After the adhesive dries, the area is sanded and polished to create a near-seamless joint. This creates a depth that simulates movement and variation of color when the same installation is viewed from different angles. This product is an engineered stone and is not a solid surface material in a technical sense. Corian does not lose its visual appearance or fade for many years, sometime decades.

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Corian solid surface countertops offer endless benefits and survive the impact, nicks and cuts that can occur with daily wear and tear.

We are not able to provide a price for this project as all projects and customers are different. Solid surface is a hygienic surface that prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the material. I have an old dresser & the paint came almost completely off on the top. Corian solid surface countertops offer endless benefits and survive the impact nicks and cuts that can occur.

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Any sheen can also be matched including matte, semi-sheen or high gloss countertop surfaces. Get professional countertop refinisher results for a fraction of the cost.

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The seamless look of integrated countertops, sinks, and coved backsplashes also mean there are no crevices to trap dirt and bacteria. Like any kitchen remodel, it’s vital to consult a countertop expert to determine the proper kitchen space style and theme. Solid surface is an acrylic product consistently colored all the way through and typically made in ½” thick sheets. The material itself is 1/2 inch thick but the edge is laminated to 1 1/2 inches. Still, we recommend the use of trivets or a hot pad when setting hot objects on any countertop.

We are proud to be distributors of the top leading brand in our industry. Homeowners love the variety, flexibility, affordability and everyday ease of solid surface countertops. Hot frying pans, dishes from the oven, warming trays, and the like can scorch or fracture the surface.

Although it is cut and pieced together, any joints are glued, sanded and polished to provide a one-piece surface.

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Corian countertops are an excellent, yet very expensive choice for kitchen countertops. If you are now sick of the color of your counter-tops you may feel you are either stuck with the color and if not you have to rip out those very expensive counter-tops. Although, not suggested, if you simply must change the color, you can. Rinse with plenty of water to remove all of the soap residue and dry thoroughly. Wait at least 12 to 24 hours for all dust to settle before painting. Epoxy paints come in many colors and come in many finishes such as matte finish, gloss finish or high gloss finish. Choose a roller with a very low nap for smooth hard surfaces. I would have thought the paint would come off with wear and not hold up to the moisture and heat of every day use. Corian is a very strong and resilient material, they stand up well to moisture, heat and general every day use. Well, the answer is no, you do not have to rip out the counter-tops and you do not just have to live with a color or pattern you no longer like. The good news is you can change the color to update the look of the kitchen or just give it a whole look decorating style.

Keep in mind it takes a special touch and talent to get the counter-tops looking nice with paint. Use a nylon scrubber to wash the counter-top, rinse well and wash a second time with a clean rag. Use a belt sander with a fine grit sandpaper to light sand and lightly rough the surface of the counter-top. It is very important to lightly rough the surface so the epoxy paint has a good surface to grip on to. Wipe the counter down with a damp rag several times to remove excess dust. Choose a 2 part epoxy paint from a paint retailer, home improvement store or hardware store. Keep in mind if you choose to change a painted surface you can.

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Setting a hot pot or pan directly on the countertop might also cause damage. The color and pattern are consistent throughout the countertop, so it will not change its appearance with wear and tear that naturally occurs over time. Damage can be easily repaired with scrubbing or light sanding.

Color Matching With Corian® | Duration 3 Minutes

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However, there are major advantages which shouldn’t be ignored. This way you can have a uniform looking kitchen countertop and sink, that matches your kitchen decor. However, they can give a restaurant-like look to your kitchen, which can be undesirable for some. Stainless steel is a good choice if you want something which fits in a tight budget; however, remember that these countertops are susceptible to scratches and denting. It can be porous though, so you might need to use a special cleaner once a week to thoroughly clean the granite countertop.

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It is also a bit more expensive compared to other countertops but is durable and easy-to-maintain. If you are still not sure about which countertop to go for, it is better you increase your budget and get granite countertops fixed. Consult various contractors in your area to get several price quotes from them, and ask them how cost-effective each material used to make countertop is in the long run so that you can invest wisely. Corian is an advanced composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. This way you can use any color to complement your existing kitchen décor. Hence, it is very important that you avoid keeping any hot pots on the countertop surface; use heat pads if required. Test the countertop with a cup of coffee to see if it really is stain-resistant and cleans easily. However, granite is scratch-resistant, and you can put hot pots on it. Marble is porous, similar to granite, and you might need to use a sealer on it to prevent staining. But, if you have children or you keep staining your countertop due to hot pots or vessels, it is better you consider heat-resistant countertop materials.

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Let’s start the comparison with a quick summary before we dive into the details. Granite is hard to scratch, can handle extremely high temperatures, needs to be maintained with a yearly sealant application, and can stain if you’re not diligent about cleaning up spills. Laminate looks exactly like granite, costs less, and is easier to maintain. The cheapest option will almost always be the lowest quality. With a little luck you might even be able to find something that costs even less. Granite is an igneous rock, formed deep in the belly of planet earth.

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It is made up of a combination of minerals; mostly felspar and quartz but it can contain many other trace minerals as well. They are eventually cut into slabs, shaped, and polished to create a finished countertop. Most burns can be repaired by using fine sandpaper or a scouring pad to remove the damaged material. Also be careful with any small appliances that generate heat like crock pots and electric skillets. It’s very hard to tell from pictures at times so the best thing to do when you find something you love is to bring the picture to your fabricator and ask them to find it for you. Yes, any hot pot can be taken right from the stovetop and placed on a granite work surface. Stone fabricators use special blades and tools to work with it and your knives are not made of the same material. But don’t worry if your cutting board is in the dishwasher or are at times you’re like like me and can’t be bothered to take it out for a quick chop. I hesitate to say stain proof because acidic foods like tomatoes can stain the surface if left to sit for too long but they won’t penetrate it. Nearly anything that you spill on the surface will wipe away completely if cleaned up within a few minutes. The one thing to never use on them is any sort of abrasive cleanser because it will quickly scratch the surface. Keep a spray bottle filled with premixed solution handy, spray it on and let it sit there for about three minutes before wiping it up. Over time they can react with the minerals present in the stone and cause the surface to look dull and etch.Interestingly, over the last few years some manufacturers have begun to include a factory seal that lasts up to 10 years. This video should start at the 2 minute mark where this is discussed but the entire video is worth a watch. If you’re handy you can buy a repair kit and fix it yourself. Granite can chip, especially on the corners where they are weakest. The kit will include an epoxy that you fill the chip with and then buff the area after it cures. With some colors the seam will be virtually invisible but with other it’s fairly obvious where the seam is. A skilled fabricator will be able to make the installation appear virtually seamless. It also is more likely to happen when heat is applied from small applainces, especially at a seam. Even some foods like potatoes and brazil nuts give off a measurable amount. They are more desirable than plastic laminates or ceramic tiles and may help you sell your house, but they won’t add to the bottom line. During an appraisal granite countertops will be valued more highly than a solid surface. Laminate countertops are dirt cheap, look exactly like high end stone, and can take a lot of daily abuse. With solid surface counters you do get exactly what you pay for, however.

You can find very good quality slabs at your local stone yard at the bottom end of the price range. Would you like to see other ways to save money on granite countertops?

These two ingredients make up about 98% of the finished product with the other 2% being dyes and other fillers used to give it color and texture. Dupont used to be the only manufacturer of solid surfaces but when their patent expired new competitors quickly popped up. As magma slowly cools underground it solidifies and forms granite. The stone is mined from the earth at quarries in large blocks.

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To avoid damaging your worktops you should always use a trivet with rubber feet. Another excellent example of solid surface that looks like natural stone. There have been extremely rare cases of ‘thermal shock’ where the stone cracked because of the high heat. Scratches are easy to fix but how often do you want to have to lightly sand the surface of your countertop?

Yes, granite countertops cannot be scratched with kitchen knives. It’s so durable that it will dull your knives fairly quickly, so you do still need to use a cutting board. A large island like this makes an excellent place to do lot’s of chopping and cutting. Because of the acrylic use to make solid surface countertops it is nonporous and stain resistant. If this happens you can easily remove it with a scouring pad. Do not allow oils to sit on the surface for long, oil stains are very tough to remove. It’s safe to use ammonia, bleach, or alcohol to disinfect them as well. Once a week they should be disinfected with a solution of water and isopropyl alcohol at about a 50 ⁄50 ratio. That means anything bleach, vinegar, or ammonia based is out of the question. The acrylic used to create it prevents stains from being absorbed. Some varities don’t ever need to be sealed but it’s a good preventative measure to lock out stains. If you do manage to chip your kitchen work surface it can be repaired by filling the chip with an epoxy and lightly sanding the repaired area after the epoxy has cured. Corian countertop will have seams if your countertop is large or has an irregular shape. A good fabricator will do a better job of blending seams in and placing them in less conspicous areas. Granite countertops do have seams if you need more than one slab to cover your cabinets or if you have a long kitchen. It would be tough to get a seamless install with a stone with so much variation. Most cracks are the result of someone sitting or kneeling on their countertop. This is a myth fabricated by the granite industries competitors so that they could offer their product as a radon free alternative. The fact is that lot’s of things around your home give off trace amounts of radon. The amount of radon that is emitted by granite is trivial and does not pose a health risk.

You will more than likely get back what you spent on them and you may even make a tidy profit. Do you want the cheapest countertops money can buy that also gives you the best bang for your buck?

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They’re one of the most popular brands and they’re often pushed as being as good as, or better, than natural stones like granite or marble. The composition consists of 33% binding resins and 66% minerals. It can be used for almost anything, but its primary use is still in kitchen work surfaces. Once the pieces are epoxied and joined, the dried seam can be sanded into invisibility, leaving a smooth, unblemished finish. Some of the sample colors you can get from the manufacturer. The colors range from glacier white to dark blacks and blues, so whatever your kitchen color scheme, there’s a good chance you can find a color to complement it. It uses varying, complex, non-repeating patterns and colors to create a material that looks very close to the ‘real thing. Of course, depending on the size of your countertops and the options you choose, it can work out to be as expensive or even more expensive than either quartz or granite, especially if you have a great deal of pieces that need to be cut to fit your kitchen. Laminate is often the cheapest option of all the countertop materials, but it’s also the least durable. When considering the price, comparing them to other materials is tricky. Because they do not have to be sealed, you have more options when it comes to choosing cleaning solutions.

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The only thing you do need to worry about with cleaning them is preventing a film from developing on its’ surface. Corian countertops can be wiped clean with just a wet cloth and warm, soapy water. If you have stubborn spots, you can use a non-scratch scrubbing pad or a diluted bleach solution to help cut through the grime. Also avoid scrubbing with harsh abrasives as these could scratch the surface.

You don’t have to have a flat edge unless that’s actually what you want. Some edging options also feature inlays for added detail and drama. Corian does offer backsplashes that look like tile but without the actual grout to maintain. Corian sinks come in a variety of options that include beveled or undermount, mounted flush or stepped down. Many consumers state that they’ve never had a problem with this, but again, it’s something to keep in mind. If it’s damaged by heat, the surface can warp and the entire counter will need to be replaced. Minor scratches and dents can be easily buffed out, but bigger ones can look bad, and because it’s made from a resin, it can scratch much more easily than stone. It needs to be sealed, but it’s very heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. It can’t take the heat as well as, but if you are careful in the kitchen and protect your investment, it can be as appealing as granite simply because it’s beautiful and requires almost no maintenance. If you don’t mind maintenance and you love the look and feel of real stone, granite is the winner. Unfortunately, these same things mean that the material is prone to scratches from the simplest of everyday activities, from sliding dishes across its surface to dropping things on it. Abrasive cleansers can be used to sand away minor scratches, bringing the surface back to it’s ‘good as new’ look. Here’s the lowdown on them so you can make an informed decision about whether or not they will be perfect for your kitchen. To this day, the name is still used interchangeably with the phrase ‘solid surface’, despite the fact that several brands make products that are as good or even better. Its composition makes it non-porous, so it’s stain resistant. Because it’s flexible when it’s heated, it can be bent and shaped in almost limitless ways.It can also appear seamless when installed since the epoxy used to glue the pieces together can be blended to match. It’s a popular choice for consumers who want the benefits of a man-made material but who don’t want their countertops to look cheap or plastic. They showcase the brand’s move to providing greener options for their customers. It has a unique look that can really make your kitchen surfaces ‘pop’. Granite and quartz will cost more because they are more solid, durable options. It may look like natural stone, it may be durable like quartz, but it is a creature unto itself when it comes to cleaning. Because the countertops don’t have seams, you don’t have to worry about dirt and bacteria getting trapped on their surfaces.

You can also use many commercial cleaners and even ammonia-based cleaners without damaging them. Always wipe your counters completely dry to avoid spots and watermarks that can lead to mineral buildups. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and oven cleaners as these could damage the finish.

You can download a pdf of the official care and maintenance guide here. No seams mean no grout to scrub and no place for bacteria to hide. Of course, you could always have the same color backsplash as your counters for a seamless, flowing look.

The idea is to create a look that is one single, flowing surface, from counter to sink and up through the backsplash. It’s recommended that you not pour boiling water straight into the sink because it could warp the material. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also great for cleaning and keeping the surface disinfected since there are no grooves for germs to hide. It’s also less expensive than granite (usually) and comes in a wide variety of (man-made) colors and patterns. It’s usually more expensive, but it’s also extremely beautiful. It’s difficult to truly compare the two types of material because they are completely different substances. In truth, by comparison, the winner between the two depends on too many factors to calculate. But, if you want something a little easier to live with and don’t mind being cautious in the kitchen, a solid surface countertop could be for you. It is less likely to crack because it’s made of a resin/mineral blend that allows it to be bent and molded once it’s heated. While doing this, it’s important to keep the surface moist and rinse the scrubbing pad often to remove loose particles that could actually cause new scratches. If your scratches are deeper, you can have them refinished with another layer of sealant after you’ve tried smoothing out the scratches yourself. If you still aren’t sure about having solid surface in your home, go ahead and request some samples from here and see for yourself what they look and feel like in your home.

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Our experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to custom fabrication; they average about 25 years of experience in the industry.

Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured . If any other work needs to be done in the future i wouldn’t hesitate to call for your services.

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