Sections group together products by usage, such as beverage dispensers or flatware organizers, whereas collections group together products by material, such as bamboo or plastic. It is an environmentally friendly and fully equipped line that has the assortment of products needed to complete your presentation. Will this item look exactly like the one that’s pictured?

Because of the natural differences in wood, no two items will look exactly the same. It’s also a great way to display portion control condiment packets, creamers, coffee stirrers, and more!

Out of those collections, bamboo has been one of our biggest hits.

Three years and a lot of hard work later, we have the bamboo collection. All of our bamboo products are finished with a catalyzed varnish to help increase water resistance. Simply wipe down with a damp rag or wood cleaner, and you are ready to go. Holds a decent amount of cutlery and looks great on a counter top!

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With rich amber color that adds fall beauty to the table or mantle, they’re made of copper pressed by both hand and machine. The grand pillar holder’s sculptural quality, translucent texture with swirling veins imbue the home. Unified on a stainless-steel frame, these sculptural holders bring graceful lines and gorgeous light to the tabletop. This vertical stand is handcrafted of solid copper by highly skilled coppersmiths who use traditional spinning techniques to shape the metal, then polish it to a brilliant.

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The mesh allows water to drain for a mold-free sponge space and happier you. Which should be dry because you’re also going to place a towel or rag underneath the drying rack to catch any drips. Combine it with the hanging dish drying rack and you’ve just made doing the dishes an entirely self-contained job. It makes your meal prep way more efficient since you can quickly toss trimmings directly into your trash can. Brownie points for using a wooden cutting board, which studies have shown can be more sanitary than a plastic cutting board in the long run. Depending on what you need to store, you can even use different sizes of jars, which makes this project perfect for freeing up precious drawer space.

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The only difference is these cans hang on a metal rod that doubles as a hand towel rack. Fret not, though, because a three-tiered hanging wire basket may just be the storage solution to your produce woes. All you have to do is hang the wire basket from the ceiling in one of the corners of your kitchen.

You basically just need a few wire baskets, a lightweight chain, a bracket, and some spray paint in your color of choice. They’re great for storing large amounts of potatoes, garlic, or onions out of sight and off your counters. Adding a couple magazine holders to the back of your freezer is great for organizing and storing bags of frozen fruits and veggies. Blend the storage needs of all three rooms by storing books and candles on the top shelf while hanging pots and pans on the bottom hooks.

We recommend adding a few shelves to the interior of this rugged-but-classy relic to maximize your storage space. Hang a whiteboard, a calendar, or even some embarrassing bar photo booth strips. After sawing the ladder to your desired size and finding the proper studs to mount it to, simply use a few screw hooks, eye bolts, and a chain to hang the ladder from your ceiling. Stack your oil, vinegar, and salt for a classy bread dipping station. What if there was a beautifully easy way to safely store your knives without giving up any horizontal space?

Hang it up and store your beloved cookbooks and prized cutlery all in the same place — without sacrificing any counter space.

And if you get tired of seeing it parked next to your fridge for example, simply push it to wherever you want. Find a nook where it can live (like under your sink) and roll it out when you need access to your pantry items, produce, cleaning supplies, and more. It hides inside of a pull-out drawer just like a trashcan so your recycling won’t generate any visual clutter in your kitchen. Mason jars that elegantly store and display your pasta, pretzels, popcorn kernels, and plenty more (so choose wisely). You’ll be able to store many items inside of it, introduce more counter space to your kitchen/living room, and create a fun place for guests to congregate around. Simply schedule a storage pickup , pack your stuff, and leave the rest to us. To find out how you can make space in your life, talk to one of our space experts. Get handy organizational tips and space-saving hacks delivered straight to your inbox. So grab a drill, some reclaimed wood, and your favorite wood stain, and let’s get to work!

Hang one on the wall by your kitchen sink and store your dish soap and sponges inside. Just be sure to put a small tray underneath to catch all the drippage.

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You’ll free up your counter space and benefit from having extra kitchen storage space. It maximizes your counter space since you can hide it in your drawer. Also, everything is all in one place, and you can hang the rod at eye-level, which means no more bending down when you need a dish rag or a spoon. They’re ideal for storing vegetables (such as potatoes, squash, and beets) that can be kept in dark temperate places. You’ll feel more inclined to grab an orange or two if they’re hanging near eye level, and your countertops will be free of cumbersome fruit bowls. Sure, large wooden bowls that overflow with fruit are pretty, but who has the space for that?

It’s great for storing garlic and onions on the top; bananas, avocados, and oranges in the middle; and bread and other large items in the bottom basket. So if you’d like to make your own hanging wire basket, check out these instructions from projectophile.

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After spray painting the baskets and letting them dry for 24 hours, simply drill the bracket into the wall, attach all the baskets to the chain, and then hang that baby up!

They let you easily corral and see your inventory, and their hard plastic bodies make them totally stackable. It’s great for storing cleaning supplies and keeping the space tidy. When you’re done, bask in the glory of being the only person you know with a kitchen cabinet that’s almost as cool as high school-you.

We suggest hanging this wire rack in the small nook behind your stove (what else were you going to do with that space anyway?), and then storing anything from pots and pans to spoons and spatulas and even a colander. Or use it to store various cooking oils, spices, and seasonings for an organized space-saving cooking station. It makes cleaning up veggie scraps a cinch, and it discreetly stows your garbage away from your guests. Your friends will love the fact that they can charge their phone at your place without feeling awkward about asking to borrow a charger. Not only will they add a fresh pop of color to your kitchen counter, but they’ll also give you convenient storage space outside of your cabinets. It helps you organize and remember certain seeds, grains, spices, and herbs while leaving your countertops and cabinets free. Enter the info below to get the lowdown on full-service storage.

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Fast forward six years later and the dream has become a reality. It’s been a whirlwind moving all our belongings down here and finding a charming place to stay. The apartment development where we live is situated on a lake complete with geese and long bridges that are great for taking strolls. If you have certain colors that you want to stand out, the dish rack can be unexpected way to punch up the color in your kitchen. These glass canisters perform double duty by not only keeping me organized but making the countertops look good.

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I absolutely love oranges and lemons for flavoring my water. It allows you to be organized, add color and may even help you look a little slimmer in your jeans. When organizing, never miss an opportunity to introduce your own style or theme into the décor. A simple tray can store your teas, coffee and favorite spices. One way to stay away from being bland is to choose a color scheme and pick organization accessories that have those colors or textures in them. Buying expensive china wouldn’t make sense for our situation, but it would if your children are older and wouldn’t break your glasses and plates.

We live within a mile from the beach and all types of restaurants and quaint shops. Since we owned our home for 7 years, we’ve opted to rent instead of buy. I love to organize and also inject a bit of my personality as well. I chose turquoise and peach because of the way these colors naturally compliment each other.

You also can’t deny how lovely a fruit basket looks in the kitchen. Some of my favorite spices are cinnamon, nutmeg, oregano and garlic. Organizing your kitchen countertops doesn’t have to be boring.Decluttering your kitchen should also bring pieces of you and your family’s personalities into it. This is an especially exciting time for our family with moving in and acclimating to our new environment and home.

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