An inset chopping block provides a specific work area and can be permanently built-in or may be removable. Inserts can also be added to provide asthetic interest to your wood countertop. Inserts can be added to your custom wood countertop for asthetic or functional purposes. A granite or marble insert can serve as a built-in surface for rolling pie crusts, kneading bread dough, or other baking functions. Below you can find a sample of some inserts we have done in the past.

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However, adding objects to concrete is all about creativity, so don’t limit your options, just be sure to check with your contractor first. Because countertops experience a lot of wear and tear it is important to choose an object that will be able to stand up to this wear. For the same reason, it is essential to have the countertop sealed properly with a quality sealer. These inserts are also known as decorative aggregates, because when the countertop is ground, they are revealed, just like natural aggregate. It was glued into the mold and the concrete was poured around it.

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To complete the look, stains were applied by hand using brushes, sponges and rollers. Adding inserts or inlays is a great way to personalize a concrete countertop in a kitchen, bathroom, or even outside. Common items to insert or inlay are pieces of broken glass, tiles, metal, and family heirlooms. When considering an inlay, the long-term durability must be considered. It is generally not a good idea to embed fragile objects, or ones that will deteriorate quickly. Each insert is a different semi-precious stone or recycled glass with a unique color that can be added to the concrete mix before pouring a countertop. Decorative aggregates are simply more unique and eye-catching than the natural aggregate that is in all concrete. In this example, iron scrolls were inlayed into the wet concrete. The polished concrete countertop is also scattered with pieces of turquoise.

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Odds are that the damage is adjacent to a sink or range — high-risk areas.


Before you make a cut, look under the damaged area to find out whether any supports or braces would be damaged if you cut a hole in the counter. The logical place for a cutting board is right next to a sink where you can wash vegetables, chop them, and scrape the scraps directly into the garbage disposal.

You need a good-quality cutting board or piece of butcher block with beveled or finished edges. Make sure the new piece will be level from side to side and along the front before you start cutting. Most walls aren’t completely straight, but the counter edge should be. Go slowly enough that the saber saw doesn’t head off on a tangent. Starting in the center or well inside a cut seam, pry up the vinyl laminate and plywood under it. If you used a router, level the surface and sand it so that the board will fit into the hole tightly without rocking. That will keep food out of the cracks and prevent mold from forming.

You don’t always need to replace a whole countertop when just one part of it looks awful. If there are, you’ll have to rout the surface instead of cutting all the way through it.

You may also want one next to the stove so as you cut, you can dump the pieces into a pot. The piece needs to be slightly larger than the damaged portion of the countertop.

Make sure that it’s level with the edge of the counter, not the back wall. Cut the countertop along those marked lines with a saber saw if you intend to go all the way through the counter. Or you can use a router to make a shallow cut into the plywood in the counter, to make a base to support the cutting board or butcher block. If you start inside the cut edges, there’s less risk of nicking the surrounding countertop. Apply adhesive to the surface of the cutout and set the board in place. Squeeze a thin line of clear silicone caulk all around to seal the joint between the countertop and board.

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