We do countertop repairs – even if we didn’t supply your stone! I would definitely use them again and have already recommended them to several friends. Right on time, took the time to correct plumbing issue and did a fantastic job! Everyone was friendly, accommodating, customer service friendly, and efficient.

Granite Countertop Repair & Restoration New Jersey | Duration 3 Minutes 5 Seconds

Two thumbs way up from a pretty exacting customer – great experience.

Right on time, took the time to correct plumbing issue and did a fantastic job! Everyone was friendly, accommodating, customer service friendly, and efficient. Two thumbs way up from a pretty exacting customer – great experience. I would definitely use them again and have already recommended them to several friends.

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If the issues are simple enough, you might feel confident handling the job yourself with a do-it-yourself remedy. It’s not unusual for someone to confuse staining with more common etching. The best solution for etch marks depends on the type of surface finish: polished, honed, etc. Sealed granite should have plenty of protection against stains, but any discoloration can be removed with mild dish detergent or a paste made from baking soda. Harder surfaces, like granite, are more susceptible to actual cracks than scratches because all natural stones can fracture from impact. It’s best to get a professional opinion to decide if a repair is possible depending on the size and severity of the damage.

If you have dull spots or a glass ring appearance from exposure to acidic liquids or cleaners, you may have etching. There are products that remove etching on polished marble, but a honed surface has to be restored professionally. Since soapstone and quartz are non-porous, the regular upkeep and maintenance should be very easy. Marble paste is great for restoring the polished look if surface scratches are noticeable, but deep separations need to be filled by a marble repair professional. If you have a broken edge or a deep pit, it might seem like the best thing to do is replace the entire countertop.

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A little chip or minor scratches in your countertop might not seem too bothersome to overlook.

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Professional stone benchtop repairs can reverse damage to the edges around sinks, hotplates and dishwashers. Moisture can penetrate the stone causing it to discolour and stain. This type of cracking can compromise the strength of the stone and must be repaired immediately to avoid further cracking and moisture entering the stone bennchtop causing discolouration and staining. On light coloured benchtops where the resin in the joint is pale it can become stained and discoloured over time and detract from the overall look of the stone benchtop. In some cases marble and stone benchtops need to be reshaped to make them shorter or to round and smooth sharp edges.

The job took the time that was quoted and the cost was exactly what had been quoted. They offer a professional service and always meets the committments they make. I am very happy with the result and comfortable with the level of contact.

My experience was exceptional from the start to the end – friendly, efficient and informative with great attention to detail. Wanted to make special mention of the 3 guys – they were so very nice. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve in any areas? How did you find our job and inspection technicians and office team? We watched to product application and were given terrific answers to the other questions we had. How did you find our job technicians and or inspection technician? They have worked wonders on my marble bathrooms and travertine flooring.

The understanding and commitment to getting a positive resolution on our brand new stone kitchen benchtop was outstanding!

Damage is often caused by an accidental impact from a saucepan or a plate, and if not fixed can cause more serious problems. Professional stone benchtop repairs are essential to preventing further damage. A shift in the benchtop caused by building movement, can cause the stone surrounding the joint to move and loosen the resin. We will ensure your marble and stone is treated with care when installing new appliances and sinks, or adjusting the shape of your benchtop. The technician arrived early and completed the repair in the required time.

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Very happy with the outcome and how they dealt with me as a customer.

They have always turned up on time and their tradesmen have be knowledgeable and very polite. They answered all my questions, booked my job quickly and efficiently and explained the costs up front so there were no surprises on the day. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needed their worktops done. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job, the work is always carried out in an extremely professional manner.

Ross has done an excellent job, he is very professional and precise with his work. We cannot see where he has repaired the chip on the edge of the benchtop. The work was carried out expertly within exactly the time and cost estimate provided. They did an amazing job and left simple helpful advice for the best upkeep of our natural stone throughout the house. Everyone was friendly and easy to deal with and kept me well informed along the way. The completed job was to a very high standard and at a lower cost than quoted – hard to fault that! Paul was great, worked without interruption and was cheerful and pleasant. Whatever we asked for we received in record time and absolute completeness. Prompt, reliable and with great office staff handling the bookings. Seen their amazing polishing and sealing work in my friend’s home!

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Even with proper care and maintenance, marble tabletops can become damaged through normal use. Children can leave marks with crayons, markers, and other art supplies. Dirt can often be removed with stone cleaner, but sometimes this basic cleaning is not enough to remove unsightly damage. Whatever the scale of the damages, it can be simple scratches or broken table we can fix it for you. Depending on your preferences we provide with a shiny or a matt/hone finish as well. Ask local specialists to see examples of their previous work so that you can ensure that they are experienced and qualified.

Carefully selecting will help to prevent problems and ensure that your marble is restored to its initial beauty.

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Some of our works were completed by 24 hours if the damage is not that serious.

Rough use can also lead to scratches, chips, cracks, and other wear and tear. You might accidentally place a heavy object on the table top and it will develop a crack, which will go unnoticed for a few days and then one fine morning right in front of your eyes your table top will just break into two large chunks!

We offer additional benefits with it, not only we do repair but we also provide sealing and stains proofing after the work completion.

The colors in most cases will be perfectly matched since we do not want your table tops to look odd and also provide such adhesion that sticks around for a longer period of time. You can also ask your friends and family members for referrals to specialists that they have used in the past. Consider tabletop restoration before you decide to get rid of damaged one.

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However, natural stone tiles can occasionally develop problems that require repair so as to avoid safety hazards and further damage to the flooring. Natural stone tiles laid in an intricate pattern may also be more time-consuming to repair. One of the benefits of natural stone tile is that most problems can be repaired quickly and without the need to replace all of the flooring. The tile worker uses a 120 grit diamond sand paper to smooth the surface of the tile. This process continues with finer and finer sanding papers until the scratch is gone. A paste of water and baking soda is one common solution for removing surface stains from natural stone tiles. An epoxy mix is added to the chipped area so that its surface is level with the rest of the stone tile.

The tile is returned into its correct position and new grout is added around it. Replacement of natural stone tile may be needed for larger chips and cracks. The damaged stone tile is carefully lifted out of position so as to avoid damaging adjacent tiles. Any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible with a soft cloth or damp paper towel.

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Stone flooring in heavily trafficked areas should be professionally sealed at least once every year. Some natural stones are highly absorbent and need two or more coats of sealant for full protection of the stone.

Some of the most common repair needs for natural stone tiles are scratches, stains, chips and loosening of the tiles. If tiles need to be replaced or if there are many scratches, stains or chips to the tile, this can cause the repair to take longer and necessitate more supplies. The tiles can be polished either by hand or with a power tool. For more persistent stains, hydrogen peroxide, talcum powder, rust remover or diatomaceous earth may be used. In this time consuming process, the stone tile is first cleaned and dried.

Large or multiple chips in a natural stone tile usually call for replacement of the piece of tile. The grout is sealed and allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours.

A homeowner may also prefer to replace a badly stained or scratched natural stone tile. The grout around the tile is loosened with a flat-edged knife. A new matching tile is laid, and new grout is placed around the tile. Placing thick floor mats at each entrance of the home helps to remove dirt and debris from shoes. Homeowners with dogs may need to wipe or wash the dog’s feet after taking walks. Regular cleaning of natural stone tile helps reduce stain penetration and buildup of dirt. Furniture should have padded covers on the legs to avoid scratching the tiles.

Stone flooring that gets light to moderate traffic should be sealed every 12 to 24 months.

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Cleaning with the specially formulated stone cleaner will keep you marble shining each day. When you do encounter a feisty liquid that tries to hinder the beauty of your magnificent stone by etching it, you will need to come to the aid of the marble with the etch removing powder to ‘reluster’ your marble stone. The acid was left sitting on the surface for an extended period of time. The acid that caused the etch and most certainly eaten through the surface and there is nothing protecting the stone.

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This is important because it will help you to determine whether you have stains. Other products that can cause etching usually do not cause staining. If there is discoloration and staining, you will need to first remove the stains from the marble. We offer the marble stain remover separate from this package since not all etching requires the stain remover. How long it will take to remove the etching on the marble depends on the severity of the marble etch. Very heavy and deep marble etches could take up to an hour of elbow grease to bring the polish back up.

That means the acid has physically eaten that part of the stone away. It will be obvious to you when you look at it in just the right light. It is because the acid that caused the etch has eaten away part of the calcite in stone in some form or pattern. However, it cannot be exactly as it was before, because part of the stone has been eaten away by the acid. We are about education and letting you know what is happening to your marble.

Sealer not only prevents stains but it will prevent common household liquids from eating away your marble counter top. Unlike some other household solvents, this cleaner will not shorten the life of stone sealants. You want the stone to be completely dry with as much moisture out of the stone as possible. This sealer can be applied to polished, honed, brushed and antique finished stones and also works as a premium grout and tile sealer. The sealer also provides a barrier against foods like wine, soda, coffee, mustard and certain types of water that has the potential to stain stone or create water marks.

Second, it gives a topical coating to add another layer of protection against any sort of staining or etching. Use a couple of times a month to add lustre and shine to your stone surfaces. On a couple, you could even feel the roughness of the marble so it was more than just the look.

Applying the stone polish spray to your marble surface regularly (once or twice a month) will keep the stone sealed so that it resists staining that can occur from normal everyday liquids. It will also remove water rings caused by glasses or other containers. The first thing that must take place is to see what caused the etching. If it was a clear liquid such as a cleaner that caused the etching, more than likely you do not have stains. Only etches that also have stains in the marble will require the stain remover. That means that when marble is etched the acidic substance has physically effected the stone. The polish will most certainly come back and it will practically be unnoticeable. And to let you know how important it is to keep sealer on your stone.

And that is why it is really important to seal your marble with the best sealer you can find. This will clean the entire marble counter top and remove any residue, oils, etc off of the surface.

This product contains zero harsh detergents that can strip away stones natural polish. Our cleaner comes packaged in a 32 ounce bottle with attachable sprayer for user convenience. Wait for 30 minutes and then apply a second coat and allow the stone to dry at least 4-6 hours to allow the sealer to fully cure. Basically once it hits the stone its job is to pull all the sealer down into the microscopic pores and crevices in the marble. If we could remove the smell we would, but we wanted to produce the absolute best sealer possible. Third, it also goes into the pores of the stone to keep the stone continually sealed.

Clear instructions on how to use are provided and the company offers further customer support if needed. If you are looking for an honest company with great products and customer service then this is the one for you.

If you are looking for an honest company with great products and customer service then this is the one for you. On a couple, you could even feel the roughness of the marble so it was more than just the look.

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Do you have cracks spiraling around the sink drain which look similar to a sunburst? When hot water is run directly into the sink while it is cold, it can cause thermal shock cracks in a sink. Fiberglass sink damage can result when the faucet is pushed too firmly into place. Porcelain and enamel sinks wear with age and can also be chipped or cracked.

This is referred to as a thermal shock crack and is a common issue with cultured marble. Generally if you have 2 sinks in your bathroom, the sink bowl that will crack is used by the male of the household – as a result of running hot water for shaving first thing in the morning.

Sink cracks can also appear when hit from behind or items dropped in the sink bowl can cause chips or cracking. Contact franchises directly for services provided & estimates.

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We are proud to offer granite chip repair and crack repair on all natural stone in addition to maintaining and restoring your natural stone surfaces, so that they look as beautiful as intended on the day of installation. Did you know that your travertine can be polished to a high shine like marble? We can help you increase the value of your residential or commercial investments. The results leave the stone damaged, discolored, or dull after a short period of time. This is our mission statement and that’s what separates us from the competition. We take pride in the quality of our craft and in being able to offer customers the benefits of our experience in this highly specialized field along with service that is second to none. The good news is granite can be repaired to factory condition, if not better.

We specialize in marble polishing, travertine & limestone restoration, and granite repair. Read about the proper way of resurfacing and polishing marble.

We are dedicated solely to the restoration and preservation of natural stone.

This leaves you, the homeowner or contractor having to go through the process repeatedly to maintain the shine. We strive to give our clients their desired results, ranging from hone to high polish. Our network is committed to the education of both the consumer and the industry in the advancement of stone restoration.

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Thankfully our expert tells us there’s a way to avoid this gross, blackhead-like situation. Sealers will buy you time so that you can spill something and not panic, as it gets deep into the marble, creating a barrier to anything else getting into its pores. In fact, one popular home remedy is to put baking soda and a bit of water on the stained area and eventually the baking soda will absorb it. Any acidic substance will etch, or eat away at the surface immediately.

Thankfully our expert tells us there’s a way to avoid this gross, blackhead-like situation.

It’s porous and sensitive, and many people don’t know how to take care of it properly. There are also other products on the market that can do this in a few applications. It’s also going to feel a bit raw to the touch because it takes away the marble’s sheen. Cabrales says you could cut a lime and place it upside down and you’d get an etch mark in the exact shape of the lime in seconds.

How To Repair Chips In A Faux Marble by homeguides.sfgate.com

The polyester resin products have a gel-coat finish that makes a nonporous and stain-resistant surface that’s easy to clean. Unless the chip goes all the way through the gel coat surface and into the base material, you should be able to touch up the chip to repair your faux marble sink. Remove any dust and loose particles inside the chipped area by scraping the surface with a utility knife. Mix 1 1/2 ounces of gel coat with 10 drops of catalyst in a paper cup, using a craft stick. If you need a smaller amount of repair mixture, mix less gel coat, catalyst and powder proportionately. Buff the sink with the pad to restore shine to the sink’s surface as well as to the patched area.

Mix a small test batch of gel coat, catalyst and titanium powder to experiment with the repair process before you begin the repair.

No matter how careful you are, though, chips sometimes happen to sinks. You should call a professional to repair deeper cracks. Fill the chipped area with the gel coat paste, mounding it slightly above the surface with a toothpick. Wet the sandpaper slightly and lightly sand the repaired chip to smooth it down.

The patching mixture will be a slightly different color once it dries.

10 Tips To Protect Marble Floors by sandifersstoneandtilecare.com

More porous than granite and many other types of stone, marble needs a seal to fend off stains. Marble repair experts can patch holes, buff out scratches, and polish the floors to create a like-new appearance.

Alcoholic drinks, juices, sodas, and other acidic beverages especially need to be mopped up immediately. Avoid vinegar, citrus cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, and most multi-purpose cleaners. Residual water may contain traces of dirt and grime that will dull the marble if not picked up. Apply a poultice of baking soda and water, seal it with plastic wrap for several hours, then mop it up with a wet cloth.

Umbrella stands, potted plants, and other objects are best used with a protective pad or rug. Seal marble in the bathroom even more frequently and use bath mats and rugs to cover much of the floor. Damaged spots create an easy entryway for germs, dirt, and stains to ruin the stone.

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We provide high quality factory finish for all of our projects guaranteeing the the most durable finish in the industry. Our attention to details and our customer service is second to none. Whether your stone care problems are etching, cracks, scratches or stains that occur in or on the stone, we can restore it back to its original matte or polished factory finish. We specialize in on-site marble repair, marble polishing, stone and grout restoration, while paying attention to details normally missed by others. We employ highly experienced skilled technicians that use the most advanced  stone restoration techniques that is safer, cleaner and dustless compared to other stone restoration methods.

We are easily reachable and we will be there with you until all of your stone care needs are met.

Our master technicians are experts in the stone care field. Our qualified experts will restore your stone back to life.

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First , marble tile is not as porous as you might read on the internet. The way you determine (the only accurate way) if and when a stone should be sealed is to test it. The only way to protect any surface from scratches is simply to be careful. Dull spots on polished marble is either from etching or from wear and tear. This product is excellent for removing tough dirt and surface grime (in addition to mold and mildew). However, if the damage is mild enough that the paste can be effective, then you’ve saved yourself a bunch of money on professional help. You may have to make several applications though as the process is progressive like sanding wood.

The “gel” is for level surfaces and the “paste” for edges and vertical surfaces. Or it was polished, but exposure to weather has worn away the polished surface over time. If you have it polished or are able to bring back the polish, you’ll be fighting the elements (like acid rain) to keep it shiny unless you cover it.

For light scratches, use 400 grit metal grade sandpaper and/or 0000 grade steel wool on a honed surface that you intend to keep honed. And since it is real marble on the surface, proper marble repair, care and cleaning must still be performed. So, sealing has nothing to do with this as sealing helps prevent staining only.

Most typical household cleaning products you buy at any store will damage your marble. However, if this is a large area and/or the scratches are deep, then you should call in a marble repair professional. If the damage is too severe for the paste to yield good results and you need to call a pro, then you’re only out a little money. Also, most cases of etching and scratching is not severe and can be restored by the paste. A scratch is an area where the marble has been gouged out and removed, so now you have a line where the surface is lower. The scratch will still be noticeable at certain angles, but it is nearly invisible since it allows the natural color and pattern of the stone to show through and you can get the repaired surface level. If it was never polished to begin with, there’s nothing you can do to make the marble polished and shiny unless you hire a marble maintenance professional to re-finish the surface. Honed marble is a classic look and will require less maintenance to keep it looking good.

If you are going to try to restore the polish, the the marble paste noted above will remove scratches also. The process makes the tile cheaper, yet you still get the look and feel of real marble. However, these are not stains where something absorbed into the marble. These water spots are “etch marks” caused by an acidic or too alkaline product of some sort.

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The only recourse you can take is to repair the marble floor by patching any chips or chunks from the marble. There is some minimal preparation required since you still have a hole in your marble floor. Use a brush to dust out the bits of rock in the hole and to remove any loose pieces from the hole of the site. Use the tack cloth to remove the dust away from the perimeter of the hole. Marble does not usually crumble and depending on how the hole was made you will be able to replace it. Apply some of the adhesive to the hole and some to the piece then place it inside the hole.

Use an epoxy that comes in two parts and mix them in a clean bowl according to the directions.

Spoon the epoxy into the hole with the spoon until it overflows the edges. Wet down a rag and remove the excess water and use it to wipe around the edges of the hole.

A marble floor is very expensive and replacing it isn’t always in the cards or the budget. It seems much harder than it actually is and the article below will show you how to easily repair the marble floor. When you want to repair a marble floor in this manner, you will need to use adhesive formulated for marble or stone. Make sure that the hole has been fully cleaned and prepared prior to filling the hole with epoxy. You will have to work quickly before the epoxy starts to set. Use the putty knife to spread the epoxy out and this will also push the epoxy all the way inside the hole. This will remove the excess epoxy so that the edges are flush to the marble floor.


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