With so many materials to choose from, it can be difficult and confusing to narrow down a surface that’s going to look amazing, fit your lifestyle, and stay within your budget. We offer a wide variety of countertop and surface options to fit every budget and lifestyle. Granite is 100% a natural stone and may have some rough patches within the surface. It is a soft and porous material however and can scratch and stain depending on use and function.

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This stunning yet functional surface won’t stain however you do not want to apply direct or high heat. Their customer service & attention to detail is second to none.

Our natural stone surfaces become unique and functional works of art for your home or business. At installation a small quartz piece was too short and the men were back very early the next morning to install the right piece. I would never suggest going anywhere else for the services they provide. The finished installations always exceeds our customer’s expectation. We contract with them for all our counter top needs and are always most satisfied with their work.

They spec out the dimensions and arrive on time to complete the work. Caring for your natural stone countertop or surface is key to maintaining its beauty and ensuring it lasts for years.

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You could have the surface re-polished (some stones will polish to a higher shine than others). I highly recommend you view a honed slab or have a piece honed first though, since the granite color will be a lot lighter. Granite (and all stone) have widely varying shades of color and pattern even when the slabs are the same name. Polishing granite brings out the color making it more saturated and dark. I have noticed a couple of small patches feel rough and unpolished compared to the remainder of the counter top. Granite is very hard and the areas that are polished will likely stay that way so long as you use only products safe for cleaning granite countertops and marble. Some stones will take a polish and get “shinier” than other stones. Now, both colors can be just fine and look great, but some slabs can be bad, so you must be careful picking out your slab.

Perform the water test for sealing granite countertops to determine if your granite needs sealing. Why does it look like it has water spots all over it, especially in the sun light. Water gets on the surface, dries and the minerals left behind create whitish dull spots.

Common to use this or mineral spirits to clean after granite countertop installation. Your professional comments and the description of the “rough surface” are very educational.

When you start cutting large granite blocks into slabs, some of the minerals and crystals that were once surrounded are now exposed on a surface and may pop out. If you have pits all over and the surface is rough or not polished to the shine you expected, then really you just made a bad choice of slabs. Color variation is one very good reason why the exact slab you like should be purchased for installation vs. Thus, you pick the sample color, but the actual slab in they bring is a different shade. It is well-known that this popular stone comes in many, many shades. Honing the granite countertop would remove the polished layer resulting in a less saturated color tone.

I am concerned that, if left untreated, the scratched areas will grow and ruin the counter. I hate to inform you , but most likely you have a bad slab of granite that could not be polished very well. While a couple of granite colors (santa cecilia, giallo veneziano) are the most common varieties to have a rough or gitty surface even after polishing.

If you picked the slab , then you don’t have much recourse except to hire a skill stone restoration professional to try a polish the rough areas. Dries clear allowing the natural color and pattern to show for the most invisible and durable granite pit repair. If you chose this specific slab (not just the color from a sample) then you’re probably stuck.

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Knowing the facts before you buy will help you make the right choice — one that will last for years to come. Speckled pattern provides a great accent to cabinets and appliances. You might have to compromise on what kind you want to save money in the end. Some are even harder or softer, making them easier or harder to cut, also affecting the overall price.

Also, with this product, you must accommodate for 1 ½ inch extra for overhang. If you go with a local fabricator who has a contractor on-hand, you’ll have no problem handling any issues that come up. Check prices across multiple suppliers, find out about specials and talk to professionals and fabricators about your options. Grout must be sealed apart from the stone, match it exactly, resealed on a regular basis and regularly scrubbed to remove food. These styles last longer, are easier to put in and come with less maintenance.

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It depends on your professional, so be sure you ask when you’re getting a quote.

If it is tile, it could take up to a day depending on dry time. The price fluctuates according to the length of labor time more than it does according to the counter type. Cabinets are frequently damaged when homeowners pull the counters themselves. The professionals will cut out the stone, if it’s slab, using a diamond-blade saw.

With tiles, he will create a “hidden countertop” to lay over the base cabinets. They save homeowners the expense of removing the existing counter, and the product is supposed to be more durable than regular granite. It has a complex quarrying process and is very rare—known as super exotic. Your rate will depend on your area, how soft or hard the stone is and the type of edge you want. However, there are a lot of ways that the job can go wrong without the proper experience with tools, grout and setting materials with mortar.

Granite countertops were up-and-coming a decade ago, but they continue to be one of the most popular choices for kitchens and bathrooms today. You can even get low-cost options without compromising on look and quality. And when you hire a countertop professional, you can be sure that they will apply the material correctly and beautifully. Some downsides are that it is cold, scratch-able and prone to damage from hot grease and repeated cutting over time. The lower grade options also contain more soft minerals, which make them less durable than higher grades. Honed styles have a matte finish, so the product can look like other materials.

The type best suited for your project will depend on the square footage you need to cover, the number of seams you’re willing to show and the amount of money you’re willing to invest. For this example, we calculated based on a surface measuring 6 feet long by 2 feet deep (which would convert to around 6 linear feet). Local fabricators and contractors have access to a wider variety of options and may charge less for natural stone products in bulk than a retail outlet. Local fabricators, on the other hand, have access to hundreds of unique options. Most homeowners choose slab styles, unless they’re looking for a quick solution. While they’re less expensive, tiles could be more expensive in the long run.

If the product is a slab, it will take anywhere from one to two days.

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If you’re looking to save a few hundred dollars and do this yourself, you could end up ruining your cabinets in the process. The professionals will take measurements of the area to cut the product or figure out how many tiles they need.

The team will place the stone or the hidden surface over the base cabinets.

If the project deals with tile, the team will use grout and apply the materials. The professionals will apply sealants and fillers to complete either format. Consult with a countertop contractor if you’d like to learn more about how these natural stones measure up to one another. These are engineered granite slabs that are cut and measured to fit over existing counters. They must be measured and put in by a company trained in handling them. Truly, this natural stone has gotten much less expensive than it was a decade ago. The lowest-price options will come in remnant form or will be standard, level one materials. The product is extremely heavy, and you could injure yourself and damage the stone if you mishandle it. Your surface could turn out uneven—not a good state for a kitchen surface. Working with a pro, you may be able to get lower prices than if you purchased on your own.

Then, get multiple quotes from pros in your area and check into their reputation.

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What you really want to look at is quartzite countertops to get yourself a great look. Quartzite countertops are a type of natural stone that comes in colors of white and gray. But you may even get to see other colors like pink or red or even blue, yellow and green, because different types of materials can get in and help tweak the colors.

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If you’re looking for durability they are great as well, because they have a stronger frame than other types of stone, like marble. You may want to consider this in your calculations because it is a very difficult piece of stone to cut and piece out into slabs. Look at the quality that you really want to make sure that you are spending the right quality. The important thing is looking at the ways that you can find this material and what can be done to accent the pieces if you’re looking for lower cost. Here we have a number of additional options that you should check out. It could be something super unique and ideal for you and your plans.

The otherwise white and basic kitchen definitely gets a unique feel. They also pair great with white cupboards and the complimenting backsplash.

It also goes well with the darker countertops on the cupboards behind as an accent. Plus, with this large of an accent piece in your kitchen, you definitely get elegance aplenty. Plus, with this large of an accent piece in your kitchen, you definitely get elegance aplenty. You get something a little more rugged but no less styled. You’ll definitely love the flow, especially with the black countertops.

They can have different colors threaded through such as a little bit of black or brown threading. You’ll also have a very natural look to the stone that you put in, which is going to provide a beautiful pattern and style for the kitchen or bathroom or any other room in your house. Quartzite countertops are a little more expensive than other counter options, which makes them a questionable choice for a lot of people.

If you’re looking at having some put in for yourself, you’ll want to know more about these costs.

If you’re looking for more rare pieces, such as pure colors, you’re likely going to spend even more than this, which is important to consider. It can also be used in different ways from larger slabs of countertops to smaller pieces as backsplash or even floor tiles. You may want to accent with other pieces of granite, marble or other types of quartzite to make sure you get a good balance. Here you’ve got a lot of light colors all at the same time, for a more crisp appearance.

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Paired next to ivory cupboards, it definitely ties things in. You don’t get a lot of these shades in quartzite, but here you’ve got plenty. Plus, with this large of an accent piece in your kitchen, you definitely get elegance aplenty. The gray on this island creates a perfect balance for the white and gray of the quartzite. It even pairs very well with the old style brick in the backsplash. Plus there’s quartzine accented through the backsplash which will definitely create a ritzy look.

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So they come out install everything, only issues at the time were they were a bit messy and definitely left a scratch in my floor – which they deny but either way that’s not the real issue. Wife is upset saying it’s supposed to be smooth, guy comes back out says that is normal. Says we picked out the slab so it’s our fault, however no one ever told us to look at the slab from all different angles and touch the entire slab to see if it feels rough. We did pick the piece but was uninformed about it possibly being rough and what to look for. I don’t think it’s that bad but wife refuses to pay the rest of the money, installer refuses to budge.

We are willing to overlook the scratch on the floor for now. When my parents remodeled their kitchen they got a dark granite that needed to be touched up by the store before it could be cut and installed. Maybe a couple of indentations the size of the head of a pin every few linear feet or so. There’s no need to glue it, it weighs hundreds of lbs and is caulked to backsplash all the way around. May just be caulk but it’s on the cabinet, plus the sideslpash around the desk is definitely stuck to the wall.

Anywhere there is a darker spot if you look at the right angle you can see the “crystal pit” and a lot of them you can feel but it’s like you said. Yeah the pics aren’t great, not sure why they are so blurry, any way no it is like a lot of tiny pin holes like you say but they are like ever few inches. Maybe it would bother me more if it was in the kitchen, but what you have may be within the bounds of “normal” for that stone. We just replaced our kitchen counters and were going to go with granite before deciding on quartz simply for the deal. The whole point of a countertop in a food prep situation is smooooooth. If you have to–go after their previous installs and make them prove it. If you take a microfiber towel you can feel little tugs as you move it around but they are not huge gashes. There will be some “pitting”, it’s a natural product so imperfections will happen. I say this only because the the type of stone we want has this possibility. Most places will probably do anything they can to work with you though.

Usually the only time it’s finished afterwards is when the client wants a particular slab that is polished, but wants a non-shiny finish, in which case the fabricator can hone the surface. I have another neighbor who has beautiful ceramic tiles on his kitchen counter and backsplash, but you have to deal with grout issues.

The counter tops feel rough, we clean them, they have a lot of crystal and pits and at the right angle it looks “scratched”, if you look at the other angle it looks like a shiny crystal.

Wife disagrees but they may be willing to redo it if we buy another slab and at a low cost. Wife wants it to be shiny and smooth, the places full counter sample we went to was way smoother than what we have. They had a meeting today, woman from the installer says this is the first complain like this in 9 years. When they cut it for universal thickness it should be a smooth (really smooth ) cut. The granite we have does have some pits but it’s nothing that bothers me. It’s something you can feel but not really see unless you are inspecting it.

Popsicle sticks between the plywood and stone are used for leveling. Yeah the pics aren’t great, not sure why they are so blurry, any way no it is like a lot of tiny pin holes like you say but they are like ever few inches.

Anywhere there is a darker spot if you look at the right angle you can see the “crystal pit” and a lot of them you can feel but it’s like you said. If they’re telling you gouges and irregularities in the finish are normal then that’s crap imo. If you take a microfiber towel you can feel little tugs as you move it around but they are not huge gashes. Maybe it would bother me more if it was in the kitchen, but what you have may be within the bounds of “normal” for that stone. We have black galaxy in the kitchen and it isn’t like that. Maybe they make some granite polish or pit sealer you can use yourself to make it smoother. If the areas are below the surface he should be able to fill it with a clear (or properly covered epoxy) and polish the surface again. He’s in the right about you being responsible for the slab choice, but he or the supplier should have maybe helped a bit more. There will be some “pitting”, it’s a natural product so imperfections will happen. Now it’s smooth minus all the small spots and it really doesn’t bother me.

Most places will probably do anything they can to work with you though. I have another neighbor who has beautiful ceramic tiles on his kitchen counter and backsplash, but you have to deal with grout issues.

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And, as long as you have the right materials, cleaning epoxy countertops is simple and effective. With care and routine cleaning, your countertop will stay in good condition for years! To clean spills with baking soda, make a paste by mixing your baking soda with water in a ratio of 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of water for ½ cup (104 g) of baking soda. Put a few drops of cleaner on a washcloth or dip the cloth in warm water. Don’t apply too much mineral oil to the washcloth, as this can cloud your countertop’s surface. Only use mineral oil once a week maximum or else it could create a haze on your countertop. Dip a washcloth in nail polish remover and rub the stain away in circular motions. Use a white rag to prevent staining your countertop with fabric dyes.

For persistent marring, apply acetone to a sponge or light-duty scrubber and use mild pressure to remove the marring.

Never use abrasive pads or cleaners to remove scratches, as they can dull your countertop’s shine. Your goggles and respirators will protect your eyes and lungs while you polish the countertop. Do not rub the polish into the surface yet, as you will do so while buffing the countertop. Turn the drill on to a low or medium speed and polish the surface in circular motions.

Move the drill back and forth in even motions to work the polishing paste into the scratch. Take a dry cloth and apply heavy pressure while wiping the countertop in a circular motion. After buffing the countertop, get a washcloth wet with warm water and dish soap. Use a dry cloth to get rid of residual water after you’ve removed all of the polish. Liquid polish helps retain the surface’s luster after buffing and protects against stains or scratches.

Generally, you will only need to apply one coating of countertop polish. Countertop polish generally wears off and must be applied every several weeks.

You can perform surface cleaning, polish the countertop’s surface, and get rid of scratches or marring to maximize your countertop’s durability. Apply baking soda or a mild countertop cleaner to your washcloth to help prevent the spills from staining. Apply the paste to the stain, let it sit for 5 minutes, and wipe it off with a washcloth. Cleaning spills as you notice them will keep it in its best condition. Wipe the countertop with the washcloth to help maintain its natural shine. Rub it into your countertop using a circular motion until you give the entire surface an extra gloss. Nail polish removers containing acetone can remove stubborn food stains like coffee, red wine, and berries. Nail polish remover can make the fabric dye come off of your washcloth. Avoid using bleach to remove stains, as bleach can stain epoxy countertop.

Apply dish soap to a washcloth and rub at the marred surface in circular motions. Marring refers to rough patches or light scratches on your countertop. Dab polishing paste in a circular motion along the surface of the epoxy countertop. Choose a polishing paste specifically made for epoxy or laminate countertops.

For scratches in your epoxy countertop, apply a polishing paste along the width of the scratch in several dots. Purchase or rent a polishing buffer drill attachment and attach it over your drill bit. Using circular motions will prevent the buffer from leaving a pattern on the surface. If you don’t have a drill or buffer attachment, you can also hand-buff the countertop. Use it to spot clean any excess polish that the buffer didn’t remove. Leaving the countertop to air dry can result in unsightly watermarks.

Spray the liquid polish along its surface and wipe away the excess with a dry cloth. Spray more liquid polish whenever the first coat wears off or your countertop looks dull.

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Hard water stains on granite are actually the result of mineral deposits left on the stone when the water dries. The first step in removing hard water stains on granite is to make sure that the water is actually the problem. If the stained area feels rough and goes below the surface, the problem is most likely etching caused by a food or drink spill. The stained area may feel more like an accumulation of something on the surface of the granite. In this case it is likely a hard water stain and can almost always be removed. Before attempting to remove hard water stains on granite, it is best to test the abrasive on a hidden area, to see how it will affect the look of the stone.

This gently abrasive powder is sprinkled over the damaged area, then sprayed with water until it is slightly damp. When the powder disappears, the stain will typically be gone as well.

Polishing powder or spray can be used to make the area match the rest of the surface.

These can cause etching and deep stains that can be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to remove. Normally these can be eradicated by rubbing or buffing to get rid of the spot. Running a finger lightly over the surface of the stained area can help in this process. The exact treatment depends on the severity of the stain, but in general it can be gently rubbed with an abrasive until it disappears. A clean cloth is used to rub the powder firmly into the surface of the granite. For severe hard water stains on granite, this may take more than one application. The stain should be lightly rubbed in a circular direction until it is removed.

Once the discoloration has been removed, the area that was stained may have lost some of its shine. Usually all that is required is for the surface to be sprayed and then rubbed with a soft cloth until the shine is restored.

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The surface can be described as having a delicate milky or glassy finish, with soft vein patterns throughout that you won’t find in other stones such as granite.

While there is no denying the exquisite nature of marble, this stone does require care and the application of sealant. Although marble is not as durable as quartz or granite, it is tolerant of high temperatures (note: it can fracture under extreme temperature changes). We allow our customers and promote our customers to “hand select” their slabs at one of our local suppliers. Marble countertops are a popular countertop option and will add value to your home, and it may be more affordable than you think. These substances can stain the surface if they are not cleaned up promptly. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives which may scratch or etch the surface of your marble countertops. When choosing your materials, we want you to make a selection that best fits your needs. When slabs arrive we give customers the option to view and approve the material before anything is fabricated.

If marble is not properly cared for, it can quickly be permanently stained, etched, or scratched. Each slab has a unique combination of veining and coloration you won’t find anywhere else, making your piece truly one of a kind. That way they can see and touch the actual piece that will be cut and fabricated for their home.

Don’t write it off, meet with us to discuss how we can bring marble into your home! When cleaning, use warm water and a few drops of dish soap or mild surface cleaner. We’ll go over the properties of your marble countertops with you before you decide, and address any concerns you may have so you can make an informed decision. This allows you the chance to see the patterns and variations within the slab and to feel any rough patches or pitting within the stone.

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Many homeowners find these techniques to be the best way to paint their bathroom countertops to look like granite as well. Granite-style contact papers, on the other hand, are well-suited for bathroom counters and other dry space. No matter what method you choose, for your countertop renovation to look its best you’ll need to clean the counters thoroughly. This is a vinyl alternative that will not be as waterproof or long-lasting, but offers amazing looking patterns. Measure your space and without adhering cut and arrange your contact paper accordingly. Since vinyl is liable to shrink over time, plan to overlap your seams.

Work slowly, attaching a little at a time to install without bubbles.

For a longer-lasting finish, consider sealing with water-based polyurethane. However, they offer a good option for someone who is not confident about selecting their own colors. Using one of your more neutral colors very lightly dab back over your veining. To make the glittering effect of natural stone try out a few methods and see what best suits your style. A fine grit sandpaper will smooth your countertops while blending your coats together to make them look like natural stone. Nonetheless, for those who want to experiment, painted countertops can make beautiful marble and quartz effects as well. Once a coat of sealant dries, sand it smooth with 800 grit sandpaper.

Then, use drywall spackle, wood filler, or auto body patch to level divots and holes. Then use a gritty sandpaper across the whole surface of the counter and wipe away debris. These are preliminary cuts, since you will make the fine cuts when you are done adhering the faux granite overlay.

Before cutting the edges use a smoother or rolling pin to get out bubbles. Carefully cut the edge of the paper around fixtures and against walls. This will save you time and effort in case you’ve purchased colors don’t actually work in your kitchen. Switch colors and continue dabbing so that you get layered effects. Dab with paper towels for thicker veining, and paint finer veining very lightly with an art brush. You may consider resealing once a year to maintain the glass-like finish. You’ll want to work quickly when you have wet sealant on the counter. It’s easiest to keep your sealant in a plastic bottle and squirt out and spread it as you need . Opting not to install natural granite will also save you the headache of professional cutting and installation when working other kitchen tune-ups such as getting a new stove or even installing a different-sized dishwasher.


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