We didn’t like the pricing that we got for our kitchen and 2 bathroom counter tops. The master vanity has double sinks which we will need new ones and the kitchen sink, too.

We wanted new cabinets in the kitchen which we are getting but we were introduced to a countertop guy, and his prices were totally unacceptable.

We have the undermount sinks and have a slab picked out. Depending on costs may have 2 upstairs bathr countet tips done also.

Natural Stone Flooring and Countertops In Las Vegas NV by americancountertopsandfloors.com

Whether you are remodeling, building your dream home, or simply giving your house an update. A beautiful countertop and floor makes any home or business more elegant.

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Our employees each have over 30 years of experience in ceramic tile and other flooring options.

We offer prices that beat the big box retailers and offer a 3-5 day turnaround for all installations (depending on availability of materials).

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We specialize in communication making sure that we keep you informed during every phase of construction.

We are always happy to advise you on the suitable stone color or the perfect remodel solution for your needs. Our goal is to beautify and enrich your living space and make sure you are satisfied with the remodel process from the beginning to the end. It’s rare to find quality service at very reasonable prices.

We re-did an entire space from top to bottom as it was practically an empty shell. I had done, to architect, to permits, to actual construction. I will post some pictures so everyone can see what we started with and what we finished with. Barbara got working on the remodel right away and kept me up to date on the progress, including any minor setbacks that arose. I had the counter marked for the two cuts to make the opening big enough for my replacement sink. In just 7 hours they transformed my kitchen and you wouldn’t even have known they were there. Demo for all projects were done quickly and debris was removed right away.

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We did not notice that the shelves and kick plates along that side had buckled and warped. Someone in the crew made a large dent on one side of the fridge and some small round ones along the left bottom. They decided not to believe me because they said “typically, when quartz gets bumped into things such as a fridge, the stone would have left scratches”. There was an area along the wall that needed to be repaired. She knew it was a bad time but we never heard from the company again. Towbin had me change the quartz to another brand because the slaps were not as long. He must have failed to mention it to the workers, the seam is very long and noticable along side my kitchen sink. I thought it was going to be a great experience but turned out to be a nightmare. Next, they did not properly protect the newly installed flooring as they completed the rest of the scope of work. This wet mop made a paste of debris that basically glued to the wood-like tile and grout, making the brown tile and grout look white. After 4 days of their crew cleaning the floors with mop-n-glow, they finally called in a professional floor cleaner. There is one cabinet that was assembled so poorly that it has a gap that exposes the wall behind it. On their first install of the stucco, there was a clear line outlining where the old door was.

The next thing we knew, it was painted and the line was no better. And, despite multiple attempts to make clean lines between the walls and ceiling, we are left with wobbly paint lines where the wall color is on the ceiling.

We retorted this comment with the fact that if they had done the work right the first time and not damaged our appliances and sink, they wouldn’t be losing money on the project. At that point, we had enough of their bad work and bullying. When you come down and visit our showroom you will be greeted with fast friendly service and a knowledge staff to answer all your questions.

We specialize in creating beautiful residential masterpieces.

We are passionate about providing quality work, accurate timelines, and most importantly, affordable pricing.

We provide free estimates and bring stone samples to you. Let us help give you the “wow kitchen” you’ve always dreamed of. Victor really knows his trade, offered very helpful suggestions, and was easy to work with. I was confronted with a last minute need for a remodel to my condo rental.

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Mike and his assistant were busy, but eventually fit me into their schedule. Excellent work, professional, he explained everything, and communicates with text messages to keep me informed as to when he would be there. His team deconstructed my tile countertop, installed the new quartz, and cleaned up afterwards. Their work is clean, they are on time and very professional and kind. When we saw what had happened, we had our handyman come and dry it out and repair those items.

We had to clean up all around and behind our brand new black stainless refrigerator. They covered the fridge only along each side – not in front. They sent one of the crew to take a look and he did not want to admit it was their fault.

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Miranda called one time a – month & 1/2 later – to send someone out to repair it but my husband and myself where very sick.

We also had to fill in areas on our backsplash that was missed and cleaned most all of the glass tiles with a razor blade to get off the residue. They also left a 2” gap of exposed concrete at the base of our stairs and told us to get a piece of molding and thicker carpet on our stairs to fill in the gap. As other tasks were completed, it caked the floor with debris that they would mop up daily. This helped clean the tiles, but it did not clean the grout.

We now need to have the chips repaired, the spacers removed, and the entire floor re-grouted (and possibly stained to color match the grouts). There are exposed finishing nails poking into the cabinet box. The hardware handles they installed are obviously crooked where 2 handles next to each other are 1/8” off. However, instead of buffing the stainless with the grain, they swirled it, so they ruined the finish in a larger area than the original scratch. On the second try, they still were cut wrong and had to take those back to adjust. The sink cutouts around the apron front are rough and unpolished.Because of the unfinished sink, they also never finished the install of the granite on the island, so we need to center and glue down the island granite. Despite their 2nd attempt at this job, we can still see the outline of our old door and this will need to be done a 3rd time.

We gave them 4th and 5th tries at remedying this problem in multiple locations in our home.

We also had to point out areas where they missed painting completely. They complained to us how they were losing money on our project. Next, to bully us to pay for unfinished and poorly done work, they sent a notice of intent to lien.

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