Consider both the volume of ice you use in a single day, as well as the amount that you need to have on hand during the busiest rushes to be sure that whatever machine you select will be able to keep up with customer demand. A good rule of thumb when estimating your production requirements for a 24 hour period is to know that for every 12 to 16 oz beverage, you will need about 8 oz of ice. This style of ice melts slowly and displaces a relatively large amount of liquid in the glass, which will save your business on product costs. In a self-contained unit, ice production is measured in the 24 hour production capacity which will range anywhere from around 125 to 720 pounds per day. Full-cube or half-cube ice is probably the most recognizable, and is often used for soft drinks or alcoholic drinks.

Whynter 26 Lbs. Countertop Direct Connection Freestanding Ice Maker and Water Dispenser by

There is a blue ring that must be removed before the pulg can be released. I play lots of tennis in the summer and the lack of ice in the house or grabbing empty ice trays became a real drag. I just received this item and thought at first glance that this would be ideal for us. I had to install an inline water filter and a stop valve and a water line.

We have to put our hand into the unit to move the ice down so it will fill up the tray.

Whynter Countertop Direct Connection Ice Maker And Water Dispenser Featuring Idc 221sc | Duration 1 Minutes 34 Seconds

On top of everything else the ice melts throughout the day and night so it continues to recycle and work on a regular basis. I wanted to love this product due to its low price but it is not efficient or capable of being rated anything over 1 star. I can’t attach the water tubing under my sink, because it’s not long enough and don’t have a place to put it closer. It features a see-through window black lid and durable stainless-steel exterior. This unit can hold up to 2 l of water that can dispensed as cold water (melted ice) or even room-temperature water with a simple push of a button. The unit comes with a 12′ supply line for a direct connects. The holding tray for the ice is too small and it can only be used for a few small glasses. So every time we walk by the ice maker we have to push the ice down. The water supply that holds the water for the dispenser is open and has only a plastic door to protect it and it gives room for bacteria and bugs to climb in. If you have to move the unit it has the real opportunity to spill over. I will be returning it soon and will be trying to find another solution to resolve my ice issue.

It only holds enough ice for 1 large glass then it takes an hour or more to make enough for another glass. The machine itself is amazing, but it only holds about enough ice for two 20oz drinks, if you like a lot of ice or have a good family size, then this isn’t for you. This model fits in effortlessly with your room’s existing decor.

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