Printed parts: one of each mount and two of the bag holders (flip one around for installation).

You can place both holders (brackets) as close or far apart as your bags allow. The brackets fit any countertop with an overhang lip of at least 30mm.

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The carbon filter is discreetly integrated into the underside of the lid and is quick and easy to change.It also features a replaceable carbon odor filter to reduce smells.

The general waste compartment at the top has a removable inner bucket that takes custom-fit liners, but includes liner-retaining holes if you’re using standard liners instead. This can be stored on a kitchen worktop, in the general waste compartment or in the multi-purpose drawer – whichever suits you best. Both stylish and durable, the unit has a fingerprint proof stainless-steel body and lid. The food waste bin doesn’t smell and the entire system is quick and easy to keep clean. It just isn’t well made and apparently they have zero quality control.

Countertop Trash Bag Holder | Duration 36 Seconds

The bottom compartment should rally be larger than the upper “trash” compartment, which is so large that it starts really stinking before it’s close to filling up. Whenever you press the button to open the can, the top frame pops off because it isn’t a tight enough fit on the front side. Totem includes compartments for trash, recycling, and compost. The removable inner bin secures trash liners inside and breathing vents make removing trash bags much easier. A bag-retaining ring inside ensures that the compost liner stays in place. The variety of compartments can be tailored to your specific requirements. Breather vents make removing a full liner easier, while a carbon filter inside the lid helps eliminate odors and saves you emptying a half-full bag just because of the smell. I was stuffing all my recycling into my pantry to keep it out of site which was pretty gross and inconvenient; but my kitchen is small. None of the gaps line up, and the bottom drawer just looks terrible because it’s so crooked. It’s stainless steel that is (poorly) glued to plastic underneath. But overall, this product feels overpriced given the construction.

Garbage Bag Holder

When the exchanged trash can came, it was only in one (original) box. I do not recommend buying this product as the quality is not worth the price and the company did not stand behind their warranty. The charcoal odor neutralizer insert doesn’t do much to help.

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I agree, this is a bit overpriced but solved my purpose so i am not that much worried for this. I had one without the freezer bag space and that is why i wanted the same type.

Includes paper towel roll and hardware for easy installation. Easy to install and can fit easily costco foil paper roll as well.

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This storage bag holder uses adjustable clips to hold storage bags of just about any size open as you pour leftovers and more for long term-term storage and can also be used to hold storage bags open for convenient washing on the top rack of your dishwasher. I pre-chop vegetables and dont have to struggle with trying to keep the bag open. I love the fold up function, since it reduces the amount of space needed to store it. I pre-chop vegetables and don’t have to struggle with trying to keep the bag open. Can be used on the top rack of your dishwasher to wash and reuse storage bags.

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