Our countertop refinishing products and countertop repair products let you give them the look of real stone but without the cost and hassle of replacement. The smell was almost nonexistent and what little there was dissipated quickly. Use our countertop resurfacing products to increase sales!

You mask off the cabinets and walls from overspray and then spray like normal.

Unofficial Guide To Countertop Resurfacing and Epoxy Countertops by semiglossdesign.com

I even saw it used over ugly tile on a bathroom wall!

However, when compared to the price of granite or marble, is much more affordable. So although we made a million mistakes, the end result is gorgeous. The worst smell came from using too much alcohol with the blowtorch. I know that we worked in with both warmer and cooler temperatures.

You need to work quickly, but there’s no need to rush.

World’S Coolest Product Diy Metallic Epoxy Countertop Resurfacing Kits | Duration 1 Minutes 53 Seconds

The instructions say to skimcoat them with a thin layer of epoxy if using on raw wood, so we did that. The instructions had us mix a small batch of epoxy to paint over the wood. Hold it about 8 inches from the surface and move it quickly.

We had definitely missed some spots and it was a bit bubbly.

We moved it into the sunroom to have better light and better maneuverability. Once it’s stirred, we started pouring the mixture over the counters. I liked the paint brush for better coverage more than the foam roller for the colored application. Hold the torch about 8 inches above the surface and move it quickly. When you’re pretty happy with the lack of bubbles, it’s time to add the sparkle.

You can also add more epoxy mixture if you get too crazy.

We probably went a little overboard, because the paint ended up thinning too much and we could see the wood through the epoxy.

Try to let the fumes dissipate a bit before torching the bubbles. The flame goes right out and it’s way less scary than it sounds. The colored base coat section was poured around the edges and then swirled around on the surface so it didn’t look weird. The results were much prettier, but the edges still needed help. So we mixed up the rest of our epoxy mixture and flooded the surface.

We torched it one last time and made sure that the torch helped it self level. If you waited to scrape the drips, let it dry completely before flipping it over to scrape it.

We made our countertops out of plywood and project wood for the bar top. Plus it adds some depth to the final results that is really cool. I will definitely keep this product in mind for our next counter project!

It’s so much easier than having to remember those details from within the body of the text before starting on a project. The only issue we had was not letting them cure all the way before placing items on them. They wipe clean with a wet rag and feel very similar to my corian counters in my kitchen, which are indestructible.

Epoxy can be applied over almost every type of countertop to give a whole new look. Plus, it’s like a giant art project and you can completely customize it. I must begin with the admission that we made about 100 mistakes during this process. No matter how many times, we screwed up, we were always able to fix it!

Resin is normally really toxic, but this was smelled a little worse than paint. I felt comfortable using this in my home around kids and pets. Humidity is probably more important than temperature for drying.

We made ours, so we made sure to cut the hole for the sink first. It ended up being a good chance to see how it worked on countertops with cracks. If your countertops are already installed, tarp off the fronts of the cabinets and the floor beneath them. I mixed 1 pint of hardener and 1 pint of resin and stirred for 5 minutes.

Countertop Resurfacing With Leggari Products Metallic Epoxy Countertop Kit | Duration 5 Minutes 11 Seconds

It was late when we applied this coat, so we missed some spots. I popped the bigger bubbles and figured that the final step would cover them, which it did.

We had tried working in the garage at first because we thought it would smell bad. I mixed another batch of the epoxy at a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener. I started mixing the metallic powder and alcohol in the spray bottles.

We sprayed a lot on our counters and we still only used about half of each bottle. When the mixture is stirred for 5 minutes, pour it into a new bucket and add the base coat. Once it’s covering the surface well, it’s time to blow torch it.

Countertop Resurfacing With Metallic Epoxy | Silver And Charcoal | Duration 9 Minutes 26 Seconds

Start spraying and watch with amazement as it marbles and swirls. After a few hours, you can go back and scrape the drips from the edges or you can sand later. So we mixed another batch of clear and a batch with the basecoat and poured it on.

We mixed it with the clear coat with our paint brush. My husband accidentally spilled metallic powder on the counter and it ended up being my favorite part.

We struggled with our edges before finally figuring it out. It felt dry to the touch, but it hadn’t cured yet, so we have faint impressions from the drop cloth. Of course, we might have gotten carried away with the spraying glitter part. I think it would be cool to use 2 different colors though and marble them before the metallic powder part!

I love that you include a clear list of how you’d improve it next time and way in a separate part. How well is it holding up and was there dos and don’ts of using the counters after?

They’re in our sunroom which obviously doesn’t get the kind of use that a kitchen does. I haven’t tried to mess them up on purpose, though that would be an interesting experiment. I really do love the look and hearing what you said makes me want to try it even more!

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