Comfortable living/dining area connects to a large balcony with beautiful pool , marina and water relaxing views. Condo offers 5 stars spa, 2 fitness facilities 2 pools , tennis courts, party rooms. Gym by the water, high ceilings , washer and dryer inside the unit. Amazing wrap-around balcony with pool view and water view . Entry level has 1/2 bath, living area & soaring ceilings with dramatic circular staircase .Patio with private hot tub that has new pump and new heater.

A lift bring you and your car to your own garage with private elevator. Second level offers open chef’s kitchen, dining/family room and sliding doors to another private balcony overlooking the water.

A Housing Graveyard Made Up Of 7000000 Foreclosures: The Longer Term Consequences by

I work in financial services and we have been actively cutting rent in the 323 and 310 area codes since last summer. Pricing of rent, just as everything else is based only on supply and demand, and nothing else.

Ventura County Tile And Granite The Best Tile & Granite In Ventura County | Duration 12 Minutes 3 Seconds

It is always about supply and demand until the market crashes then it’s all about where’s my bailout?

You surely do not believe that we are in a housing bubble. I am always up for listening to various points of view and some commenters have actually affected my view. These concepts are thrown around by folks who have no understanding of the principle and the massive short comings of the theory. There is much more than the number of housing units and the number of residents that determine price in the aggregate “housing market”. One of the most interesting things about the low interest rates is that it will, in a few years, lead to overbuilding and an oversupply of rentals. Expect both the housing and the rental bubbles to slowly deflate over the next decade or so. I own singe family homes, and housing starts for those have been miserable for years.

We should all go out and buy “investment” properties?

As you can see from the historical mortgage rates chart, mortgage rates on the 15 year were over 7% back in 1999. Any retard with such sentiments would have put their money where their mouth is and leveraged up.

Ventura County

The new properties have been cash flowing since day one, which is pretty insane. A lot of last year’s rush into property was because prices were going up and buyers expected even more appreciation, but when prices start to go down, how many people are going to compete with each other to go into debt to catch a falling knife?

Then all of a sudden the love affair with the car died and you could pick one up for pennies on the dollar. Wait til cash (or gold) are king again or buying momentum goes negative instead of positive. I am pretty tired of making the same case over and over again. Price increases on depreciating assets should always be suspect. The rich are getting richer (and likely will be going forward). When building has been depressed over the last 5 years (below the normal depletion) supply is short, and demand went higher based on population growth. What would someone like you have to gain by making superficial comments?

You believe in some strange concept called supply and demand. I disagree often with blert but he actually brings something to the table with is rambling rants. Your simplistic view does not really add much to the discussion on this site. Seems like while you may have a horse in the race, you are the one wearing the blinders.

What do you think of all these institutional buyers who are gonna be renting out to people?

Oh and he also states he wishes he could have bought even more property the past few years. Yet this shitheel is talking about paying off his 15 year mortgage and wishing he had mo’ money to buy mo’ property. I believe there will be a shortage of buyers rather than a surplus. It was very hard to find one in good shape and the cost to get one went through the roof. Is this the kind of supply and demand you are talking about?

Without a doubt, one of the coolest cars of all time and prices are skyrocketing…supply and demand 101. My hunch is your in your 50s or later based on your comments (are there any bulls on here in their 20s or 30s, btw?

!) which means you’ve entered the land of stubborn/set in your ways, but how you see it as a “real” supply/demand curve is beyond me. Whether its housing, stocks, collectible cars or art, the demand is artificial/boosted by the fact that many people (especially those with money) are avoiding holding cash/currency due to the artificially low savings rate and fear of devaluation of currency. Will there always be demand for houses by the beach in nice weather-absolutely (i’ll assume the coast stays clean). Then we’ll see about how real your supply/demand curve is and therefore pricing is.

3 Bed 1 1/2 Bath Todd Ranch Homes For Sale With Granite Countertops Ventura Ca 93003 | Duration 2 Minutes 52 Seconds

And it’s even less true when you consider that some of our demand for current housing stock is largely cultural. Yes, the pile of lumber and drywall depreciates over time and will need to be eventually replaced.

Pacific Reglazing by

Call us now for a free over the phone estimate or send us a request online.

3 Bed 1.5 Bath Todd Ranch Homes For Sale With Granite Countertops Ventura Ca 93003 | Duration 3 Minutes 10 Seconds

We refinish or “reglaze” bathtubs, showers, wall tile, bathroom sinks and counters as well as kitchen counters and kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Cabinets by

To complement your new cabinets are our laminate countertops, with 21 colors in stock and a selection of kitchen and bar counter tops, your new kitchen will come to life.

We have a wide selection of woods and stains that will fit your project.

2019 Wood Countertops Cost Calculator by

Wooden countertops are uniquely beautiful, giving your kitchen a nice and rich ambiance. Another great advantage of wooden countertops is it is naturally warmer to touch. They know how the material behaves and how it reacts to specific treatments and tools. Professionals are also capable of providing great personalization and customizability. Don’t risk your investment money, and hire only a professional wood countertop installation service provider. Some wood species are very hard that they can resist cut marks and scratches.The microscopic pores of a natural stone, together with moisture, create a good environment for bacteria growth. When they arrive at your home, they are ready for installation. If all goes smoothly, the installation will take 1 – 3 days. However, after careful processing and finishing, any wood should be able to resist stains and water. A scratch that is deep enough may penetrate through the finish, which then exposes the material to moisture and water. It’s an excellent kitchen work surface because it’s not so hard, and not so brittle; making your kitchen knives and other cutlery last a lot longer.

(Cnc Oxnard) (Woodworking Ventura) (Countertop Oxnard) (Commercial Cabinets Los Angeles) | Duration 3 Minutes 8 Seconds

This is something that a concrete or granite countertop can’t provide. A reliable installation company can provide you with workers and specialists that are experienced in installing countertops made of wood. They make sure that your countertop will function and look great even after the installation phase is over. These are things that can only be obtained after years of working within the industry. This depends on the kind of wood you are using as a countertop. If you accidentally scratched your wood countertop, it can easily be sanded down and re-finished. This is because natural stone is much more porous than wood. This means that all of the craftings are done in the workshop. However, if you opt for customized wood countertops, the turn-around time will be much longer.

Granite Countertops In Ventura County California by

Commercial and industrial businesses, including restaurants and manufacturing facilities, have their own set of countertop needs. A new custom home or full remodel brings a unique chance to let your imagination go wild with what your countertops can be.

You should always depend on a professional counter installation company with experience, qualifications and a proven track record for trouble-free installation and repairs.From preparing meals at the kitchen counter to garage workspaces and bathroom and vanity room countertops, we depend on these surfaces and their cleanliness, hygiene and durability all day, every day. Often times, the cleanliness, durability and ease of cleaning of stainless steel countertops are the best solution, easy to install within your space constraints and integrate with sinks and plumbing. Working with delicate wood, stone and tile surfaces requires maximum care and precision to ensure proper fit, hygiene and no costly repairs later.

We will work with you to find the right counter solution, and one you can afford.

Granite Transformations Of Ventura by

Terrance made sure to finish the job to our complete satisfaction.

We love the new look and the composite counter top is very easy to clean. Mike who sold us on our “transformation” was professional and thorough. They re-faced existing cabinets, installed new cabinet doors and brand new drawers. Floors were covered while working and at the end of each day, they cleaned up-a big plus. However unlike previous reviewers, the seams on my countertops look great. It wasn’t a huge inconvenience, but since you have to empty all your drawers, etc., it would have been nice to have a bit more time. But for this customer, it certainly wasn’t the best way to go after all. I highly recommend this company if you are looking to have your kitchen updated.

We had refinished our cabinets ourselves and couldn’t wait to have the new countertops installed. They were patient with all my questions and didn’t mind having an audience with a camera!

There are so many color choices and the product is beautiful!

They re-faced existing cabinets, installed new cabinet doors and brand new drawers, and constructed a completely new 3-foot cabinet to increase storage and counter space. And for the owner to to think it is acceptable is again unacceptable!

If you’re looking for efficient, thorough and wonderful, just call them!

We had our large kitchen cabinets refaced in two different colors. In just a few days they transformed my kitchen from a 1976 dinosaur to a showpiece. They even removed the counter peninsula and constructed a completely new cabinet to increase storage and counter space. I used them to replace three bathroom countertops, and overall there is a night-and-day improvement. They were also very kind to my kids, who had a million questions for them!

Was so very disappointed with the overall quality and finish of the work. They had to come back four different times to address one quality problem or another. The “fixed” areas were very dull but was assured when they dried, would be shiny and blend with the rest of the countertops. Then received lip service about the company’s stellar ratings. Truly believed this renovation would be the smartest, most affordable way to go with a company that has such a stellar on-line rating. This product has transformed my 1990’s kitchen from it’s awful white tiles, with even more awful grout lines, into a beautiful 21st century kitchen!

Jennifer in the office was very helpful with our color choice and with scheduling our installation. The owners and staff were helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with, no high pressure sales here.

L.I. Modern Marble by

Lou worked for several years with other fabricators before starting his own buisness in the late 1980s. I find it personally satisfying to see their happiness when the finished product is so beautiful. For example, some granite slabs weigh more than 1, 000 pounds and we are trained to make sure it is installed right and that whether it’s in the shower or part of a fireplace, that it does the job it’s been fabricated to do.” he adds. Stone features in custom homes will look good for the life of the home.

Oxnard Pacific Shore Stones by

Visit our showroom for a warm welcome and assistance in choosing the best material for your rebuild.

Our hearts go out to those who were affected by this tragedy and as a local business, we want to assure that you will be taken care of as well as eliminate additional stress during these difficult times. Susan’s enthusiastic approach to the stone industry means she really enjoys helping customers pick out the most suitable material for their projects whether it be a remodel or new, creative endeavor.

Our showroom and warehouse are two inviting spaces where you will feel comfortable and find creative inspiration.

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