Two coats of acid stain are recommended to enhance color and variation on the concrete surface. Perfect pre-treatment for acid staining machine-troweled basement and garage floors. Odorless product that can be used for both interior/exterior concrete. Mix colors, cut stains with water to test application techniques and color combinations before buying. It is so nice to have a question and just look it up on your site and find a how-to guide.We’re going to try our hands at concrete countertop building…wish us luck!

Thanks for all your help—your customer service skills are over the top. I have had nothing, but excellent service and wanted to pass that on.

Your concrete acid stain product is so consistent it is easy to acid stain and continue expanding. With new construction concrete, it works very well if you protect it.

We are very happy with the way our acid stained floors are turning out!

Countertop Transformations Rust Oleum Kit Application & Review | Duration 14 Minutes 31 Seconds

When sealed with an appropriate concrete sealer, acid stain produces a unique, variegated finish unique to this product. Perfect for larger concrete decor, countertops and flooring projects. Through my acid staining process you were very helpful and very honest. Originally was going to carpet our basement but after looking at your concrete acid stain product, we decided to go the acid stain route.

We worked very hard that week, with just a few helpers.

Our overall experience has been wonderful and our acid stained floors look awesome. The staff at your facility is hands-down polite and very professional. It’s cost effective, durable, and lasts longer than linoleum or carpet. Thank you so much for all of your phone support as we go through our acid stain project!

I used 1 gal of malayan buff as the base (diluted 100%) and 1 gal of cola (no dilution) as the accent.

DIY Kitchen Renovations ~ Resurface Countertops by

Resurfacing Kit Review

We also knew that even if we could afford granite that it is porous and that skeeves me out in the “my four kids are piglets” category and we didn’t need more hidden bacteria in the house. Frankly, those are worse than the original laminate, in my opinion. He’s a tough consumer and believes you need to at least give a price range or he won’t even call. The black base coat needs to dry for 8 hours before the “fun” part can begin. The biggest tip is not to dry roll this topcoat as it will leave lines. Then again, with more light you might be squinting at your computer trying to see my roller lines. Since we were going to put up a backsplash and work on our dated honey oak cabinets, we decided to ban the children from the kitchen. Seriously though, while we are doing other work, it has given the counters time to cure and harden properly. I would raise the price of the whole kit to include everything you need. Embrace your fabulous price point and put it everywhere!

I am wondering how the surface is holding up to wear and tear?

We’d done some minor touch up in those spots after a year and a half.

We still like ours even though we have had to touch up the edges a time or two!

My sister did hers a year ago and she is not happy with it now. I don’t know anything about the other product you mentioned but it seems the sealing with the top coat may be the key to success. Furthermore, we decided granite would be a very unwise investment in these economic times and with the plummeting value of our house.

We didn’t even open the second can in our other kit. It should be random so it looks more natural and granite-like.

You have to keep the topcoat product on the roller and roll a very thin coat but not let your roller make that dry sound that happens when you paint walls. In the right light and if you bend over and hunt for my mistakes. Giani recommends that you wait 72 hour hours before putting your small appliances on the counter.

We may continue working in the kitchen indefinitely so they stay out of it. Even if they don’t change anything and they don’t hire me, this granite paint kit is hands-down the best thing on the market to give your kitchen counters a new look at a fraction of the price of new counters.

We still love our counters and it was such a great, inexpensive way to update the kitchen. Giani u cant use in cleaners, not heat resistant not durable, no water puddles can sit on it. Yes, the touch-ups do blend with the older paint job but we still are having issues, mainly with the edges and we need to fix several areas again. After 3 years, 2 foot area near stove is chipping and also edges of countertop, especially in front of sink.

Review Of Rust Oleum Countertop Transformations and Laminate Countertop Refinishing by

But where there are avocado-colored kitchen cabinet doors to update, there’s usually ugly laminate countertops to boot. It’s really fascinating how this product works, so read on to hear more about it. Next up, using a roller brush, you’ll apply the adhesive base coat to your scuffed-up countertops. Begin by painting the back edge of the countertop with a regular paint brush.

Countertop Refinishing Review | Duration 42 Seconds

The chips are made of colorfast, finely ground vinyl and are nonfading.

You can’t really put on too many, but you’ll just want to make sure you’ve covered the whole surface area. After that, you’ll sand the surface with the diamond-embedded sanding tool. Using a wet rag, you’ll wipe away the dusty particles from the surface. Again, for the edges, you’ll watch to use a brush to make sure you can in all the crannies. The product will cost you 60 percent less than installing new countertops, and it covers up to 50 square feet. It’s also applicable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. If you’re thinking of replacing your sink, now’s the time to change it. If your laminate counters are chipped at all (like so many are!), use an epoxy putty to fill them in before you apply the system. The active amount of time required on your part for this project is four to six hours, but the whole project will take about two days, including drying time. Next you’ll spray the wetting agent onto the counters, which helps to keep the surface open and wet for the next step.The decorative chips are not only what will give your countertop that natural stone look, but they also enhance the durability of your counters. Don’t be fearful — just have at it and go wild with the chips. To help with that, the kit includes a sample swatch that you can use to compare the surfaces. Now you’ll use the chip scraping tool to scrape away excess chips. This will give your counters the smooth feel of those granite counters you love. For the final step, you’ll roll on the two-part activating protective top coat.

You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and even on laminate furniture pieces. The chips are necessary for getting that smooth finish and part of the durability factor. It’ll be harder to get an even edge if you try to install a sink after using this product. The countertops hold heat up to 285 degrees, so be sure to use trivets for temperatures higher than that.

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