It can create a subtle pop in a neutral kitchen, or add to an already bold room with very little work on your part. Burnt orange can actually look warm and inviting in a kitchen. Even though it’s modern, it feels like stepping back into another era.

Playing around with color is daunting, but that’s why a backsplash is perfect. This backsplash is confined to the area just above the range, making it feel almost like a piece of art.

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White cabinetry and a milk-glass chandelier add to that sun-drenched feeling. For extra oomph, they’re arranged in a sunburst pattern around the window. If you don’t want it to look too matchy-matchy, vary the tones slightly. This rough-hewn terracotta tile could have fooled us, though. If your kitchen doesn’t have many windows, this trick will save you.

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Many tile backsplashes will wipe clean with a rag and some cleaning spray after meal preparation has left them laden with splashes and other cooking spatter.

Some common styles have become popular choices because of their wide availability and visual appeal. Subway tile’s straightforward style is defined by rectangular ceramic tiles (usually in white or light colors) paired with light grout. Mosaic tile is another popular tile backsplash choice, especially for anyone interested in adding some visual interest to their kitchen.

Additionally, many homeowners find that a tile backsplash is exceptionally easy to clean—an essential feature if the kitchen in your home is an active one where plenty of meals are prepared. Tile materials can be purchased at just about any home improvement store, online or in-store. Often made of glass, ceramic or stone, these small tiles stick to a mesh backing and are arrayed in a diverse pattern. Last, but not least, penny tile is a popular choice for anyone with an eye for vintage styles.

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These versatile pieces can be cleaned with water and a rag or a gentle soap and stand up to wear and tare just as well as cutting boards made of the same material. From renter friendly backsplash tile ideas to peel-and-stick mosaic beauty we got overwhelmed before we even started. I love cooking and entertaining, so it was very important to me to have a space that would accommodate our large group of friends and family and one that would give me enough room to cook for them. These kitchen wall tiles were laid in an alternating pattern of horizontal tiles, with a herringbone pattern under the range hood creating a focal point for the eye.

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Medium golden bamboo floors compliment the sophistication of the reinvigorated kitchen while also adding a cozy feeling to this traditional style. We have been slowly trying to revamp our kitchen with small project that will not cost a lot but that will have a big impact on updating our space and making it look more contemporary in preparation to sell later this year. I really like the modern looking backsplash in this photo because it gives a pop of color while still blending well with the neutral kitchen floor tiles, cabinetry and countertops.

Even better, the natural wood finish coordinates well with nearly every popular backsplash ideas that you can think of and can accent any style kitchen, from contemporary to traditional.

The monochromatic motif throughout the rest of the area offered plenty of room for a gorgeous pop of color from the backsplash tile to complement the clean, ivory countertops and chrome-accented appliances. A kitchen island was top on my list as well as a large gas range and tons of storage. After replacing the cabinets and adding a white subway tile backsplash, this kitchen has transformed instantly into a classic and chic place family and friends want to gather. The pure white of the kitchen backsplash tiles pops against the antique white painted cabinetry and the granite countertops with warm neutral veins. I thought that adding new kitchen backsplash tile would be an easy and inexpensive weekend project, but that would make really improve the overall style of the space.

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And it can be a corresponding part of the decor or contrast to make a statement. Third, protect your painted backsplash by coating with a urethane finish.

You can do this by mixing 10 pounds of clay soil in your own garden, water and sand. By making a backsplash from these plates, you can create something from the beginning that is your own.

When the money is pushing, decorating or redecorating can be a challenge, redecorating your kitchen especially. The first and most compelling step is to clean the plates carefully.

The other is to use either oil-based paint or color containing a urethane.

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The warmth of this brick backsplash emulates the hearth-like stove. Paired with gourmet appliances and fixtures, like shaded sconces, the backsplash continues along the adjacent wall and gives this kitchen a professional and established look. Large-scale concrete floor tiles echo the curvy shape of the backsplash tile for a cohesive feel. In this kitchen, simple white planks and custom brackets set against a playful chalkboard-painted wall. Notice that the color variations in the tile help pull together all of the colors in this kitchen. But an offset pattern, along with a matte finish and extra narrow shape, is thoroughly modern.

Used correctly, tile backsplash can add a touch of artistry to a kitchen in even the smallest amount of space.

The rich color tones work to blend the cream cabinetry with the dark wood trim. The graphic colorway puts a fresh, modern twist on the old-fashioned arabesque motif. Under counter lights help illuminate the patterns and tones of the backsplash. By displaying white dishware on the open shelves, the homeowners purposely draw attention to the reverse pattern created by the grout lines.

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Whether on the backsplash, the walls, the floors or all three, one of the best properties of tile is how easily it wipes clean.

Interior Design | Cool Kitchen Backsplash Ideas | Duration 7 Minutes 9 Seconds

One of the best things about subway tile is the variety of patterns in which it can be installed.

Have fun, and get creative with your backsplash while you protect the area around your sink, range and countertops. In a room that’s used almost every day, it’s important to have something that’s both easy to clean and durable. Plus, your floor tiles can be heated to make this popular entertaining area even cozier.

A bubbling pot, a pan that splatters, a dropped bowl—make cleanup easier in all of these situations with tile that protects your kitchen surfaces. Tile is versatile enough that you’ll always find one to coordinate or contrast with your cupboards, counters and existing décor.

Whether you’re accomplishing one of these looks with tile or your other décor, there is always a way to make your tile work with the style. Keep the look fresh and original in a bold color, a unique pattern or with a contrasting grout color. A neutral color installed in an unexpected pattern makes a big statement. Think of your backsplash as the jewelry to your kitchen—that little bit of sparkle that completes a look. From modern to classic, tile can easily achieve almost style you’ve been dreaming of while retaining these easy-care properties. Ceramic, porcelain, glass and stone tiles all clean up easily once they are installed correctly and give your kitchen timeless style. We can’t help with the cooking, but with a beautifully tiled kitchen, we’ll make sure cleaning up is easier than ever.

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Take a look, and take note of which is most eye-catching for you—it could be the perfect look to give the kitchen that polished finish. Small-scale patterns can lend a space energy, while a large-scale pattern has a more soothing, laidback feel.

These kitchen backsplash pictures feature kitchen tile backsplash ideas of all different styles. Try alternating colors or finishes (glossy and matte, for example) for extra pizazz.

Try subway tiles with dark grout for a contemporary, casual look, or go with white grout for a more sleek, elegant vibe. Try tiles with varying finishes for a slightly softer look, or go with a uniform tile for a sharp, contemporary kitchen.

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Kitchen backsplash tiles are great decorations to experiment with because they come in wide availability. If you hired a personal interior decorator, he or she may give you a catalog of kitchen backsplash tiles so you can effortlessly choose the one that suits not just the theme of your kitchen but your personal taste as well. You can obtain different colors with a distinct polish finish. When it comes to shapes and sizes, you can choose the ordinary 4 x 4 inches square shape tiles.

And to fit the small uncovered areas, you can get hold of smaller tiles.

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They help enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic value and increase the resale value of the entire house by making it visually more pleasing. Try to play with colors and materials and you’ll just discover that there is really a wide assortment of tiles that can be utilized for backsplashes.

You will surely be delighted of the fact that you can also employ backsplash tiles for your bathrooms and for your swimming pool surfaces.

You can also create diversity with your kitchen backsplash tiles by purchasing them in various shapes and colors. So try combining various colors and textures and feel free to blend various materials.

They have two major roles – they can be great ornament and they can conceal the dust particles that build up in the kitchen. Though a multitude of options are presented to you, it is always good to go for kiln baked, glazed tiles. Hexagonal, rectangular and many other shapes are also offered. Another good thing about kitchen backsplash is that it doesn’t receive the type of wear and tear that a mudroom floor experiences daily.

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If your kitchen currently only has bare walls, you’ll also delight in the easy clean-up a smart backsplash provides. Or if you are using the same tile throughout the room, try a different color or pattern around cooking areas. Aria is made of translucent white crystal marble infused with lilac and intersecting veins of gray, black, and deep purple. While thinset is the better product, you have to mix it correctly and know how to work with it. It shows through the glass, and colored thinset or mastic can change the look of the tile.

Now you have the perfect surface to write on, as well as the ideal surface to accept the installation thinset or mastic (either work for the second layer) that you will use to set the tiles. You’ll still have a memorable look but at a fraction of the cost. Run the tile vertically for a modern look or lay it on a diagonal in a place you want as a focal point, such as cooking areas. You may find you have to start with a half-tile at the bottom to be sure at least a quarter-tile fits at the top.

To do this, first prep the surface to be tiled by skimming the entire area with a layer of white thinset (mastic won’t work) and let it dry.

You’ll still have a memorable look but at a fraction of the cost. The tile is offered in three sizes: 9 inches by 18 inches; 18 inches square; and 24 inches square. Run the tile vertically for a modern look or lay it on a diagonal in a place you want as a focal point, such as cooking areas. You may find you have to start with a half-tile at the bottom to be sure at least a quarter-tile fits at the top. To do this, first prep the surface to be tiled by skimming the entire area with a layer of white thinset (mastic won’t work) and let it dry. If your kitchen currently only has bare walls, you’ll also delight in the easy clean-up a smart backsplash provides.

Or if you are using the same tile throughout the room, try a different color or pattern around cooking areas. It shows through the glass, and colored thinset or mastic can change the look of the tile.

Now you have the perfect surface to write on, as well as the ideal surface to accept the installation thinset or mastic (either work for the second layer) that you will use to set the tiles.

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But in today’s kitchens, a large variety of non-traditional tiles are also possible, ranging from natural stones to glass and metal tiles. These 4 x 4 tiles are the true workhorse of the tile world, usable in bathrooms and floors as well as kitchens. This medallion was built from scratch by the tile-setters, highlighted by setting it within a field of tiles set diagonally to distinguish them from the surrounding tiles. This makes for an easy installation that looks like it took hours of work. The challenge here is in choosing the right colors and arranging them in a pleasing way. The surface of this tile has a rough, pitted appearance—very attractive for some kitchen styles.

This is actually a constructed offset—a simple structure of dimensional lumber, drywall, and shelf molding purchased from a home improvement store.

It’s a super-clean installation technique that doesn’t require messy thin-set mortar. Check with your tile source for recommendations on how to seal the stone. Muted colors like the ones featured here (as opposed to stark black and white) are a good way to go about that. Layout is the most critical task, along with a lot of cutting of tiles—such as the row of half tiles that begin the layout.

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Your basic subway tile is white, 3 x 6 inches or 2 x 6 inches, although variations abound. Grouted in gray or black, subway tile no longer recedes into the background: it pops forward and announces itself, although some homeowners find that black grout creates a look that is too grid-like. That top row will need some cutting, but with a wet tile saw, it’s a cinch. Although it looks like natural stone, it is actually a through-body (not glazed) porcelain tile. The sheets apply with standard thin-set adhesive like any tile product. Clear layout lines drawn on the wall will help keep your installation precise.

Why should you have to make a decision, when you can have both? While most glass tiles don’t require sealing, the presence of natural stone here means that some kind of sealing will be necessary. It’s best to hire an installer if you are already spending thousands on the materials. It is a very expensive product that is best left to an installation professional. Without this complementing star, you would have large spaces between the ovals that would otherwise need to be filled with grout.

The real challenge here is taking your time and being very precise with the layout. Considering the high-style look, this small shop tile is relatively affordable. It, too, comes in 12-inch square sheets, and here has been cut up into bands.

Traditional ceramic tile certainly still has its place—especially when it is stylishly planned with striking colors. But too many diagonal “four by” white tiles can be too much of a good thing. Some preliminary sketching is a good idea when you are thinking outside the box like this.

The “tumbled” part means that the edges and corners are rounded off. Slate is a fairly porous stone, though, and in a location such as a backsplash, it must be sealed against stains. With white grout, subway tile is a clean and crisp kitchen backsplash idea that complements modern or traditional home styles. But on closer examination, you can see that we’re actually dealing with a glass tile backsplash made of 4 1/4-inch tile. Glass tile catches light like no other type, practically glowing under indirect lighting. Other than the cutting, though, it’s a fairly straight-forward backsplash installation. One advantage of glass tiles is the ease with which grease and spaghetti sauce splatter can be cleaned away. So if you do this, make sure to keep the grout very well sealed to avoid discoloration. Even the ragged edges produced by a snap tile cutter should be (mostly) hidden because these edges will be tucked away against the bottom of the cabinets. Although it is not a difficult installation, it will require a fair amount of cutting.

Glass is the ideal backsplash material—it easily cleans to a shimmering surface, and the color never fades. Combined here are glass and stone materials fused to mosaic tile mesh sheets.

Consult your tile supplier for advice on the proper adhesives and sealants. This tile is made of glass, so even the most neutral colors sparkle and shimmer when light hits the tile just right. You can see how it works in the magnified inset shown at top right. Cork tiles do not come sealed, and it is critical that you do this immediately after installation. Each sheet gives you three bands, with only a small amount of waste. The actual application, though, is done like any mosaic tile sheets.

This look might be too busy for some, but the continuation of natural stone from the granite countertop into the slate backsplash makes a strong statement. These areas are often markedly different because they perform different functions—catching ultra-messy splashes (bacon, gravy, spaghetti sauce, etc.)—and hence a different backsplash treatment is often appropriate.

Check with the tile manufacturer for recommendations for installation.

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Backsplashes are basically durable wall coverings that will protect your wall from water splashes resulting in stains and molds. This type of finish can make you stick in the kitchen as it will look amazing. There ceramic tiles, copper and other metal tiles, glazed tiles, stone and porcelain tiles. Matte finishes fit well in a kitchen that is well lit while shiny finishes can amplify even a small amount of light in the kitchen, adding to the visual qualities of the kitchen. Shiny finishes include porcelain backsplashes, glazed tiles, and stainless bands. If you choose a contrasting color, your kitchen will look too busy and confusing, losing its aesthetic value in the process. A neutral look can allow you to sell your house easily if you decide to list it in future.

Since the kitchen wall is the most likely to come in contact with water, backsplashes always do a good job of keeping your wall dry and protect it from greasy food splatters so as to maintaining its aesthetic value and structural integrity. As a result, it is of paramount importance to come up with a criterion for selecting tile backsplashes for your kitchen if you want it to look perfect. Furthermore, the above categories can be classified as matte or shiny finishes.

The backsplash should match with the overriding theme of your kitchen if there is any. If your kitchen cabinets are white, choose tiles of a lighter color and if they are dark, choose tiles that are dark. On the other hand, tiles that are too small will have no impact in a large kitchen.


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