We literally work day and night to give our customers the very best and stay ahead of the curve of technology and development of technology. This product works extremely well, however, it is important to use it on a clean surface. At a moderate cost (about a dollar a square foot), you’ll feel good about your home again and we’ll feel good that we served you – especially in these critical times of flooding. As you walk around, contaminants are being stirred up into the air and are all under your feet and the gritty residue is scratching up the floor with every step.

We have the most efficient commercial-grade machinery for removing dried-on materials such as powdery residues, drywall compound and debris. It’s a real jaw-dropper for our customers to see it in action! We couple the process with a secondary machine that has an agitation brush injected with hospital-grade disinfectant. If you install new baseboards without this recommended process, wherein the floor is not cleaned all the way to the studs (as in the attached photo), we are confident in saying this could be a huge mistake. You will have a noticeably dull, uneven finish around the edge of the baseboards. We have been taking calls from homeowners, builders and general contractors about travertine flood refinishing.

Although the floor had been flooded and needs to be sanitized and re-sealed, the damage from scratches and gouges injures the floors further! We’ll be happy to answer any questions about travertine flood refinishing or floor restoration questions in general. Outdoor patio tile refinishing is difficult because you have to be very gentle not to do any damage – the number one rule! The after picture has the tile sealed and protected; however, nothing will quite compensate for previous abuse. Pillow edge travertine cleaning requires a different cleaning process to standard travertine cleaning because of the wide, trenched grout. You don’t want your expensive flooring mistreated, over-worked by abrasive machinery or cleaned by rigorous methods. The whole bathroom is extraordinary, so a proper marble floor restoration is quite as important as a finishing touch. What kind of filler do they use if the holes need to be filled? We’ll visit with you to determine your needs and budget to meet or exceed your expectations. He said he wasn’t sure that he could restore it to a condition that would be satisfactory but left the decision up to me.

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After evaluating the condition of the slate in the house we recently purchased, he explained that it had been damaged as the sealant had not been maintained. Our house flooded and they were hired to clean and reseal our stone floors. He rescued my severely damaged flooded sandstone floors and gave them new life.

He spent the necessary time needed to do a good job without regard to the clock and charged a fair price.

Combining the best manufacturing products with unique processing, we can make a floor look awesome! It means we can pass this cost-saving blessing to our customers in need, especially to flood victims and others with similar damages. Our travertine and marble restoration processes allow us to leave your home better than it’s original condition. The machinery we rely on (as seen in these videos) pulls debris and impurities out of the floor. It would be like having sewage, for example, on your hands and just rubbing sanitizer on them. Flush out all the polluted floodwater, then sanitizing it sounds simple, but many people get it wrong! Even though it may be dry, it is as polluted as the nasty water that swept through your home.

You’ll see our machinery in the attached video doing a great job removing flood water sludge. It has two spindle water jets that gently flush the dirt out without causing damage – cleaning instantly in a single pass. What you see in the video is amazing; however, we’re not done!

At this point, bear in mind one more thing…if you have natural stone that is going to be polished, honed or re-conditioned, no machinery can reach under your baseboards once installed. On the other hand, if the floor is polished be baseboards are installed, it will have an incredible beauty of detail that most floors never have. It is critical to note the process is of utmost importance, without damaging the floors further! It also affects the cost of travertine flood refinishing because the cost just went up. When this much grinding is done, the whole floor has to be ground out to balance the floor’s surface. These steps will ensure your travertine flooring will look better than ever at minimal cost. We cannot stress enough that protecting the flooring with thick cloths before chiseling baseboards from sheetrock will save you time, effort, and above all…money!

Sort of like dry cleaning, we use the “gentle cycle” approach to gently agitate the surface because power washers can do severe damage (such as opening the pores so that they only get much, much worse in the future). Restoring travertine floors is a common occurrence nowadays and consumers have to make educated decisions based on each type and grade of natural stone. Make sure your professional has a lot of pillow edge travertine cleaning experience. After evaluating the condition of the slate in the house we recently purchased, he explained that it had been damaged as the sealant had not been maintained. He said he wasn’t sure that he could restore it to a condition that would be satisfactory but left the decision up to me.

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He spent the necessary time needed to do a good job without regard to the clock and charged a fair price.

He rescued my severely damaged flooded sandstone floors and gave them new life.

Marble Coffee Tables by marblecoffeetables.blogspot.com

For that “stock” option will practically make sure that your cabinets-which produce an otherwise huge chance to lift up your creativeness quotient-seem like almost every other kitchen cabinet in each and every other home in the usa.

Don’t allow the so-known as experts convince you that the tastebuds are less refined than their own. Why don’t you incorporate an old-fashioned table having a marble top for moving out dough? Hardwood frames that are glued and screwed in place are the most hardwearing. Washable, loose covers are good for families, and close-woven covers are durable. Give the floor three coats of varnish, sanding lightly by hand between coats. Venetian blinds are another option, allowing you to tilt the blinds as well as open and close them for maximum flexibility. Instead of painting tester pots directly onto the walls, use them to paint a large sheet cut from lining paper. Choose the colour of the wallpaper carefully – brights will make a small room feel smaller, and soft colour contrasts in the paper create a sense of space. Recessed ceiling-mounted spotlights or a pendant light will give you good overall light, but if that’s your only source, the lighting can feel harsh. You should be aiming for around two to three separate light sources for an average-sized room to create pools of light where you need them.

If you want a formal room, whatever your style, the one rule is symmetry! You can also use tricks like adding a pair of side tables with matching lamps, or arranging a set of four prints in matching frames on the wall. Then just arrange them around a focal point – whether it’s a fireplace, window or a coffee table. Or, if you prefer curtains, don’t think that having high ceilings means you can’t get away with ready-mades. If they come up short, add a contrasting ‘hem’ to the bottom of the curtains for an elegant look. To paint, wedge the door open, remove the handle and fittings and slide a dustsheet underneath.

Paint the horizontal cross rails starting at the top and working down, then paint the vertical centre rail and two side rails.

How To Polishing A Marble Surface Became Opaque Due Wear And Age | Duration 7 Minutes 15 Seconds

If it’s a plain door, imagine a vertical line down the centre, and horizontal lines running across, dividing it into eight or 10 squares. To paint a glazed door, stick masking tape around the edge of the panes to protect them.

Pick any patterns you want to use in just one colour, so you can add to the scheme as your confidence grows and you’ll know that everything will always work together.

I have a long, narrow living room – what’s the best way to divide up the space, without doing any building work? Use a sofa or open bookcase as a divider and you’ll be left with two much more manageable room shapes. For example, a focal point such as a fireplace is ideal for building a living area around, while the space by the window is great for a dining table or mini home office. Don’t stint on underlay, as a good-quality version will prolong the life of the carpet even more. If the room has a focal point such as a fireplace, start papering here; otherwise, start from a window. Once you’ve hung the first length against a plumb line on the wall, you can slide the second length into position for a perfect match, or pull it away and reposition it. Blue needn’t be a cold colour if you pick the right shade and balance it with some warmer tones. Alternatively, pick out a blue paint that’s close to violet and has a pinky tone. In a north facing room, the blue shades to avoid are those that seem dull or have a grey tinge. We are having an awful lot of difficulty finding a feature radiator for the living room.

Some are good, some are tragic, but they all cost a small fortune. What’s more it has a superb range of finishes to choose from (gunmetal is a favourite). We’re planning an extension and want to match the brickwork of the main house, but can’t find anything that looks close. As well as the huge range of new bricks, there’s a massive market for reclaimed brick, so check your local architectural yard.

Diy Marble Coffee Table Tray | Duration 44 Seconds

Is coloured lighting in a bathroom floor possible and, if so, is it safe? I imagine you saw fibre optic lights rather than halogen, which, although they run on a safer low voltage, get very hot. All that’s required is to route the fibre-optic ropes (which are just like a tube that the light is piped down) to where you need the lighting, and then cap with the finishing lens fitting. The positioning and the installation still need to be well considered and competently carried out, so don’t rush into fitting this type of lighting just on a whim. Can coloured lighting be installed in a bathroom floor, and is it safe to do so? We did see a solution in a magazine, which was almost like a washing line – a suspended wire you could peg pictures to.

Yes, the ‘washing line’ idea is probably the most simple way to clip up pictures. Eros2 can produce bespoke granite and marble/resin shower trays in a range of colours, so you’ll be able to have something unique tailored to fit your requirements exactly.

We are planning to refit our kitchen soon and would like to use stainless steel as a splashback. Where can we get sheet metal made to fit this complicated wall? Sheet stainless steel is easily fabricated for flat surfaces and simple rolled curves, but anything more demanding than this and you could end up with messy welds, folds and seams that would ruin the whole look. Can you suggest a light fitting to complement our dark, richly decorated living room? The area is panelled and has dark-wood flooring, plus we have deep reds, greys and brass fittings within the colour scheme. Can you help me find a product that provides natural light in a dark room?

This can be a carefully-contrived trap into that the naive homeowner can certainly become trapped! Seriously, can our nation handle yet another cream-colored walnut cabinet with dark mocha glaze?

and re-locate from the despair to be cabinet crazed and in to the levels where creativeness reigns supreme.

Quality sofas have individual coil springs; mid-price versions use zigzag springs; and budget ones have webbing. Sand them with a specialist machine, starting with medium-grade abrasive paper, then going over it again with a fine-grade one. You’ll need blinds in your loft as the light will be very strong and will wake you up early in the morning in the summer. Blackout versions are worth considering – they fit into channels at the sides of the window to stop light getting in around the edges – they’re perfect for light sleepers.

Build A Tiled Table Part 3 Sand, Finish & Install The Tile | Woodworkers Guild Of America | Duration 5 Minutes 1 Seconds

Is there a simpler way that will help me choose the right colour for my room? The lining paper can then be easily moved around so you can try it on different walls, without spoiling the look of your room. Balance the overall effect by picking plain colours, subtle textures or small motifs for other furnishings. Soften the overall effect by adding a table lamp next to your sofa and a floor lamp or reading light near your armchair. If you have plenty of space, move your sofa so it’s facing two identical armchairs or an identical sofa. If you don’t have the space for all of these different elements, choose smaller pieces such as carver chairs instead of upholstered versions.

Sash windows look great with floor-length curtains, so choose the longest pair you can find. Wipe the door with a damp cloth to get rid of dust, then leave to dry. If it’s a panelled door, paint the mouldings around each of the recessed panels using an eggshell or gloss paint, then paint the panels, working from the top downwards. When completely dry, pain the doorframe and surrounding architrave. Then start by painting the mouldings as you would a regular panelled door.

What’s the easiest way for a pattern novice to get started? A long narrow room can feel quite daunting, so it’s best to divide it up into two ‘zones’. Use the structure of the room to decide what function would suit each area. Don’t worry if there’s no obvious focal point – if you use the area for entertaining, make your sofa the centre of attention. A carpet containing around 80% wool and 20% nylon is more resilient and less prone to flattening than other types, as nylon fibres are extremely hard wearing.

When measuring the first wallpaper length, make sure a whole motif will be at the top of the wall, then allow an extra 5cm on the top and bottom, which you’ll trim off later. A sky blue will look cheerful, and can be warmed up with cream paintwork and peachy-toned highlights. You can then accessorise with a pink, floral bedspread or curtains for a warmer look. We want to match our original brickwork to that of our extension. There are about 2, 000 types of bricks on the market, so there’s usually something similar. Fibre optics are perfectly safe for wet areas like bathrooms and also outdoors, because the actual light source can be housed out of harm’s reach, many metres away. Be warned: colour changing lighting can be more disco than spa if not done professionally, so sticking with static colours is recommended. Can we use stainless steel as a splashback on a curved wall? The problem is that the walls are very curvy and the oven sits in an alcove that’s quite rounded. It sounds as if you’re setting yourself a rather difficult task with a surface that’s as complex as this.

So, rather than have a fairly uninspiring run of plain stainless steel splashback, you could create something really breathtaking. We’d love some advice on a suitable hanging shade for our living room.

We want the space to keep its dark, smoking-room look, and need a light fitting that would complement this. It needs to have a definite air of grandeur and solidity, so no wispy lighting features here. It has an elegant embassy-look black cotton shade with a fabulous hidden gold interior.

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I also have a marble floor in one of those batnrooms that needs cleaning and polishing and resealing.

Turned our dull 40 year old terrazzo with blackened grout brand new. The person who is remodeling our home bid to repair grout and pock marks as part of the remodel we are paying for, but says cleaning and buffing, prior to the repair and seal, is not included. If you choose to hire this pro for your project, you’ll agree on final pricing before any work begins – and you’ll never pay before it’s done.


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