While every color choice is a personal one, there are solid reasons to consider the all-white route when it comes to the hub of your home. Here are five reasons we think an all-white kitchen can be a stunning centerpiece you won’t regret. Your guests, who will inevitably gather in the kitchen, will also appreciate those gleaming countertops. It’s hard to imagine a more inviting environment for preparing a great meal.

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It doesn’t matter if your tastes lean toward modern or traditional or somewhere in between, a clean white color palette is timeless. It’s especially true in a kitchen like this one, where a range of styles are integrated into a cohesive look that the backdrop holds together. It doesn’t take much to add drama to an all-white kitchen, whether it’s a single brightly colored appliance or a vase full of flowers on a classic white quartzite center island. Not only is it bright, white creates flow and a feeling of expansiveness. When you use it everywhere — try white cabinets, white granite countertops and a white sink — you create a crisp, clean look that is easy on the eyes. Sure, nothing but white might make your kitchen start to feel like the lab you worked in during college.

If you’re building your dream kitchen, don’t rule out the idea of all-white.

Why wouldn’t you want the place where you prepare meals to also make grease, spills, and dirt obvious? If you’re choosing darker surfaces because you want to make grimy spots less obvious, you may want to think about how valuable it will be to know exactly what needs to be wiped or scrubbed. What’s more, if you eventually find yourself adding pieces that are eclectic, they won’t be lost against a backdrop that is rich in color. Just because you have chosen white as the dominant theme, it doesn’t mean there is no room for contrast. Have you ever walked into a kitchen and been struck by a stunning bouquet of flowers? Sharp edges are not as obvious to the eye, so the kitchen seems open, large and welcoming. But, even if your kitchen has white granite or quartzite countertops and white cabinets, there’s no reason you can’t add plenty of visual interest with interesting hardware choices and premium items like stainless steel appliances. Quite simply, there’s no reason for an all-white kitchen to feel sterile and cold. We happen to think there are far more pros than cons when it comes to this classic look.

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If you love the look of marble but worry about staining, there are certain kinds of granite that mimic the beautiful gray-blue veining of marble. Silestone, a kind of quartz-surfacing, even has antimicrobial properties, which lends itself well to a hardworking kitchen. Put butcher block on the island and marble everywhere else or white granite on the exterior countertops and dark granite on the island. A glossy white quartz-surfacing countertop is the perfect complement to dark espresso cabinets in a midcentury-style kitchen.

Here we show you the range of materials, how to decorate a kitchen with white countertops, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Compare how you use your kitchen to the natural and engineered options below and you’ll find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Natural stone is heat-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain, if properly sealed. Granite and marble both need to be sealed regularly, but marble is more susceptible to stains even with diligent sealing.

Like other natural stones, granite is strong and heat-resistant, but it’s often one of the more expensive countertop options. Quartz has soared in popularity in the past few years with its super hard, low-maintenance, and stone-look qualities. Once you’ve chosen the countertop material and configuration that’s perfect for you, you’ll quickly find that a white countertop lends itself to many styles and types of architecture. Speckled granite works well with white cabinets and detailed corbels in a traditional space.

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People who don’t have several thousand dollars to sink into a countertop may decide to go with a more budget-friendly laminate, but this isn’t the only option. While you can find beautiful styles in marble slabs for the kitchen, you can also find them in marble tiles. While this isn’t possible when you’re installing a slab, it’s an easy process when you’re working with marble tiles.

As with most natural stones, marble can take the heat and the higher humidity levels. The colors won’t change in reaction to the heat, and water that spills across the counter won’t cause any harm. Marble stones can become stained if you spill a drink and don’t clean it up right away. Knife marks will easily show, so you’ll want to be aware of this when buying accessories and setting up the kitchen. You’ll always have it ready to go when you need to cut meat or vegetables, and you’ll also give the marble an extra layer of protection from stains.

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It all starts by making sure that your counters are perfectly level from side to side as well as front to back.

Once the plywood is in place, install ¼- or ½-inch cement backerboard to further stiffen the installation surface and prevent any warping. The tiles should be set close together so that there is a minimal grout line. Ceramic tiles have a slightly beveled edge that dips down towards the grout line, but marble tiles are smooth all the way across. While you’ll be able to see the lines and may choose to use contrasting grout to make them part of a desirable pattern, the lines shouldn’t interfere with your work in the kitchen.

Even when you add in the extra cost for your plywood, backerboard, adhesive and grout, the costs still won’t compare. It’s also a great solution for anyone who’s already spent a small fortune on quality cabinets and needs to save some on the counters. Granite and marble are in high demand, but there are more cost-effective ways to create a great look. You also may be able to do the work yourself to save even more.

Before you make this decision, here are some pros and cons you may want to consider. Many people are drawn to this, and that makes it a top choice for a place as visible as your kitchen counters. The color variations are every bit as attractive, and you can turn the tiles to create more appealing patterns. This means that you won’t have to put down a trivet before moving that pot off the stove. However, this is easily overcome by applying a protective sealer once a year. In most cases, you just have to apply the sealer with a sponge or spray bottle, allow it to penetrate the stone for a moment and then wipe away the excess. Rather than fussing with cutting boards that are constantly moved, one option is to simple lay a glass cutting board down in the space where you do most of the food preparation.

It may take a few moments to make minor corrections with shims, but the impressive results make it worth the extra effort. While ceramic tiles are typically installed with a sizeable gap that’s filled with grout, marble doesn’t require this much spacing. While this may be a problem on writing surfaces, it’s not usually an issue in the kitchen. The grout lines are minimized by putting the tiles closer together. If you still have concerns, then put out a few glass cutting boards in your key preparation areas so that you can have that smooth surface without losing any of the view. You can use contrasting grout lines to highlight a unique shape or a special feature in the kitchen.

The choices are endless because you’ll have the freedom to incorporate as many different colors as you want.

This makes it the top choice when you have damaged counters but need to replace them on a tight budget. When you’re working on a kitchen renovation and need to bring the costs under control, take another look at your countertop choices.

We maintain tight cost-control measures throughout all levels of our business, and we pass the savings on to our customers through lower prices.

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We sealed the stone with a high quality natural stone sealer (applied two coats) when we moved in and now we just wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean. When she’s not blogging or working with interior styling clients, you’ll find her running after her 2 children or getting her hands messy in a creative project. Having used it on your splash back would you also consider getting a bench top out of it?

I loved it immediately and knew a similar approach would work in my home. Having recently finished the build of her dream home, she’s now tackling the never ending job of styling it. I love the black but have heard people remarking on fingerprints etc.

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One function that can be added to the kitchen is the kitchen as a place for gathering. As a place for gathering, the kitchen island will be an ideal place since while chatting with your beloved ones, you can cook or eat easily since you are in the kitchen. One of the best trick to give luxurious touch for your kitchen is by giving the marble countertops for your kitchen island. To balance the marble material, you can use white color for the table as well as the table’s legs made from the wood material. However, to make it suitable for minimalist themed kitchen, black marble materials are used as the countertops.

But, how if you are running out of space and your kitchen is already full? For the chairs, choose the modern-minimalist chairs with honey wood legs.

However, to add another function to the kitchen is a good idea so that you can maximize the space, especially for the tiny house. To accentuate the natural looks, you can pick rattan chairs and give some retro-style pillows above it to give the modern touch. In the tiny kitchen, you can still get the luxury, as long as you know the trick.

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Not only luxurious, countertops made from marble is easy to clean and also waterproof, so you do not have to worry about mineral water or the coffee spoil on it. If you are living in the urban society, this kitchen island will be a favorable place for gathering with your neighbors or best friends. Surrounded by white color all around the kitchen, this kitchen island will be a center of attention and become an interesting point of the kitchen. And the use of sink made from stainless steel material will give you the modern touch that suits the urban life. Handmade looks kitchen island made from the varnished wood to make a natural impression. In the left side, there is already a sink so that you can directly wash all the dirty dishes once you have used it.

That is such a splendid combination of a honey-wood kitchen island, marble countertops that seems like black-pearl, and a mini wine refrigerator with glass door. To emphasize the classy look, pick some hanging lamps and decorate the kitchen with pastel grey color and a painting.

The stainless-steel also gives you a cohesive look which can bring a good ambiance for cooking and serve food. On the other hand, don’t forget to clean your kitchen island regularly so it won’t get dull and will always look magnificent all the time.

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There is supposed to be a certain distance between the island and the appliances and counters. We first learned about this contact paper in a decorating class. I lined the two pieces up and did the same process working a small section and then using the squeegee. In the future, you also might consider going to the local granite shops processing area they refer to as the “bone yard”. This remains a good idea for smaller areas where one would like stone.

I painted the bottom navy, but the butcher block top had a burn mark that wouldn’t come out.

I was able to cover this island to have my own “marble top” island.

I left about an inch on each side that needed to fold under the top. A few weeks into this, it is holding up great and wipes down like a charm. Did you cover the top as though it was one surface thereby eliminating the “flip down ” option?

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