We would confirm every details with you before production to avoid any mistake b. About 69% of these are fireplaces, 6% are fireplace parts, and 1% are granite. And whether black marble hearth is freestanding, insert, or corner.

They could also offer professional advices to meet your satisfactory. So we can give customers the very best prices depends on required qty.

Stone Fireplace Makeover | Faux Black Granite Paint Technique | Paint Over Tiles | Duration 4 Minutes 6 Seconds|
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Bolection Mantel Black Marble Fireplaces Modern Surround by shopstonefireplaces.com

Simple black marble hearth or a contrasting white hearth completes the look. This fireplace surround can be carved from other color marble and stones. They are what is commonly thought of when one pictures a marble surround. The leaves in the surrounds of the firebox are also not to be overlooked. The green marble is a relaxing feel that will warm any lobby or library. The hearth panel adds a lot of mass to the otherwise narrow surround.

Finely hand carved details are made apparent by the beautiful white marble (carrera style). This travertine fireplace looks like a travertine fireplace or a limestone fireplace. Marble fireplaces and limestone fireplaces and travertine fireplaces and travertine fireplaces all on sale. We have another pictured in two different marbles that you can buy online. Unapologetically bold this fireplace is crowned with an audacious mantelpiece that makes certain that this fireplace surround does not to go unnoticed.

This surround has been trending for hundreds of years and will surely never go out of style. Inner panels can be added to fit around the firebox opening or can be left off. Inner panels would come up to the firebox insert or a masonry box can be built to the surround legs. Decorative carvings are carved into the column cap with straight lines running a frame in the mantel-shelf. It is recommend to use a polished stone for these finely carved styles. This veined white marble fireplace is strikingly beautiful due to the bold veining patterns.

Oak Wood Fireplace Surround Black Granite Marble Back Panel & Hearth Downlights Suite Elect | Duration 5 Seconds|
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It seamlessly marries the past traditions with modern decor. The arch and the keystone in the arch are two of the shaping features. They are carved into a step recessed panel that leads up to a firebox.

This one is carved from a green marble we also have it pictured in black marble mantel. It is hard to tell from this angle but the hearth has a project panel. The mantel surround is flanked on each capital with adorning medallions. These are beautiful hand carved fireplaces that are being offered at cheap prices. Fluted pilasters on the sides that match those in the mantel frieze. Providence is compatible with both a modern homes as it is in the juxtaposed baroque home. Decorative carvings of leaves and beads lavish the top and legs to show the beauty in nature.

The mantel can be incorporated into a formal dining area or home entry way. This marble surround facing is perfect for placing decorations on the top shelf and gathering around for a family night.

What Type Of Stone Is Used For A Hearth? by homeguides.sfgate.com

Fuel-burning appliances such as fireplaces and wood stoves must have a hearth made of noncombustible materials to prevent fire. Slate typically costs more than limestone, but it is less expensive than granite, soapstone or marble. It is one of the most commonly used stones for hearths because it is extremely hard and durable, and comes in a wider range of colors and patterns than other natural stones.

Like granite, marble can be polished or left unpolished for a natural look. Soapstone is more costly than limestone or slate, but its high resistance to heat makes soapstone useful as a hearth material.

However, like limestone, it only should be used with electric and gas fires because it is soft and may crack under the intensity of a wood-fueled fire. Granite can be used with gas or electric fires and can handle the high-intensity heat of wood fires. You also have the option of leaving the stone unpolished for a natural, rough texture, or having it polished so it has a smooth surface and sheen. It is formed from limestone and tends to chip fairly easily, but because of its excellent heat resistance, it can be used with gas, electric and wood fires.

Polished Black Marble Legs For Fireplace Surround | Duration 25 Seconds|
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Fireplace Hearths Inverness by hearthstonescuttosize.com

Our team of specialist craftsmen specialise in producing made to measure natural stone hearths, in any shape or size you require, in a wide range of materials. Our sales team will discuss your individual requirements for your hearth, to allow you to get the hearth your home deserves. Have a look at our other materials page, for cladding, tiles etc to finish your fireplace off.

With our onsite manufacturing facilities and skills of our craftsmen, we can produce not only standard sized hearths, we can also produce large over sized pieces to your desired finish and specification.

Once you have confirmed the requirements of your hearth, contact us through our contacts page, to receive your free quotation. We choose only the highest quality stone to make hearths for our customers.

Marble Hearths In Inverness by hearthstonescuttosize.com

Whether its as pure white snow or streaked with dramatic colorful veins, each piece of marble is a unique and stunning work of art. This means that you will get something unique to yourself which makes your hearth special. Our buyer meets our suppliers in their quarries which ensures your material will be right. We value your customer which means we will be delighted to discuss your needs fully with you. Marble lends itself well to a highly individual look which we can cut and shape to your exact needs. A marble hearth often needs other stone such as backing plates or mantles.

Marble has been one of the most beautiful and sought-after stones for centuries.

Being a metamorphic rock, marble not only is stunning to look at, will give any home a luxurious feel. We stock a wide range of marble which we constantly update. We make all our hearths ourselves in our workshop which makes sure our quality is first class. Our manufacturing team work to high standards which means that the work on your hearth will be exact.


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