That includes chrome bath mixer taps and gold basin taps too. We’ve got bath taps to complement your bath too – from mixer bath taps to wall mounted bath taps and even a range of freestanding bath taps in different colours. For basins and sinks, take a look at our basin mixer taps and counter top bathroom sink taps. Once you’ve chosen the best bathroom taps for your style, we’ve gone one step further and created a video to help you see how to fit them yourself. If you’re looking for a traditional bathroom tap, we have crosshead taps in a range of styles and colours.For a modern look, our waterfall taps and tap sets always stand out, as do our fantastic range of black taps.

For shower baths, there are shower mixer taps and tap sets with hand held showers in different styles and colours to choose from.

You can choose taps to fit large and small bathrooms too – from large waterfall taps for basins and baths, to smaller cloakroom taps as a great bathroom space saver for compact and small bathrooms.

Setting Up and Using A Shooting Board by

A shooting board (sometimes called a “chute board”) is a jig that is used to dimension boards with a handplane. For example, trimming the end grain of a board used in a box or a drawer, or jointing the edge grain of a thin board (particularly those ½” and under).

How To Make A Concrete Counter Top In 1 Hour! | Duration 19 Minutes 43 Seconds

It will square end- and edge grain, and it can be adapted to shoot mitres with the addition of a mitre fence. The countertop is ideal as it is flat, heavy and the melamine is smooth. A common question is whether the plane will cut away and destroy the side of the runway when shooting. Yes, the plane will remove part of the side during this step. It will, instead, complete an important constructional requirement. If you look carefully at the sole of your plane you will take note that the blade does not run across the full width but ends about 1/8″ from the sides. The blade runs above this fence, and alongside the runway wall. Be careful – you do not want to set your plane for too deep a cut when you take the first cut that creates the side fence. This will avoid any possible problems that can – and do – arise when the edge of the runway is not perfectly straight, or is worn from use. Trying to plane away a 1-2” thick piece of hardwood end grain is likely to lead to damage to the wood in the form of breakout, or damage to the blade in the form of chipping, or both. The glued-and-screwed construction is very strong and these jigs are a means to an end, not the end in themselves.

The mechanism is simply two bolts, one that is fixed and acts as a pivot (closest to plane), and the other that sits in an enlarged hole (a 1/4″ diameter bolt sitting in a ½” diameter hole) and held by a butterfly nut. As with the flat board, there is a small ledge at the front to enable it to be used like a bench hook. While the ramped board does not offer a “real” skew (the angle is too low for that), the skewed blade still enters the wood progressively, rather than all at once. The other reason widely given is that a ramped board will allow a larger area of the blade to be use, so enabling it to remain sharp longer. There are different ways to attach the mitre fence to the shooting board. Since this mitre jack requires being square in two planes, this is a difficult construction to get spot on. The #52 board is a cast iron base with a track along which runs the #51 plane. Interestingly, it uses the wide blade of a #5 ½ (2 3/8” wide), but the frog is the same size as a #3. Essentially, these are collectors’ items and command high prices in the market place. A low cutting angle slices end grain more easily, and the bevel up configuration has an advantage in this area. The shooting board plane obtains its registration from the side of the shooting board’s runway. The #62 is quite a light plane (think #5 size), but it remains a good choice when trimming softwood end grain. It does a pretty good job on hardwood, but there are better in that regard as this vintage plane has a reputation for having a fragile mouth.

I find these preferable on very small pieces where delicacy is especially needed. The “clunk” comes from a blade which projects too deeply for a fine cut. The other possible cause is where the board is pushed too far across the fence into the blade. Another is when the bed/mouth are not aligned and the blade is poorly supported. This permits one to simultaneously push the plane forwards and against the runway fence. After a shaving is removed, the work piece must be pushed again into the plane. So many strive to get the fence edge aligned with the edge of the workpiece. When planing endgrain on a board clamped in a vise, it is not necessary to use a backup board to prevent breakout. With both the boards in a vise and on the shooting board it is better to shave or pare a bevel at the rear of the board, then plane the board until this is removed. Begin with chamfering the end of the board that is the nominated reference side. The arrow in the above picture points to the spot where the chamfer tapers.

Polished Concrete Benchtops With Glass | Duration 1 Minutes 50 Seconds

It has struck me that few discuss how one tunes and uses these wonderfully useful tools. Typically, it involves planing end- or edge grain on boards. While it is possible to develop a jig for any angle, the most common uses are in squaring or mitering. This involves setting the blade in the plane to the expected depth of cut, and running it along the side of the runway as if you were shooting a board. When you run the plane down the runway for the first time, you remove a shaving depth from the side. This lip thereafter becomes the combined fence and depth stop for the plane. If your blade does run across the full width, such as with a rabbet or shoulder plane, find another as these cannot leave the important lip and will keeping slicing away the side fence of the runway. The depth of the fence also determines how far from the side of the table the plane rides.

Polished Concrete Ideas | Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Australia | Duration 5 Minutes 47 Seconds

This obviates the need to plane away a slither of the fence as part of a “running in” procedure. It is not necessary to plane away this end of the fence if you plan ahead. Set the depth of the blade for a fine shaving, and rest the end of the fence against this. Finally, add a batten at the front underside to function as a bench hook or for secure clamping in a bench vise. If the fence is too slippery, then add a layer of 360 grit sandpaper. This does produce a less jarring contact compared with a straight blade on a flat shooting board. My preference is to connect it to the front of the adjustable fence, since it is then possible to make fine adjustments to the mitre fence (in the same way one might make adjustments to the straight fence). They are great tools – serious tools – but the cost and limited availability places them out of the reach of most. The simple answer is that you can use just about any plane, however some are more comfortable and better suited for the purpose. Below are some of my preferences from my experience (so note that this does not denote a “best of all planes” selection). Its high cutting angle (60 degree bedding) managed to cut hardwood end grain well enough.The recessed “rings” on the sides are not decoration – they are finger grips. When the mouth is lower than the toe, the blade ends up being extended further to make a cut. The blade vibrates and this leads to chatter on end grain – not so much one large clunk as a series of small clunks (should that be clunkettes?). My right hand pushes the plane along the runway fence and into the work piece. This does indeed work – and is a popular technique to avoid breakout – but it is not the only way. The advantage of this method is that it enables one to mark and work to the precise depth of the planing.Second, butt the end of the board against the fence and chamfer the end with the plane on the shooting board. The third step is to turn the board around, rest the reference side against the fence, and plane to the end of the chamfer. This is not as secure a method as using the plane as it is more difficult to slice the edge squarely.

Optus Premium Speed Pack by

If the test isn’t large enough how is it able to show your speed?

Most of us have been a part of the trial for the provisioning of the product. Very disappointed to see the exact same speed as a normal connection. It’s possible that your service hasn’t yet been provisioned to allow the new higher speeds. Concerning, however other users have stated a good point, 15mb does not allow enough time for full throttle. I even tried there supplied dongle and that was a disaster only got 3-4mbit!

Did you already have a capable modem before the speed packs were launched?

I want to know if going to the new high speed plan is going to be just as congested in the evenings. Optus could have such a killer product, but they have chosen to cripple it.Looks like they are using two or three channels for downloads. They are currently using 1 upstream channel & 4 downstream channels. All true, but do you actually understand what you’re reading though?

I personally agree with your opinion on the lack of upstream bandwidth, you’re one of the few people even here on whirlpool (home of the ‘power user’ that it is) who find it unsatisfactory. It’s one of those things, that unless you have used a higher upload bandwidth, you probably don’t know what you are missing.

Woodson Starline Home Page by

Starline offer a complete range of conveyor toasters ovens to provide solutions to every requirement. Our continual challenge is to be an efficient, creative and cost effective manufacturer of electric conveyor oven equipment.

Our aim is to combine the talents of our technical staff with the latest equipment to provide our customers with the service and quality they expect.


Quartz is virtually maintenance-free – it doesn’t need to be sealed and cleaning is easy.

We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Stone is an incredibly strong material and is often selected for that very reason. The most likely times for cracks to occur are in transit or at installation. Engineered stone is non-porous and therefore much easier to keep stain free. Our advice is free and we can help you make the best decision that will last you a lifetime. The superior strength of engineered stone means that it can be cut to much smaller sizes than natural stone and, if chipped over time, it can be polished back to a ‘like new’ surface. Whether you are looking for a single, small piece or a large, commercial solution, we will give you the same level of attention and support. To us what matters most is that you get the right result for your project no matter what.

Viewport Virtual Reality Perth Home Show | Duration 56 Seconds

With normal use, there is no reason that your stone should crack. Therefore, it is important to have your stone installed by qualified installers. This means that if it is left unsealed then staining can occur. To avoid this it is important to seal your natural stone regularly and clean it promptly. The adhesive that binds the stone together in engineered stone creates its own permanent seal that protects your surface. The best choice of stone for your kitchen counter will depend on how your counter is going to be used as much as the look you want for the room. Does it need to blend with other features in the room?

They still have all the beauty of natural stone with none of the high maintenance needs.

Our machinery is the most up-to-date and the experience of our stonemasons means we can give our customers the very best results from their stone. Natural stone, such as marble or granite, should be cleaned regularly with warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Do not use abrasive products of general purpose cleaners or products that contain lemon, acids or vinegar as these will damage the surface. It is important to regularly reseal your marble or granite surfaces to keep them protected as much as possible. Although it is made up of crushed natural stone, the adhesive that binds it together creates a seal, protecting it from staining without the need for additional sealant or protection.

Granite Countertops In Perth Amboy New Jersey by

Imagine an expanse of granite flooring that is complemented by high-end wooden cabinets, granite countertops and exquisite fixtures. This can result in your receiving one of the highest returns of any type of home remodeling project. Granite comes in a range of hues so that you can find one that expresses your stylistic preferences. This luxurious stone has veins that are unique to every slab since they are formed along with the stone itself. Marble is very porous, so you should avoid using it in your kitchen. The result is a beautiful slab that feels and looks like stone but that resists nearly every type of abuse.

You are also almost unlimited in your choice of color since the pigment is added when the slabs are made for you.

Your representation, image and ability to handle our requests were great. Visualize your kitchen as a completely modernized and transformed room.

You deserve to have a kitchen that calls for your guests to stay, lingering for many hours over conversation and good food. When people decide that they wish to sell their homes, buyers look for the features of a kitchen and a bathroom when making purchasing decisions. Because it is a slightly porous stone, it must be sealed by a professional so that it will not stain.When you choose a light-colored marble, your bathroom will seemingly expand, allowing you to present the illusion that the room is much larger than it really is.

We can help you create a truly luxurious result that will exceed your expectations. The entire process from sales to installation was a very pleasant experience.

You are a great local company to do business with!

Countertop Display Perth by

Keep your delicious looking products at the forefront of your customer’s minds with the addition of one of our countertop displays. Countertop displays allow for hygienic and healthy storage and display of food. Rear glass doors allow access from behind the counter for convenience and ease-of-use. Entice your customers into your cafe and make their tummies rumble when your cakes, rolls and muffins are there for everyone to see. Interior lighting makes your cakes and other goods visible and enticing to customers. Humidifiers ensure the display unit is kept at an optimum temperature all day.

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