A roomy inside features a freezer compartment and two slide-out glass shelves, along with a bottle storage and a can dispenser built into the interior of the door. An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your foods at the ideal temperature. A can dispenser on door makes it easy to access soda and juice cans. It comes with a cute little ice tray and an ice scraper (which you will need to use because the freezer gets frosty!). It has the separate freezer compartment & inside the fridge are bins for veggies etc.Obviously no facility can keep on hand everyone’s preferences for ice cream etc.

I asked the amazon community how much the freezer held & one kind person stated that it held 1 gallon ice cream, 5 large frozen pizzas & 2 large bags of french fries & he was correct. I am grateful to mfg & amazon for offering this as it has enhanced the quality of my husband’s life during a difficult time. It does have one teeny tiny dent on one edge, and the bottom front is a little banged up. My husband was recently admitted to a skilled nursing facility for the remainder of his days. Highly recommended if you need an extra fridge/freezer for whatever your situation is.

60 Ins Counter Top Salad Sandwich Prep Table Refrigerator Restaurant Equipment | Duration 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

Amazon: 3.2 Cubc Foot 2 Door Fridge and Freezer Stainless Steel: Kitchen by amazon.com

The top doors opens the freezer where you will find lots of space to store all your frozen food. This fridge is compressor cooled so it will keep your food and drinks cold no matter what the outside temperature is. The freezer works great!

, no, it doesn’t auto defrost. I called every three days for the next several weeks, and no one responded. I can barely hear it running even though it’s right next to my desk. Cubic foot of cooling space your fridge conveniently has 2 separate doors. The bottom door opens the fridge which features pull out glass shelves and a vegetable drawer compartment. There is a temperature dial built in so you can keep your fridge at the perfect desired temperature level. Ideal for a college dorm room, office, bed room or anywhere you need a high quality fridge with freezer space. Its quiet, the freezer is nice and deep, plenty of room at the bottom for drinks and food.

Set temperature setting to 3 and 24 hrs later refrigerator was 34 degrees and freezer was 0 degrees. I have probably called 15 times over the past 2 months and still am not able to speak to a repair person or person from the company.

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