Update your bathroom and kitchen countertop and vanity surfaces with the look and appearance of real stone, marble and granite with our multicolor stone counter top refinishing option. In this countertop refinishing process we utilize layering techniques as we spray on the counter top finish to achieve depth and realism of true stone. The longevity of the refinished countertop should be equivalent to or exceed that of the original counter top. Unlike natural stone; surfaces refinished with our simulated stone countertop refinishing products do not require annual cleaning and sealing. Contact franchises directly for services provided & estimates.

DAICH SpreadStone Mineral Select 1 Qt. Mantle Stone Countertop Refinishing Kit 4 by homedepot.com

Great end result but not enough step 2 provided and had to buy a second kit to get an even stone coat. It was pretty easy to use and one kit did my entire kitchen. I was in a time crunch and only had a few days to complete project. The product did exactly what the manufacturer said it would. The instructions were to remove all old finish down to bare wood, that was the only difficult part.

Countertop Resurfacing With Leggari Products Metallic Epoxy Countertop Kit | Duration 5 Minutes 11 Seconds

You will need more sandpaper than they include with the kit. The chip filler dries in minutes and sands extremely easy with water (sandpaper included in all kits). Does "4 count" mean this includes 4 kits?

Kit also includes video, roller, roller cover, sand paper and mask!

I have about 50 sqft of countertop space and this covered it all!

I did 3 coats fpr base and stone coat because my white countertops were showing through a bit and there was enough material. I was afraid of sanding off too much of the stone and relied on the top coat to make the surface completely smooth. I applied it over a plywood counter top that had been stained and varnished.


Also, as with replacing a bathtub, often the new countertop has different dimensions and requires expensive re-pluming for sink fixtures. Countertop refinishing costs add up to a fraction of those to replace countertops, and you can upgrade the look of your kitchen or bathroom to match your current decorating choices.

And all of this is done with your counter right in place, with no need of removing the sink. Once that has set we apply our multi-colored material, which gives it the rich look of a stone surface. After the application, the surface must cure a day before being used. Works with your existing countertop right in place – no need to remove the sink. Not only do you have to pay to purchase and install the replacement countertops, but removal and disposal of the old counters can add to the cost. However, all of these headaches can be avoided with the simple, inexpensive process of countertop refinishing.

We offer two finish choices, you can have either a textured or smooth finish. Over this is applied a catalyzed polymer surface that cures to an incredible hardness.

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Whether in the kitchen or bathroom almost any countertop can be resurfaced to the color option of choice.

By resurfacing your countertops / countertop refinishing you will not only be saving money in these hard times but you’ll also be saving the environment. A clean fresh updated finish on these areas can drastically change the look or your kitchen or bathroom and prevent landfill sites becoming increasingly full. Countertop restoration / countertop refinishing can be done quickly and without the time and mess of a replacement job.

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Unless the under surface is treated properly before paint is applied, the surface is almost guaranteed to peel. The surface can be used the same day and there are no harmful odors or chemicals to harm you or the applicator. Depending on the process you receive, it could take two hours or an entire day. This leaves you with inferior refinishing that you will pay for later.

We do guarantee that you will be happy with your refinished surface, or you don’t pay!

Do not use rough cleaning pads either as they will scratch the surface and wear it down. The chemicals most refinishes use are toxic to their health and yours.

Diy Black & White Marble Countertop Resurfacing With Epoxy Resin | Duration 34 Minutes 48 Seconds

Many refinishers wear respirators to protect themselves from cancer causing chemicals and respiratory issues. In fact, many of our applicators are former bathtub and tile spray painters. Some spray painters simply want to cover the surface and quickly move on. The goal being to cover the old surface to hide damage from wear. This is expensive compared to refinishing but will leave you with a brand new surface and has unlimited options. Although called many different things, 99% of refinishing is simply spraying a paint over the old surface. Bringing the surface back to its former luster and shine without painting it. Due to the extreme wear a kitchen countertop undergoes, this guarantee is limited to one year. Traditional bathtub refinishers may spend less time preparing the surface or use inferior products to save themselves time and money. Instead of trying to compete with cheap spray painters, we stand in a league of our own. While we do charge a fair price for our services, we do not try to compete with companies that plan on going out of business as soon as the call backs are too many to bare.

You can use other cleaning products as long as they do not contain abrasives or harsh chemicals. Isocyanates are cancer causing chemicals commonly used in traditional bathtub refinishing. Chemical off-gassing occurs long after the surface is refinished and can cause serious health problems or unexplained illness.

We do not want any of our applicators to be harmed by dangerous chemicals.

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Most of the time kitchen counters and vanity tops are in good shape. The nicks can be filled in and the stains will be covered up. That means customers get a beautiful kitchen while saving tons of money.Hold spray gun at a consistently uniform distance, approximately 6-8” from the surface and make a slow sweeping motion horizontally across the surface. Aim the spray gun directly at the surface, as spraying at an angle will distort the pattern. Crosshatch the spray pattern on the second coat with vertical strokes to eliminate any overlap marks. If using a fan to blow air across the surface, you may be able to clear coat in as little as 1 hour. It’s unique flecked properties mimics stone but without the cost of replacement. Adjust equipment and distance if necessary to obtain desired results.Spray horizontal strokes, overlapping each previous pass by half.

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