Depths range from 12 to 35 inches and widths vary from 11 to 27 inches, with models heated by both electricity and gas. These models are preferred not only for sandwiches, but also for light cooking and retherming of small portions. There are different types of pans that can be used in your steamer, including perforated and solid pans. Using solid pans only allows the top portion of the food to get the benefits of steam cooking, while food below only gets warmed by conduction of the heat by the pan and gets saturated by the condensation. Electric steamers take a bit longer to heat up than their gas-operated counterparts.Check with your utilities provider to see if your facility has access to it.

In the latter type, steam from that external producer is used for the cooking, so it is critical to ensure the steam is clean. One of the key advantages of these units is that the steam produced by the boiler can be used by multiple pieces of equipment, which can save space and cut the costs of buying units with integral boilers. Boiler-based steamers utilize a pressurized vessel to produce steam that is distributed throughout the cooking cabinet. Connectionless steamer models tend to use considerably less water than their connected counterparts, but they also may require more effort on the part of the operator, who must refill the water supply. Deliming solutions are poured into the ports, helping to remove and prevent build-up of residue that can lead to poor performance and equipment damage.

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Additionally, it creates a vacuum that pulls the steam out of the chamber after it has released its heat into the food, preventing your foods from becoming soggy. Food is added to countertop steamers in different ways, including drawer-like trays and baskets for sandwich steamers, and food pans as large as full size. For the vast majority of foods you should use perforated pans, which allow for maximum exposure to the cooking steam. Different countertop steamer models accommodate different pan sizes. There are also models that allow for a mixture of both full- and half-size pans. Gas versions use one of two types of fuel—propane or natural gas.

You may also consider a steamer that uses a steam coil or one that uses steam from an outside source, like a dedicated steam generator. If you intend to use your building’s boiler or some other source that may not provide clean steam, a steam coil unit will pipe that evaporate through a pipe in the steamer’s water reservoir, heating the water for cooking.

You can choose between boiler-based steamers and boilerless steamers, which is the only type that includes connectionless models. Boilerless steamers, on the other hand, use an open reservoir of boiling water to steam cook the food or have a spritzer that sprays water onto a hot metal surface, where it turns instantly into steam. Descaling ports are critical in preventative maintenance for boiler-based units.

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A condensate drain will help cool the condensation to meet local codes before it empties into the sewer. However, if reducing water usage is important to you, these models will use as much as 10 times the water that boilerless models will. This is for food safety and for extending the life of the steamer.

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Use thread seal tape to wrap the water outlet before tighten the faucet, otherwise it will not stand. Insulated with 1″ thick fiberglass or equal, all four sides and bottom. Also we have other 2 units 2 bowl sink, one new one like new. Just starting out and need to outfit your whole kitchen?

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Understanding the type of food you want to cook will help you determine which type of equipment you need. The frypots in these are simple rectangles, heated from underneath.

All of these operate on gas, and heat travels through tubes that run through the inside of the pot. The tubes enable these fryers to get back up to cooking temperatures quickly after cold foods are added, and they also keep sediment from the cold zone from flowing back into the hot zone and sticking to food and the sides of the pot. Donut fryers are flat-bottomed units with special grids that are used to drop in and lift out the pastries. Funnel cake fryers are another flat-bottom machine and are typically used with rings that are used to form the round cakes as the batter is poured onto the oil. This can help prevent the overcooking or burning of foods in busy kitchens where distractions are many. If you want to use that type to cook your foods, choose a commercial countertop deep fryer with a melt cycle . The cook times and temperatures for each food are stored in digital memory in the unit and will be automatically set as that item is selected. That allows you to fry two types of food at the same time with no risk of flavor transfer between them. These incorporate new technology that conserves energy compared to traditional units. A number of specialty options can be chosen to make operation quicker and more efficient, saving you time, money, and labor. Some models have conversion kits to change between the two if needed.

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There are three primary types, and each lends itself better to cooking different types of food. Lost batter will float to the top or fall to the bottom and must be cleaned out regularly, otherwise it will burn and give an unpleasant taste to your product. These feature sloped bottoms that create a “cold zone” where lost breading will collect so it doesn’t get burned. Underneath the tubes is a large, sediment-collecting cold zone. Corn dog fryers are equipped with clips that hold the snacks in place as they fry. Solid shortening must be brought up to cooking temperatures gradually, otherwise you risk burning it. Split pot fryers have two separate sections in a single footprint. To save some cash on fuel costs over the life of your equipment, choose a high-efficiency model.

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To make cleaning an electric countertop commercial fryer easier, choose one with a swing-up element .

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Within a small, hot space such as a food truck where energy use is often limited, induction makes sense. These crepe makers are compact and perfect for churning out crepes in a mobile setting. Many professional chefs are acknowledging that induction cooking is superior to even gas due to its speed & efficiency. They are easy, fast, cheap to make, and can serve as high quality breakfast or lunch items. From candy apples to sausage makers to patio heaters, we’re here to help you throw a great party. It has a heat conducting fluid inside the scoop for smooth and easy scooping.

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While staff will still need to monitor food temperature and conditions, rotating and stirring each product periodically, steam tables pose far less of a risk of burning or overcooking food than “dry” equipment. Both sides of a self-serve food bar feature sneeze guards to better protect your guests from germs and most health departments require those for steam tables that are accessible to guests.Full-service hot bars are made with one side for staff that generally features a cutting board and more readily-accessible heat controls, while the other side may have a rail for customers to slide trays or plates along. Hot food bars are sized according to how many full-size steam table pans they will accommodate. Each of those full-size pan wells can accommodate a number of smaller, fractional pan sizes in dozens of combinations, so long as the proper supports are used to hold them. To make sure you’re choosing the appropriate equipment, estimate how many full-size compartments you’ll need to hold all the food you need to have on hand at the busiest time of day. Food pans rest inside the spillage pans above the water and are heated by the generated steam. One upside is that they can be easier to keep clean because spillage pans containing the water must be removed and are thus easier to deep clean in a pot sink or dishwasher.

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These will include built-in drains and valves for changing that water, and the more sophisticated versions also feature automatic-fill systems that take away a good deal of the labor requirements involved in maintaining the equipment. This “dry” option does away with the need to manage water levels, but because the dry element will not distribute heat as evenly, staff must pay closer attention to food and stir it periodically to make sure it doesn’t burn. The downside to electricity is that it brings equipment up to temperature slightly slower than gas, but may be less expensive to operate in the long run, particularly if your business is in a part of the country where electricity is cheap. These sit on the countertop and therefore provide a good deal of flexibility in where they can be placed. The type of controls each steam table is equipped with will make a difference in the price and how easy the equipment is to operate. That means you need only determine the ideal temperature for each item and set the respective controls. Sizing is key to choosing the right one for your business, as is making sure you have the right features. Hot bars are the best method of holding multiple large pans of food at appropriate serving temperatures. Self-serve hot bars are generally accessible by guests from both sides and their controls are concealed to prevent tampering. Some models include adjustable sneeze guards, also called breath guards, allowing you to ensure full protection and accessibility of your offerings. Often, full-service counters will have a sneeze guard only on the customer side so staff has unimpeded access to food on their side. The smallest will hold just two, while larger ones will accept five or more. Those supports, also called adapter bars, may be included standard with the steam table or you may have to purchase them separately.If in doubt, go with a size larger than you think you’ll need to allow for a boom in business; it’s better to have too much hot well space than too little. Water is held in “spillage pans”, which are essentially oversized steam pans inserted into the well above the element that must always be added and removed manually. Open-element hot bars generally come at a lower upfront cost, but require more labor involvement than the alternative. Because open-element bars have no drains or valves, there are fewer moving parts to maintain. The heating elements are sealed underneath a permanent well that water is added to directly. Often, sealed-well steam tables give you the option of using them without any water. Food holding times are generally shorter when you’re using dry wells because food quality will degrade more quickly in the presence of the more intense heat. For establishments that have minimal requirements or need to supplement their larger equipment, a countertop hot food table is an economical option. You’ll find sizes that are built for as few as one or as many as five full-size food pans. Thermostatic controls give operators precise control over the specific temperature of each section of the hot food bar. Those specific settings can make it much easier to train staff on using hot food table equipment.

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