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A laminate edge can really help an island or countertop edge stand out.

This edge works especially well with marble and in bathrooms. An extra piece of granite is fixed underneath the edge of the countertop, making it appear twice as thick.

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It can enhance the overall appearance of your countertop and add to the beauty of the material you have selected. Different edge styles can affect how easy your countertop is to clean, how sharp the edges are, as well as its durability. If you are looking for a timeless and soft countertop edge, the bullnose style is the traditional choice. The rounded nature of the ogee edge is suited for family kitchens where sharp edges may be a concern. Rather than ending an inch or so past the end of the cabinet, waterfall edges extend over the top and down the side of the cabinet to the floor, offering a seamless look that showcases the beauty of your chosen stone. Keep in mind that a square edge will not be completely square – the edges must be softened or rounded to prevent too-sharp corners.

This increases the safety and durability of the corners, making them less prone to damage. While corners will be slightly rounded, you can usually choose just how rounded you would like them to be. This style is slightly more rounded than the eased edge style and offers a softer look.

There are different types of bullnose edges, including the full and half bullnose. Eased edges look great with nearly any style of kitchen, delivering a simple yet clean look. Straight edges will not detract from the other features in your kitchen as a result of their simple, clean lines. There are many types and sizes of beveled edges, including double-beveled styles.

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When you are ready to purchase your countertop, you will be offered a variety of edges. More decorative or complex edges can be added at an additional cost, which is usually nominal considering the investment you are making in the countertops. It is a squared edge, with only a very slight bevel, called a chamfer, to take the sharpness from the edges.

Some very basic edges will be included in the square-foot or linear-foot price of the countertop.

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