Even though granite is probably shooting across your mind, there are other great countertops that homeowners are using across the country. So before you remodel your current kitchen or gut the kitchen in your new home, be sure to review the cheapest and most expensive kitchen counters. Those looking to save a penny will be interested in laminate, but homeowners who can afford more expensive options should consider laminate as well. They can fit any home style and are resistant to stains, heat or knifes.

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Other than laminate, tile is usually the cheapest option on the block. However, should you choose to cut vegetables or raw meat on your butcher block counters, we highly recommend constant cleaning. Don’t be surprised if you have to repair your butcher block counters once or twice. Marble is the ideal counter for those of us who want the kitchen to be the focal point of the entire home. If you are a regular chef in your kitchen, be sure to limit marble counters. It also comes in a wide array of colors, but given its durable material, it is more expensive that many other counters.

Despite popular opinion, granite counters are not always the most expensive out there. Expect to pay somewhere in the near vicinity of granite when it comes to quartz counters. Believe it or not, its color deepens over time, ensuring that you will never get bored with your countertop color. It may also crack over time and requires more maintenance than almost any other countertop. Paper composite is made from paper pulp that is bonded together with water-based resins. They require occasional sanding or polishing with mineral oil.

Whether it’s corian, concrete, marble or any other material, we have determined a ballpark estimate for all kitchen countertops. When it comes to countertops, you need your exact material and size picked out. It’s certainly not as durable as the other options discussed and can chip easily. Grout is something all tile counters will attract, so be sure to maintain and clean it as often as possible. Butcher block is very susceptible to bacteria contamination given wood’s porous nature.

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It’s a part of the acrylic family and is very easy to clean and maintain. If you are installing granite counters, be sure to put in a strong cabinet base, as granite is one of the heavier counters on the market. Expect to pay somewhere in the near vicinity of granite when it comes to concrete counters.

Quartz counters are made mostly of organic materials and are becoming a popular substitute to granite. However, as you can expect, the high price point comes with it as well. Nevertheless, soapstone doesn’t stand up to scratches as well as some of the other counters discussed in this article. However, many of our green readers will certainly want to look into this earth-conscious countertop.

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And while it’s certainly a trendy material, its balance of neutrality and style ensures that it will withstand the test of time. Concrete can be mixed with light pigments and glass to create a luminescent appearance, or stone and neutral colors for a sleek matte finish. It is also the ideal material for outdoor kitchens, as concrete can be easily matched with other materials like stone or stucco.

Concrete is susceptible to minor scratching, but these can be easily corrected by spot-treating with sealer or by resealing the entire counter. Installation pricing is based on the contractor’s time and on the cost of materials. There are several options for concrete finishes and sealants that are completely customized, ranging from a silky smooth appearance, to a grainy stone texture.

Exposing the natural aggregate in concrete will result in a dramatic contrast, especially if you seal your counter in a high-gloss sealant. Do you love the look of concrete enough to try it in your home?

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your tired kitchen, consider updating your counters with concrete. Like granite, concrete is virtually indestructible, and offers a solid countertop that looks clean and modern. Concrete is nicely paired with a stainless steel hood or accessories, and is heat and scratch resistant. Concrete counters can develop little hairline cracks that can stem from the natural shrinkage of the material, but most cracks can be prevented with reinforcement methods such as steel rebar and wire mesh, or the use of a carbon-fiber grid. Concrete can even be mixed to imitate marble by using a white concrete mix and white silica sand.

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You think you’ve got them all filled, only to have bug holes show up after final polishing.

We reluctantly decided shower installs couldn’t compete in a countertop contest. Even experienced concrete countertop artisans encounter a problem now and then, but they will also tell you that practice makes perfect. Or new homes built with precast modular exterior walls up to 20 feet high that can be manufactured off-site and snapped in place in a few hours. The result: concrete with high tensile strength and amazing ductility. The plans are meant to be used with glass-fiber reinforced concrete, but they could be adapted for other casting techniques.

They seem to always show up and are seemingly just about impossible to fill completely.

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When added to concrete or mortar, the fibers develop a molecular and chemical bond with the cement during hydration and curing.

It helps concrete maintain an adequate flow rate with less water, allowing a contractor to lower the amount added to a mix.

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After going to the trouble of coating your countertops with concrete overlay, protect your hard work! Get the corners and backs first, so that you’re not leaning into wet sticky mixture! You’ll have to look at it from every angle to find low spots and fill them.

Use a blowtorch (or a handheld lighter) several inches above the surface to pop the bubbles. When you’re removing the drop cloth in the sink, it’s best to use a utility knife to cut around the edge. Painting your cabinets is a budget friendly way to update your kitchen. You can customize wine glasses for special occasions or for every day use. Make that display cabinet from the 90s modern and beautiful again!

The main complaint about concrete countertops is the sealer not being durable. The epoxy countertop method is very durable, so why not combine the 2 methods for an extremely, inexpensive countertop solution that holds up? We’re a low maintenance family and it’s either do something drastic to protect our hard work or have to re-seal it all the time. Our attention span is always focused on the next big project. Banish the family animals to other rooms or you will be embedding pet hair in your counters. We taped plastic drop cloths to the cabinets, letting them pool on the floor under the countertops.

It will drip off and create ridges that can be sanded or scraped off. Once your concrete countertops are thoroughly covered in the epoxy mixture, it’s time to get rid of the bubbles. You can use a creme brûlée’ torch if you’re nervous about a full sized torch. This part is agonizing after not having a working kitchen, but it needs this extra time to fully harden so that you don’t get marks from where you blender sat. The results are glossy, mirror-like surfaces that look amazing. She believes that a beautiful home is possible, even without a huge decor budget.

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We do believe that even if you choose to use a bagged mix in your business, you should fully understand how concrete really works, so that you are better able to troubleshoot or adjust for your climate and working conditions.

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However, high early (compressive) strength is important early on when you need to get the concrete out of the forms, flip it over and start grinding it as soon as possible to get it into your client’s home. This means that the cement paste between the hard sand grains and aggregate will be harder, and the concrete can be ground and polished sooner.

Curling occurs when one face of a countertop shrinks more than the other side, and the result is that the countertop curls towards the side that shrank more.

Concrete that develops high compressive strength quickly is going to be harder than concrete that develops strength more slowly.

For example, the predicted value of flexural strength for ordinary construction concrete that has a very high compressive strength of 12, 000 psi is only about 900 psi! Steel reinforcing effectively boosts flexural strength values many times that of unreinforced concrete. Moisture evaporating from inside the concrete causes strong capillary suction forces in the cement paste that cause it to shrink. The underlying causes of this can be poor curing practices (allowing the concrete to dry out too soon before it’s strong enough to resist the suction forces), too much mix water, too much cement in the mix, or poor aggregate gradation that requires too much cement paste to achieve good workability. Curling can occur if one side of the slab remains wet and the other side is dry. This helps reduce the root cause of cracking and curling: the suction forces in the cement paste.


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