Thanks to everyone who stopped by and made this a great show. Perfectly fit corners, clean edges and precision miter-cut glass gives you guards that put all the focus on the food. There’s no need to settle for “sterile” unnatural light to save energy.

We got to catch up with old friends and we made some new ones too. Custom countertop fabrication capabilities are highlighted with these custom cut, two color, back lighted letters created out of solid surface material.

We pushed the fabrication envelope with this counter made of only solid surface countertop material.

It’s so scratch resistant, it has been used for flooring in some applications. Of course, we still offer custom sized ceramic glass heated merchandisers. Here’s an ice pan that shows our ability to custom make items for any situation. After all, how many guards can span 14 feet without a center post?

Not only can you still move the glass panels up and down and change the angle of the glass, now you can move the glass back and forth more than 8 inches for an unprecedented level of control.

Miter A Laminate Countertop How To | Duration 6 Minutes 31 Seconds

Not only can you still move the glass panels up and down and change the angle of the glass, now you can move the glass back and forth more than 10 inches for an unprecedented level of control. There simply is not a food guard that gives you more flexibility.

Mal O Sen Co. Inc. Instructions On How To Assemble Mitered Laminate by

Also check for correct lengths, overhangs, end caps, and overall appearance before proceeding. Place cardboard or drop cloth under area of miter to catch glue that will drip from miter joint. Also check alignment of mortises, making sure they are parallel to each other. Check seam at back splash, if not level move sections to level, then put mitre bolt in mortise closest to back splash and tighten enough so it will not fall out. Using a damp rag wipe glue squeeze-out off surface of laminate, taking care not to get water in glue joint. Don’t over-tighten, this will prevent the area to align next from moving and can also damage the mortise. Be careful hammering directly above the mortise, this area is thinner and can be damaged. When you are satisfied with levelness of the seam, wipe up any remaining glue from surface.

Instructions on how to assemble mitered laminate countertops. Dry fit the miter together, making sure the fronts (noses) and back splashes line up. Separate miter and apply a liberal amount of waterproof wood glue to each side of miter section. Mate surfaces together, line up the noses and put in miter bolt closest to nose and tighten with 7/16″ wrench just enough so it will not fall out. Now work your way down the seam installing the remaining miter bolts and tighten enough so they will not fall out. Work your way to back splash leveling and tightening as you go. With seam dry apply caulk or colored seam fill to the joint.

Wood Countertop With Mitered Corners by

I left trimming the last joint to the very end in case anything shifted or freaked out on me while gluing up the other parts. Tools galore and luxury things like an exhaust system!

If you aren’t using tenons or biscuits to hold the wood pieces on the same plane there can be a lot of slipping and sliding, causing the top surface to be uneven. I had to nail angled blocks onto the edges to give my clamps something to hang onto. I used my track saw to make all my “after assembly” cuts.

I built but everything is so expensive compared to the lumber cost of the cabinets themselves.

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