One of my daily “hassles” is having to grab my toothpaste bottle out of my mirror cabinet, unscrewing the cap, and very cautiously applying just the right amount of toothpaste on my toothbrush, then put the cap back on the toothpaste and brushing my teeth. I may be over exaggerating the awesomeness of this product but it really is great. My three boys now put toothpaste on their brushes without putting it all over the bathroom. The device uses a very simple mechanical trigger that you push with the tip of your brush. I took it out cleaned the tube and this device and again, it works 3 or 4 times and same thing.

We have a tube of clogged toothpaste so thick that we had to throw it in the trash too.

I just figured it was easier to keep my toothpaste rolled up in a drawer than deal with this. I will try more of a paste instead of gel toothpaste next time. I assume a vacuum is created to pull the tooth paste out of the tube. This does all of these things in 2 steps; take out your toothbrush and push in!

I brush my teeth twice even three times a day so this really is a major life improvement.

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I looked to see if there was a way to screw it in the wall, but the bottom screw is buried in the mechanism. It works about 4 times and then the toothpaste is so thick it can’t come through the opening. So now we are back to struggling, have purchased a non-functional device, waste of time, money and energy.

You push the end of your toothbrush against the plastic lever and out comes the perfect amount of toothpaste on your brush.

You do have to clean it every week or so because some toothpaste sticks to the dispenser nozzle. It also comes with a flat piece of plastic with self stick adhesive to stick to walls with wall paper. The self stick adhesive kept the unit to the wall for about 30 minutes. The tooth paste simply stands upright over a hole in the unit. If it had a bracket or some other means to attach it to the wall it might work fine.

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Toothpaste Dispenser

This dispenser should be used with a stand-up pump style canister. Just align the toothbrush with guide under the nozzle and press the long lever down a hand or arm.

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Once the canister is placed into the dispenser, the user will place his toothbrush under the nozzle and gently press down on the long lever. With a simple pressing down pressure on the long lever, the dispenser will distribute the correct amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush bristles. The easy-to-use and convenient countertop dispenser can be utilized without the need of using sore, arthritic fingers or an injured hand. This dispenser also helps to control the amount of toothpaste dispensed, helping to eliminate toothpaste waste, as well as helping to keep the bathroom counter mess to a minimum, making this ideal for a large family or a community home. Assisting people suffering from hand weaknesses or injury, the toothpaste dispenser allows the nozzle of a pressurized canister to be easily controlled with the least amount of physical effort. The exact amount of toothpaste will be dispensed without fuss or pain. Once the canister is fitted snugly into the dispenser, the user will place the toothbrush under the canister nozzle. For many people, the simple task of squeezing a roll of toothpaste or holding a pressurized canister of toothpaste while pressing down on the nozzle can be painful, difficult to do, or even impossible. If your having trouble finding the right style tube of toothpaste, check it out on amazon. I think your customer base would be better served if you did not offer this product any longer.

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For these reasons among others, a growing number of shoppers have chosen to purchase various types of dispensers for their toothpaste. They can prevent messes caused by children or, let’s face it, adults spilling or over-squeezing the toothpaste. But why, you may well ask, does it cost roughly three times as much?

If the sterilization is that effective, then it also solves the problem of brushes sharing germs when they contact the toothpaste dispenser trigger. But as you can see above, it is also drastically more expensive. It also prevents you from having to take the trouble of rolling or pressing your toothpaste tube to get more out. On one end of the clamp there is a knob, which contains a patented breaking device that will not allow the knob to turn backwards. This set includes two main pieces: a toothbrush holder with space for 5 brushes and the actual paste dispenser. The toothpaste holder securely fits 5 brushes in its slots, with the arms of each one hanging vertically. The dispenser uses vacuum suction to extract toothpaste and dispense a uniform amount onto the toothbrush with each pressing of the trigger, meaning you never have to handle the toothpaste tube, or even use both hands to brush your teeth.

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When you are ready to brush, you place the head of your toothbrush against a small blue target circle near the bottom of the dispenser (so you know it is in proper position to catch the toothpaste) and then press the blue and white button to pump a dose of toothpaste. First of all, it seems more sanitary to me that you press a button here with your finger rather than using your actual toothbrush to press on the same spot where the previous user’s toothbrush has been. The price is, obviously, lower than the other options on this list. If the goal is to eliminate messes, particularly those made by children, then one of the trigger dispenser might contain the mess best, and also be a fun new way of brushing teeth that could help motivate children to brush theirs.

We do our best to review each product accurately and find the truth about what works and what doesn’t. Choose one of three preset whitening plans and customize it to fit you!

Toothpaste dispensers offer to solve a number of paste-related problems for customers. They can make conditions more sanitary by making sure a toothpaste tube you are sharing does not scrape along the bristles of multiple brushes.

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Some have whimsical appearances and themes that appeal to children as well. This bulb is meant to use light and heat to sanitize the toothbrushes after use, which is great if someone in the household is sick, and just comforting in general. Again, you actually use your toothbrush to press the trigger device inward. The toothpaste can be squeezed out normally, and then the knob can be turned when needed, pulling the tube backward through a tight slot and pushing any paste inside forward while the tube itself is coiled up inside the dispenser. However, it would indeed prevent waste by extracting all the toothpaste inside, and it would make squeezing paste out very easy if dexterity is a problem for a child or arthritis is a problem for an older person. When the trigger is pressed, the vacuum pump extracts a shot of toothpaste onto the brush. Both are meant to be hung on the wall of the bathroom using adhesive strips. It also has a dust shield that flaps down over the heads of the brushes to keep them relatively clean. Since some mess is still possible within the trigger apparatus, and since some toothpaste residue can left in the pump, both parts are easily removable for rinsing and cleaning. As far as eliminating waste, the dispenser extracts the paste fairly effectively. Toothpaste can still be spilled inside the dispenser’s trigger, which means, as one reviewer has observed, that the mess is now in a harder spot to clean up than your countertop.If 5 people are sharing the toothbrush holder and the dispenser, than their brushes are all going in and out of their mouths before and after they have touched a couple of the same surfaces: both the toothbrush holder dust flap to push it open, as well as the dispenser trigger to actually get the toothpaste. A tube of toothpaste is then opened and inserted upside down and nozzle-first into the dispenser. For me, this dispenser seems to solve some problems and not others. The vacuum pressure should also remove toothpaste with as little waste as the more standard trigger dispensers. If you find anything on our site that you have a question, comment or concern about don’t hesitate to contact us!

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