When the mixture is ready, its time to start the pouring!

Here is what it should look like when you are done screeding the whole thing.

You simply run the tool along the edge (where the board and concrete meet). This helps to bring the slurry (also referred to as milk) to the top, which helps make the surface extremely smooth. Look for a photo of the fully finished patio in blogs to come!

We finished nailed it to the cabinets because we have full coverage doors and knew we wouldn’t ever see it.

We didn’t worry too much about protection our cabinets because we already had to take the doors off and we worked carefully. Make some practice cuts because you need a clean as cut as possible.

You can push nails or screws through to pin your layers together so they end up being the exact same shape. All that is left is to put it in position and caulk around the edge to prevent leakage. If you desire a rounded edge on your finished product, you will need to buy an edger from a home store.Here is a picture of a concrete countertop with the aggregate showing through. A lot of it is going to depend on the size of the area and what else is around it, but you should definitely be able to adapt and use most of these techniques for a floor. I have been wanting to do this for years now but have had no idea as to how!

If that isn’t an option you may need to wrangle up a lot of clamps. When you have a shape you like use clear packing tape to keep the concrete from sticking to your sink form.

{Video} Installing Butcher Block On A Kitchen Island by sewwoodsy.com

So that’s why it took me a little longer than usual to get this post up. Having lighter countertops definitely makes a difference!

I won’t wait almost a month to share the next part to our kitchen revamp!

We used brackets that were screwed to the inside of the cabinet and the top of the bottom of the butcher block. After the baby shower our home sat in party dis-array until just a few days ago.

This also means that you are now getting a glimpse of our entire kitchen (which was not in my plans), but oh-well. This was a half day project for us (not counting sealing the butcher block).

Rust Oleum Transformations 48 Oz. Desert Sand Small Countertop Kit 258514 by homedepot.com

Easy to use countertop paint eliminates the cost and mess of total countertop replacement. Change your kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops or any other countertops in your home to a new look and an updated style. Once it dries, you then sand all surfaces of the counter with the included diamond embedded sanding block, until the surfaces have fine scratches all over them. It was amazing and after that my wife hated the cabinets even more!

It takes a long time and requires a lot of patience but the results are great. The base coat we did in sections around the kitchen working in a pair, one did trim paint, the other did the rolling, and that worked out really well for us. Make sure when you put on the top coat, no kids or pets are in the area because hair and fingerprints will show in the top coat. It was easy to use, and 1 month later we haven’t had any chipping or bald spots. I had white laminate countertops witha wood beveled edge and the product had no issue with either surface.

We did use a sander with 80 grit paper to help sand teh countertops while the other person used the included equipment.

We could have used the tools included but we thought the sander cut down on time.

We bought two kits and did our kitchen, both bathrooms, and a small counter in the hallway. The hardest part for us was keeping the kids away for two days while it dried. If there are spots that are bare or look pretty low, take the extra four hours and re-coat those spots. The paint goes on nicely, hard to get it quite as thick as it really needs to be. It took longer to clean the mess up from the project than the project itself. Countertop refinishing kit requires no special skills or tools and with quick, hassle-free application, completely transforms the look of your countertops in a single weekend. After vacuuming the surface and cleaning thoroughly, you are then ready to apply the adhesive and the color chips. This coating will last for years to come with proper surface prep and application!

This products requires almost zero brain capacity to actually use. Moving as a pair it took less than 1 hour to paint and chip all of our counter space. Do be careful about oversanding the stones/chips down on the edges as it is a pain to fix and blend.

We also used the sander with 120 grit and barely any pressure to the stones while the other person used the enclosed tools for the edges and hard to reach spots. Now all are matching and the old chipped mauve and yellow ones are like new. Tip: make sure you really check everything after you’ve sanded the chips down. The “clear coat” is really just a 2 part mix epoxy, so well see how well that really hold up. I would definitely use this product again if the need arises.

Our “Rustoleum Countertop Transformation” Experience Elisa’S Ramblings by elisasramblings.com

Sorry, no pictures of the tar-like substance as we were afraid to stop and take any pictures since it has such a short work-time. I am a landlord, not a renter, this is something we did in one of our rental properties. I had so much base coat, wetting agent, chips and top coat left over, and my sister wanted to use the kit….and this is 2 years later. The instructions clearly state that you must use cutting boards when cutting and trivets or hotplates to protect the surface…..we have it in our rental agreement that the renters have to use those. Which would leave you some left over fora second coat?

I have cut on it, pounded on it, put hot stuff on it…you name it. It is soooooooooo glossy my entire kitchen looks like a nightmare from the 1970’s……….. The tub was wide enough for my roller to fit into and roll up the product. Im selling property so dont have problems if it lifts in the future. Side note: reviews said there was never enough of the bonding agent, people always ran low.

We proceeded with the wetting agent and spreading the chips. Side note: because the dust is so fine, be sure to have the appropriate filter and bags for your shop vac, or you’re going to lose suction and/or start spewing fine dust out the exhaust!

Applying the topcoat was super easy. and as everyone else has mentioned in their reviews, there’s lots left over. Ask your landlord for permission to do this as this is not a removable surface!

I do recall seeing other blog posts about alternative top coats that could be used. I talked to them a couple months ago (it’s been over a year) and they say they are happy with the counters, no problems at all- they love them!

I have not been able to hurt any part of it except minor white spots on square edges (front edge of counter- 90 degree angle) and 20 seconds with a magic market ( my counter is the black) and it covers for several more months. Im in same boat doing kitchen in invest property and havin fb to go back at 8pm tonight to score tape.

Countertop Transformation The Rust Oleum Way | Duration 11 Minutes 57 Seconds

Countertop Transformations Countertop Resurfacer by thespruce.com

The only problem is, paint really isn’t durable enough for a hard-working counter surface. The countertop laminate is then sanded with the provided diamond-grit sanding sponge to remove the glossy sheen from the laminate. The countertop is dry to the touch after about four hours but is not ready for heavy items for 48 hours. This doesn’t include time-intensive prep time needed to tape around obstructions such as a cooktop or sink. The instructions are peppered with warnings about narrow time frames and about how a second set of hands might reduce the possibility coats drying on you too fast. So instead of merely painting your laminate counter, how about resurfacing it?

It costs much less than new counters and can be done with the sink and stove in place, yet it’s much more than a mere paint job.

You lift off layers of cardboard trays, each tray displaying an item in its own place and labeled. It supplies all surfacing materials as well as a few tools (stir sticks, dispenser, sander, and scraper). The basic process starts with taping off the counter area to protect the surrounding surfaces. The counter is then cleaned and the base coat adhesive is apply with a paint brush and roller. The final stages include sanding and vacuuming the decorative chip layer and applying the clear top coat.The task alone requires no less than 5 hours and 20 minutes, judging by the instructions’ estimates.

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