Ceramic tiles that are painted with simple spray enamels or with rolled-on epoxy will not look as good as professionally refinished tile. Refinishing is a much better option to replacing ceramic tile. Once the surface is clean, any chips are filled in and the grout receives a thin, new coat to make sure the grout lines are filled and even. With dozens of beautiful colors to choose from, you’ll have the look and feel you’ve dreamed of. In the unlikely event that the finish is damaged, it can easily be repaired – unlike stone and man made solid surfaces.Ceramic tile refinishing can be used on most any tile surface, but you should consider how the surface is going to be used and how much wear and tear it will receive.

Ceramic tile on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities are also excellent candidates for refinishing. They will also not last as long as professionally refinished tile, nor feel like real tile. It is not only more practical, but also less expensive than new tile and you avoid the mess of removal and replacement. First the tile countertop or tile bathroom wall is cleaned using a two-step process to remove dirt, oils, grease and soap residue. Ceramic tile refinishing can be used on tile countertops, bathtub tile surrounds and tile walls saving you up to 50% over the cost of replacement.The specks and flecks of different colors deliver a depth and character that you have to see to believe. Ceramic tile in a shower or surrounding a bathtub that will be subject to moisture can definitely be refinished.

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I wanted the counters to be white (which is the color of the countertop coating without any tint added). Wait for the surface to completely dry before moving onto the next step. I used painter’s tape around the fridge, the sink, the backsplash, and underneath the countertops. Start with the backsplash lip and paint a thin layer, as shown in the photo below, working your way to the crevices and then painting about an inch or two on to the counter as well to make it easier for the next step. It took me 6 thin coats to go from a black countertop to a solid white one. You’ll know you’ve added enough thin coats when you can no longer see the previous counter color at all and the new counter coating looks solid and even. It will be dry to the touch within hours, but if you put stuff back on the counters too soon, it can cause chipping, etc. I wish my ugly counters looked as good as your before counters – mine are the ugly brown fake granite.

We have a huge kitchen and would love to replace our countertops!

I would recommend using a laminate repair kit or something similar (like putty) to smooth out any areas that need it. Do you find things like blueberry juice wipe off easily or leave faint blue areas?

So, you want to make sure you use a respirator and do your best to let air circulate while the coating is drying. Then, wipe away any debris and clean the surface with a mild soap and water. But you’ll have to wait for each coat to completely dry to the touch before applying another coat. But if you’re going from a light counter to a darker one, it will take less coats than mine. Then wait for it to dry to the touch again before adding another coat. Once all the coats are on and you’re happy with the finish, remove the painter’s tape and let the counters cure for at least 72 hours before using. So, wait the full 3 days if you can, before using the counters as normal. It’s really a pretty easy project, even though the coating itself is a little bit of a pain to work with because of the stickiness (before it dries) and the strong, strong smell. At the very least, white counters would brighten things up a bit if your current ones are brown.

We have these really old fake wood grain laminate counter-tops are looking to upgrade.

Then, you’ll be good to paint over the entire surface (once the putty or kit material is completely dry and cured). Things that are high staining (like blueberries) will most likely leave a faint area behind. Is this something you would recommend after applying the countertop paint or does the finish after applying it 6 times for you look good enough for a final finish?

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Give us a call and we’ll demonstrate our friendly and professional service for your next project!

He had a prompt response, he showed up for the estimate appointment on time, and was flexible with his schedule to allow the project to happen in our time frame. In fact the company that did the driveway left a pamphlet stating that their job is only to seal the surface (which is a thin coating on the driveway) and is not responsible for any holes or ripples on the surface. As a consequence of this, we have the only new driveway in the neighborhood which does not have a new curb. All work (popcorn ceiling texture removal) was done to our satisfaction. The holes were not taken care of; the holes were not patched. Guests and neighbors ask us why the curb is a different color than the driveway and what happened?

It is absolutely critical to get a second and third opinion and get a very clear understanding what a contractor is offering.

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We use the most innovative, technologically advanced and environmentally responsible materials for bathtub refinishing.

We are still here and getting bigger and better each year. It is very cost effective and time saving to refinish a tub and achieve the clean, fresh, updated look your bathroom needs. Choose our refinishing company and we will be around when you need us. There is no need to replace a bathtub if it is dull, chipped, worn or an out-dated color.

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Even chips and scratches can be beautifully repaired – quickly and inexpensively. When it comes to bathtub refinishing we are the experts!

Refinishing can be done on: bathtubs, ceramic tile & surrounds, countertops and kitchen cabinets. Hard to keep clean, stained tubs, chiped tubs or out-of-date colors are the most common reasons for bathtub or bathroom fixture refinishing. With our high tech performance bath tub refinishing products we can repair almost any porcelain bathtub, fiberglass bathtub, ceramic bathtub, or acrylic bath tub.

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