Perhaps the first logical step is to choose between a streamlined, clean look or a more rounded, decorative look. Despite their name, straight edges are not sharp, the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage. This thinner appearance is cosmetic only and can be created based on the edge style. The double bevel may catch light on both sides of the bevel, creating an impact in your kitchen. If the material is veined, we can match the veins to turn and go right down the drop apron, giving you a consistent look.The downside with a double laminated edge is that you may see the seam, and it is very difficult to match the vein on the countertop.

We haven’t much-discussed edge pricing in this article…but as with most things in life, the fancier the edge, the “fancier” the price. When people would see this edge and then ask for pricing, the typical response was….. Another name for a quarter inch radius edge is a pencil edge. In our experience, the durability is consistent among all of the different edge styles. Let’s look at the various options and understand how to complement the style of your kitchen, as well as your budget.

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Standard edges can be either straight or curved and can complement any kitchen style. If you have chosen to highlight another material in your kitchen, such as an eye-catching tile or beautiful appliance, a straight edge countertop will blend with the kitchen rather than attract attention or steal the show.

You even have the flexibility to customize the amount of rounding to best fit the style of your kitchen. The options in curved edges are plentiful and we’ll explore a few of them below. This will give the granite a bit of a thinner look in comparison to a half bullnose or polish edge. This allows the homeowner to customize the appearance of their granite edge. The other way to create this appearance is a double laminated edge where two pieces of granite are glued together. Therefore, we’ve taken the approach of the mitred drop apron vs. Also featuring a concave radius (actually two of them), more shallow than on the ogee. The triple pencil is 3 – 6mm radius or three-quarter rounds all layered on each other. Some people perceive this edge as being sharp or worry about it snagging clothes, in our experience, we haven’t had any issues with damage caused by this edge.

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If you have set your mind on granite – the most popular countertop material among contemporary homeowners, you will have certainly spent a lot of time and effort picking the best granite slab for your new counters – one that will perfectly complete the style of your dream kitchen or bathroom.

You have the flexibility to customize the extent of rounding to suit your aesthetic preferences and the overall style of your kitchen – the top edge can be quite rounded or just barely softened. Have in mind though that a completely square edge is not recommended, as it would be razor sharp and very dangerous. Both the angle and the width of the bevel edge can be customized to match your needs and enhance the look of your interior décor. The angles are usually squared down, reflecting more light (the double bevel catches light on both sides of the bevel) and making the room appear brighter and more luxurious. This will give the countertop an even thinner and cleaner look. The edge is half round on the top and gives the appearance of no edge at all – the granite seems to just flow over the counter top and run down all the way to the floor. A waterfall edge creates a beautiful focal point in the room, showcasing the stone as a piece of art. It is, therefore, one of the best options for families with young children. Half bullnose is one the most widely preferred granite countertop edge styles. It is similar to a waterfall – rounded on the top but flat on the bottom. With its simple, curved lines, the half-bullnose is a safe option and is also quite easy to clean as there are no extra details or grooves.

It has a rounded edge from top to bottom, giving the countertop a very soft and sophisticated look. It is considered a timeless classic and is commonly seen in traditional kitchens and bathrooms. The curve can be deep and dramatic or can have a more subtle line, depending on your preferences. Besides, the curves and grooves of the ogee style require greater care and effort when it comes to cleaning. To be able to make the right choice for your new granite countertops, you need to know your options and the specific advantages and disadvantages of the different types of granite countertop edges. Despite their name, straight edges are not really sharp – the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage and prevent injuries. Besides, it is the most practical one as the edges are very easy to clean and don’t hold spillages as other more intricate edges do. It is an edge with two 45-degree (or bigger) angles, one on top and one on the bottom. Just like the bevel edge, the double bevel edge can also be customized with difference size angles and width.

You can even go one step further and opt for a double quarter round edge that has a pencil round edge on both the top and bottom side of the granite slab. What’s more, an accidental contact with the edge will not result in an injury and the rounded corners will allow people to slide through a narrow space more easily.

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In addition to its incredible aesthetic impact, the waterfall countertop edge is safer than most other granite edge types as there are no sharp corners that may cause an injury. Because of the flowing effect, however, spills will trickle down onto the floor as the bottom edge comes to a point. The full bullnose edge makes the granite slab appear thinner and more elegant. The bullnose edge granite countertop is easy to clean and keep in pristine condition. If there are kids in the house, the full bullnose edge is the perfect choice because it doesn’t have any sharp corners at all. Have in mind though that the ogee edge can make the counter look and feel very heavy, so it is not recommended for smaller rooms. The ogee edge is considered the most beautiful of all granite countertop edge styles.

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A custom beveled edge gives your countertop the sculpted look of more expensive materials, like stone, at a fraction of the cost. Complete the look of your countertop with a decorative edge. It’s a beautiful look on a modest budget, a choice that feels as smart as it looks.

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Also called a chamfer, a bevel is a cut made at a 45-degree angle along the top edge of the granite. An ogee edge offers an eye-catching and elegant detail that resembles two sweeping arches that form an s-shaped curve. This makes the entire countertop appear 6 cm thick rather than 3 cm, and it allows for many combinations of edge cuts. The upper portion features an elegant ogee edge, which has an ornate and deep curve. No matter which type of edge you choose for your granite countertops, make sure to take proper care of your stone to maintain its beauty and quality for many years to come. When choosing the edge for your countertop, remember most non-standard edge options are considered upgrades and increase the cost of installing your granite. The half bullnose adds an interesting curve to a countertop.If you look closely, you’ll see small grooves to soften an otherwise sharp corner. This type of edge is timeless and works well in traditional kitchens. One of the most important steps is cleaning, and you’ll need a high-quality granite cleaner that is safe to use on stone.

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Our consistent, top-quality natural stone surfaces and dedicated service let you focus on your business instead of product issues. Additionally, we offer insights and other resources you’ll find valuable to your business.

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I will also share where you can get this molding that glues to the front edge of the tops. Bathroom vanity tops are twenty two and one quarter inches (22-1/4″) deep over all. Kitchen countertops are cut at twenty five inches (25″) deep. The only time a top deck gets cut the overall size is when there is not a backsplash. The pine gets installed to protect the particle board from getting water damaged through the seam where the beveled edge molding is glued on. The front build-up piece that is fastened flat can be one and three quarters of an inch (1-3/4″) wide from the overall face of the top extending toward the back of the top (refer to the image).

Your splashes should be made out of pine and the smallest size is three and one quarters of an inch (3-1/4″) in height. Build the countertops by using the standards mentioned above. Cut and glue all of the beveled edge molding pieces on the top. Use bar clamps to hold the molding in place until the glue dries. The tape must first be applied to the underside of the top and pulled upward over the molding and then stuck to the top of the counter. Laminate the backsplash pieces and screw them to the countertop.The best place to start is by checking to see if you have a cabinet materials supply company in your area. They are generally cut twenty two (22″) and then held off of the back wall by one quarters of an inch (1/4″). The overall depth after installation is twenty five and one quarters inches (25-1/4″). The extra one quarters of an inch (1/4″) is there to be scribe fitted to the wall. For beveled countertops you should add a piece of pine to the front for the beveled molding to be glued to (refer to the photo above), if your decking is particleboard. If you purchase one by ten (1×10) pine you should be able to get three rips out of the width. I have included special instructions on how to adhere the beveled edge molding to the countertop edge. If you do not have enough bar clamps, use masking tape to hold the molding in place.

You should always apply a bead of caulking to the bottom edge of the splash before fastening it to the top. Because beveled edge countertops are such a popular item, a local cabinet shop or supply company should be able to get the decorative countertop edges in whatever color you desire.

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