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We offer maintenance services for both residential and commercial establishments!

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For some homes, countertops are a practical aspect of culinary expertise.

It’s a truly remarkable difference that many top chefs swear by. These professionals will be able to install your countertops for a nominal fee, and you will know for sure that they will get the job done without any problems. And nothing else feels quite right after you’ve gotten used to food prep on such a surface. This is especially true for deli and butchery professionals who take care in their craft. End grain is widely regarded as being one of the strongest and most durable styles of the two.

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While other types of countertops may require a lot of repair work, that is not the case with these at all.

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With so many options to choose from, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each. Granite surfaces are both durable and beautiful, making them ideal for creating a classy aesthetic that will look like new for a very long time, even in heavily-used spaces. In case of a red wine spill or splattered cooking grease, granite’s non-porous nature ensures that it can be wiped clean without staining, and it is also very easy to maintain and resistant to chemicals. The classic beauty that makes this the stone so often equated with luxury means that it costs a little more, and it is also a bit less durable. As a somewhat softer stone, it is also prone to scratching with daily use. For others, keeping the space looking like new isn’t a priority—perhaps you love the character that comes with an occasional scratch or stain and appreciate the aging of your stone like that of fine wine. Granite countertops won’t be easily damaged by heat, and they’re quite scratch resistant, as well. It is also a genuine natural stone and, like granite, it’s heat resistant. Marble tends to stain more easily than granite—and is also sensitive to acids like vinegar and lemon juice—although correctly sealing it can help.

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For some people, the comparative delicacy of marble is outweighed by their love of a crisp white marble look or the classic beauty of its veining. Marble can also be an excellent choice for areas that are mainly for aesthetic purposes rather than everyday use.

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