From selling the right product for my family’s needs to being professional in my house during the install, even when it was looking a little rough, these guys did a fantastic job.

Buying Kitchen Cabinets Beware! by

The worst way to make a framed cabinet is with 3/8″ sides and backs. Learn more about what to look for and what to look out for when shopping cabinets.

We live in calif where they only use water base finishes.They will be on average 20 to 40% less than custom cabinets and their finishes will be less attractive then the larger manufactured custom made brands.

Masterbrands cabinet lines have switched to 1/2″ inch sides that if you upgrade to plywood should be pretty durable even with 3/8″ backs. I am also not a fan of buying expensive cabinetry from home centers. Also if any pieces happen to come damaged or defective getting replacements made correctly can take longer than some other cabinet lines. All three lines are made in the same factory and are simply sold under different names. Usually if the cabinet is well made the company brags about it.

Interior Design — Narrow & Timeless Rowhouse Kitchen Design Makeover | Duration 3 Minutes 31 Seconds

We are looking at craftmade cabinete and custom made cabinets. There are hundreds of cabinet lines though that are well made. They are an inexpensive line with particle board sides and shelves. Modern slab doorstyles do look better in frameless but traditional or shaker doorstyles look great in framed and the cabinetry can be less expensive and better made as well. Are they any brands that you particularly like when price isn’t exactly the biggest limitation?

Starmark will be more expensive than the others and is a little over priced and you must make sure you get 1/2″ sides at least. Also, what is the difference between framed and unframed?

I would upgrade to plywood sides and full extension drawers. Showplace doesn’t show on line the thickness of their cabinets sides or how the back of the cabinet is constructed which worries me. Hiding things usually means 3/8″ sides and poorly made backs. My head is spinning right now do any help you could provide would be incredibly helpful!

Wellborn is a more expensive cabinet line with greater ability to customize and with nicer finishes.

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