The edge styles shown above with a dotted line are “laminated” countertop edges.

Laminated edges are made by gluing an additional piece of stone or quartz to the underside of the slab giving the impression of a much thicker countertop. The more consistent or uniform the countertop patterns will more easily hide the seam.

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Are you wondering about countertop edges for different materials? An additional strip is glued (“laminated”) underneath the slab edge to make the countertop look thicker and allow for something other than a square edge.

In most cases this is not  a problem and virtually unnoticeable, but for marble and granite countertop edges the lamination seam may be visible depending on the color and pattern of the stone. The typically free straight or square edge styles always look classic and classy… a solid choice. Even a seemingly small element like your countertop edges can make the space just “not feel right” if it doesn’t match or blend well with the look and feel of everything else.

Add extra drama by combining two different styles for something completely original! Of course, decorative granite edges are typically an optional upgrade that will “upgrade” the countertop cost a little to a lot depending on your choices and size of the installation. Darker countertop colors with more consistent patterns will “hide” a seam better than lighter countertop colors with lots of “movement” in their pattern. Unless your on a very tight budget, skip the 2cm and go with the 3cm slab.

Next, get some finished edge samples from your contractor or granite fabrication company–preferably of the same material you’re installing, but it isn’t crucial. We deeply care about our customers satisfaction and guarantee quick and professional installations at cost-effective prices.

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Your quartz kitchen countertop edge is important to the final visual look of your kitchen. Its characterized by rounded edges from the top to bottom making it delicate. The half bull nose is mostly used on granite countertops giving your kitchen a more elegant look. They are easier to clean but when there are spills they tend to spread too quickly. It will be more expensive than the other edges as it requires more time and labor. That will make the countertop appear thicker allowing you to have a variety of edges. It’s important that your edge is done by the granite installer with the expertise to avoid damaging the kitchen countertop. We have all the resources needed to handle all your countertops needs.

Its suitable for high traffic areas, and where you have kids going in and out of the kitchen.

The bullnose edges will make your countertop thicker and highlight the beauty of your countertop. You can ask the granite installer to customize the countertop edges and angles to match your needs and enhance the edges. Rockville will advise the best countertop edges for each countertop material and what suits your kitchen depending on the traffic, kitchen style you want and the budget.

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If you have a strong, complex-patterned granite, the straight edge will work best as it will not detract from the beauty of the stone. Flat on the bottom and rounded on the top, it has the appearance of no edge at all. The bullnose emphasizes the thickness of the countertop while highlighting the granite’s veining. The small bevel, which is the same shape, will give the room a more formal and more modern look. In this instance, the term refers to the method by which a second layer of granite is attached to the to the existing countertop, making it appear thicker and allowing for endless combinations of edges and detailing. Which one do you like the best and which one will look the best in the space?

Some of the basic and more popular edges may even be included in the price of the countertop, while a more decorative edge can be added. A standard kitchen countertop is typically 1 ¼” (30 millimeters) thick, while some high-end countertops measure 2 ¼” (40 millimeters) thick.

Waterfall edges would enhance a country-style kitchen, and the ogee or stair tread edges fit in nicely with a more modern and elegant space.

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It is a clean look that is easy to clean and highly resistant to impacts that may cause chipping. You should talk with your fabricator about any combination you are thinking about for this edge.

It has an angular slanting edge with a modern look.

This is popular because it can go with both contemporary and traditional style kitchens. It is usually used on islands or as a part of a laminated, or stacked, edge. It is also usually used on islands or as a part of a laminated edge. They are attached, or laminated, together to give the granite the appearance of a much thicker countertop. This style should not be confused with actual laminate countertops.


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