It is being used as a tub backsplash 77″ tall so they cut the slab in the long direction. Of course, you could just polish the yellowed slab first and then see how it matches up with the second slab.

Once the two pieces were delivered and put in place side by side it is very apparent that the top half of the original uncut slab was extremely yellow.

Formica 6696 46 Carrara Bianco Marble by

That might look awesome if someone is shooting for neutral with color pops in the rest of the kitchen. I put laminate and linoleum in my kitchen and was told those materials weren’t classy.

There have been some great saves from these more forgiving materials. You have to feel the temp difference of it to know it isn’t real stone sometimes. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products.

I think it would be “okay” in a postwar bathroom because that’s a smaller space. My mom’s appliances were avocado and are now bisque and need to be replaced soon. And the latest laminates really look like stone, especially if you customize the edges.

No “Snobby” Carrara Marble For My Kitchen… by

I would like to paint out our oak cabinets for white to match the tiles but haven’t as yet worked up the nerve.

It will be a lighter gray and the veining will be less obvious but the stone itself will be fine. Between the marble and the uber-pink bathroom the original owners were oh so stylish! Looked into granite and frankly, didn’t like all of the black that were so popular. Marble is a distinctive look, and needs a certain level of sophistication in appliances, cabinets & finishes, etc. Kitchen counters will be nice but you can’t get as cozy on them as you will in your sunroom. But, hoping for some sort of granite with a possible cement island thrown in. Very welcoming and makes u want to lay down a sleeping bag so u never really have to leave! The wood has a nice warm glow to it, and our kitchen feels so inviting and, well, warm. And if it gets scratched or burned, you can always sand it, and oil it. Tell me about the maintenance required beyond just the oiling?

Our kitchen is a workplace and we’re hard on it – we just needed that durability. In the end…you have to do what works for you… whether it’s your budget or what you can life with or without! You can make it look like just about anything and what’s more down to earth than concrete?

When we first moved into our house in the 1970’s, the kitchen counters were a hideous laminate material.

After all these years they are still on the counters and will probably not be changed for anything else. Soapstone is probably the most durable surface you can have in your kitchen; it’s what chemistry lab tables are made of! My only complaint is that they’re dark and you can’t always see when something’s spilled on them. Honestly, this must have been the schnazziest 1950’s ranch in the area when it was built. After you wash your hands, be sure and dry up all the water off the marble. So nice to hear someone with such great taste also be realistic when it comes to decorating! The only traditional cabinets are a sink cabinet with a laminate countertop (the horror… teehee!) and a wall cabinet that holds my vintage diner china.

If you collect enough stuff, eventually stuff starts to fit together. I just can’t bring myself to like granite, since everyone and their proverbial dog does it. We were able to plan for a lot of counter space in our 2007 kitchen remodel, and the trade off was in the type of counter top material.

It’s got a mottled appearance, which camouflages the dust a bit, and it’s very hard-wearing, yet soft (resilient?). For us, laminate is perfect: hard-wearing, affordable and appropriate for the neighborhood. When my kitchen grows up it’ll get butcher block counters, at least 2″ thick. We’ve been saying that for a few years now so who knows when that will happen…if ever! If your husband is handy and anything happens to the counter you can sand, stain, refinish-try that with marble. I think there’s nothing better than a white kitchen, your husband would be surprised. We went with granite in our kitchen simply because of its durability and resale value.


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