed shower storage with a hand held to also make cleaning very easy. Two recessed 2 compartment matte almond shampoo soap holders. This was a tub to shower only conversion, “one tub is enough”. A vanity top could also have a cord hole for appliances to be plugged in inside the vanity instead of on top. Bathroom tub area changed to a bathroom shower only area with seat. Having dual shower heads with a handheld at the seat with a standing main head, brings luxury to your bathroom remodeling project. Some floor tiles are made with traction in mind, hence are rough before firing and may be hard to keep clean on shower walls. Black or dark tile with a rough texture would not be a good choice for color. Granite is substantially harder than marble and also impervious to acids or household cleaning chemicals. Notice the lemon juice area in the center with finish sheen removed and now dull. Bathroom tubs normally range from 5 ft to 6 ft long and 30″ to 42″ wide. A lot of times a standard 60×30 tub can be replaced with a 60×32 provided a clearance of 12″ from front edge to center line of toilet is maintained. If it all possible sit in the tub you are considering buying. Try to stay away from inexpensive bathroom faucets as they tend not to last. Dark finishes water spot easily, brushed nickel or pewter is current trend. The powder bath on the right has a sheet of 3/4 ply slipped into the the end of the cabinet vanity and screwed to the side of a stud enabling the vanity to “fly” approx 14″ off the floor. This customer chose a very nice warm wall color coupled with the very nice bathroom vanity. I have this same tiled front tub in my home and feel it is the best small bathroom tub choice.

How To Install Wall Mounted Brackets For A Granite Shelf With Backer Boards | Duration 3 Minutes 41 Seconds

Due to the height of the bath tub, installing a shower door can make the step in, a “hurdle”. Buy all your faucet valves to match with a matching suite of towel bars and t/p holders for a consistent look throughout your bathroom remodel. Window picture framed bull nose tile, with pitch on very small shelf, shampoo holder centered on shower head. Then mount a hair dryer holder on the inside of the cabinet door. Recessed ceramic shampoo with low mounted soap dish for foot hold to shave legs. This bathroom configuration is rapidly becoming the bathroom remodeling setup of choice, as most people take showers. The bathroom remodeling trend is “one tub in a home is sufficient”, as most people take showers. Grab bars could easily be added for handicapped or elderly people. Most ceramic and porcelain tiles have a fired surface that can be very smooth and non porous depending on the substrate texture before glazing. Some wall tiles are high gloss and smooth for easy cleaning (like a toilet surface). Marble on the other hand is very soft, scratches easily and can be easily damaged with acids or household chemicals. It is best to use a tub that has 3 integral tile flanges to replace you tub, but a less desirable tile flange kit can also be used. I like a tub 36″ or less wide as it takes less time and water to fill. Another thing to consider with whirlpool tub purchases is minimum water requirements before jets can be started. On the other end are these very large corner tubs that are uncomfortable, too big for one person, need lots of water to operate and possibly two water heaters to fill them. In a situation of replacing a standard 60×30 tub with a shower pan, a 60×32 pan can be used if the front edge of the pan is not closer than 12″ to the center line of the toilet. To convert a standard tub to a shower pan with seat, a 48×32 is probably the best choice. Pay attention to holes cut in top for faucet, either 4″ centers or “wide spread”, different faucets to buy.

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Conveniently display items of choice in an organized and tidy manner at your store with this stand!

Having the books in racks keep them neat and safe from being manhandled by customers. I like the size and the stability so things won’t blow around in the wind when vending outside. Each multi-purpose fixture has a stylish jet black finish and steel assembly that blend in perfectly with any environment. The multi-purpose fixture can accommodate merchandise up to 12” wide!

I do arts and craft shows and it worked well giving me more display room for my painted rocks. I got a lot of compliments on them from other vendors, including my publisher, who will probably buy a few.Sell a lot of books, too, because folks can see them at eye length instead of them lying flat on the table. They will be wonderful to hold more chocolates in a small space!

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Therefore, you need to depend on a restaurant supply store that will be able to provide you with all of the elements you require to prepare, preserve, store and serve food effectively. How efficiently a restaurant is supplied is integral for determining its success.

We can take care of all of your needs from kitchen equipment and supplies to bakery, dining, bar supplies and more. What’s more, we provide janitorial products, so you can provide your patrons with a comfortable, functional and attractive eating environment that is not only welcoming but clean.

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