Let someone else handle installing kitchen cabinets, new bathroom storage and work surfaces. Forget learning how to install kitchen cabinets or how to install granite countertops on your own. Jobs like installing cabinets and installing countertops can be demanding.

You can get a huge upgrade by installing granite countertops.

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Getting new countertops installed as part of your kitchen remodeling project will add both aesthetic and financial value to your house.

Broken or cracked countertops could lead to water damage to your cabinets our walls. If you’re interested in having new countertops installed, a few simple tips could help save money and add value. Marble is one of the most reliable and longest lasting materials for countertops, but it might not be right for you. While you can always repaint your walls, getting something that matches your current cabinet and appliance style is important. Some families congregate in their kitchen to play games, hang out, and even to do some reading.

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Imagine needing to cook a big meal and having no place to prep or to place your dishes. That makes the holiday season one of the worst times to schedule a countertop installation. Imagine showing off your countertops but having nowhere to wash off your dishes. Be sure you’re around to add feedback when you’re having your space templated. While you might have the measurements ready for your appliances, there are lots of elements like bevels, hinges, and door handles that could get in the way. If everything is in place before they arrive, you’ll be sure that your countertops fit perfectly when they’re installed. You’ll be preparing food and relaxing with friends and family in just a matter of days. As far as investments go, it’s one of the most practical changes you can make to your home. Some homeowners spend years putting off necessary changes to their homes, even when the returns are as high as new countertops are. Delaying to repairs to some elements of our kitchens could lead to bigger costs down the road. Make sure you’re comfortable before you start writing your check.

No matter what your budget, you should be able to find the right material. Bring photographs of your kitchen so that you can start talking about tones and colors. Make a list of the kinds of things you do in your kitchen so that the style of your new countertops matches your family’s style. While you might be planning to show off your new countertops to friends and family when they visit, you’re not the only one. But as you focus on one piece of the puzzle, don’t forget about your sink and faucet. By overlooking and making notes about what you want from your countertops will make sure that you get everything you need from this remodeling job. Otherwise, you could end up paying double for a countertop that doesn’t fit or was cut to the wrong specifications. If you’re ready to have new countertops put in, contact us for tips on how to make sure you pick the perfect match for your home.

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There are important things to be considered for the success of the installation. As long as you ensure to keep in mind the tips below, you’ll know your way out. As a solid material, granite is completely scratch and heat resistant. It is also prone to chipping, particularly on the edges, when it is hit hard.

A fabricator is defined as the company handling the cutting and finishing of the granite. It also depends on the complexity of the project layout and your location.

You can the fabricator if there were any remnants left from the previous job. If that is the case, you are able to save more than 50% from the installation. One of these options is on using full granite or 4 inch-tall granite for the cabinet’s underside. It is best to install full granite backsplash if what you have is a bar top. Also, it is best to buy the same square foot price like with the main countertop. This is the best option if you are trying to achieve a modern look. The eased edge features a square edge and a sharp corner ground-down. The edge of this style tends to appear like a stone’s rough edge. The thing is that you’ll know that the cost is worth it after seeing the end-result of the project.

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Just remember that choosing this type requires you to have the special sink base cabinet. Just make sure that the faucet is already prepared when the granite company visits your place. It is a necessity since the professionals need to know the size and number of holes to be drilled on the top. The support required for the overhang depends on its measurement. It is best to ask your granite supplier on what they can recommend. Granite countertops that are longer than 9 inches should have seams. Use epoxy in similar color as the granite to hide the seam effectively. Before the installation, the place where the material must be installed is then measured by the fabricator.

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Hence, make sure to ask about the turnaround time for confirmation.

You need to hire an electrician or plumber to do it. Choosing 2cm thickness requires the use of plywood on top of the cabinets before the installation. If you want to deal with this, it’s best to settle with the 3cm thickness. Now, you know the top tips that can help you with the installation. But the beauty, durability and the value added to a home are simply enough that makes it a perfect choice for you. However, choosing granite over other countertop materials is not the same with the installation process. It does not matter what the purpose of the installation is, whether it is for a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project. Proper cleaning and regular sealing is required otherwise, it will stain. Lastly, the cost of granite varies from one type to another and from one fabricator to another. Basically, its cost depends on the granite type and its abundance.If you won’t, this results to an unattractive look around the outlets. This is in the event that you install a granite countertop along with a full granite backsplash. The thing is that it can provide the best and most unique look. Among the options you have is an undermount sink, which is a good option if you are willing to spend an extra cost for the overall installation. The granite company also finishes off the sink cutout’s edges. This type of sink costs quite a bit when compared to the drop in.

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Other than this sink type, there is also the farm house sink. This is the sink type that comes out the base cabinet’s front. If it is more than 10 inches, it needs to be supported with steel plates, posts or brackets. If this is necessary and you need to do the kitchen remodeling yourself, it is best to place the seam at the sink. After that, it will take about 3 weeks to fabricate to install the countertops. This way, you also avoid those ugly seams on the countertop’s edges. All you have to do is to keep them in mind and apply them in the process.

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If you’re hiring a professional for the installation, these tips will let you know what to expect when the solid surface countertop installation contractor is on the job. Use a level to make sure the cabinets are a consistent height. If they are too low, shims can elevate the countertop to keep the height consistent. Screw the supports, sometimes called cleats, into the wall or into the cabinet bases on either side of the appliance. When you’re sure the alignment is correct, push down gently on the countertop to cause it to bond with the adhesive.Make sure the sink hole is set back far enough so that the sink avoids the base cabinet. Use a hole saw to create a starting place and a jigsaw to cut the opening for the sink. Use the clamps provided with the sink to secure it to the countertops. Clean your solid surface counters thoroughly, and they’re ready to use. If you’re considering installing the countertops yourself, these tips will help. If they are too high in any spot, a belt sander or coping saw can be used to take them down. As well as creating a uniform surface, being level will also reduce the potential for cracking of the countertops due to stress.

You might want to consider using 2×2 lengths of wood to span the distance and provide support. Get an extra pair of hands if needed, so you can gently set the solid surface countertop onto the cabinet tops. Sketch the template carefully, measuring to make sure that the back of the sink will be a consistent distance from the wall. Apply plumber’s putty around the lower edge of the sink to form a water-tight seal. Use the same approach to install adjoining sections of countertop and then seal the seams for uniform appearance.

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Three inches of the bracket will be inside the wall mounted to the stud. If your installation is on metal studs you will need to install wood blocking that extends from the floor to at least 24″ above the top of the bracket flange.

We recommend a 3-4 inch set back from the edge of the top so a 20″ top would require a 20″ – 21″ bracket. However, the beveled edge at the end of the bracket has been eliminated as a trade-off. The vertical flange has six 1/4 inch mounting holes and attaches directly to the side of the stud.

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