Of course, we still have a long list of punch list items that we’re slowly chipping away at. So just ignore the artwork that still needs to be hung, lack of window treatments and absence of staging – this is a real glimpse of our home after living here for four weeks. Now we’re just waiting for the mirrors and shower glass door to be installed. The hard part is getting the subcontractors to show up when they say they are going to, and then keeping them there to finish the job once they are finally on site.

You may have noticed that we now have an extra passenger on board, too.And these crazy homeowners have a few more wrinkle lines to prove it.

In the last week alone, we’ve had to replace the bathtub and toilet because they were cracked by subcontractors….none of which would confess to the crime, of course!

We almost froze to death the couple of times we slept there before the remodel. I estimate that we should recoup the money we spent on them in approximately 125 years. The countertop guy still needs to come back to permanently attach the waterfall edges, though. I can’t even imagine how amazing it will feel to be able to spread out and cook a real meal in here.

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This is actually a terrible photo of the tile because it’s currently covered with a thick film of construction dust, like every other surface in the house. I threw caution to the wind and decided to have them run the subway tile vertically in the shower because my brain is exhausted with all the decision making!

That inaugural shower is going to feel pretty amazing!

We really wanted something that looks like concrete, since a board-formed concrete wall was out of the budget. It is a slight upgrade from my days in the cloffice!

These will create radiant heat by absorbing sunlight, which will then be used to heat our house in the winter and also for our hot water.

We painted the entire house the same colors to keep things simple. There is obviously still a ton to be done, but we’re getting closer. Our contractor had estimated that it would take the crew about 2 weeks to hang and texture the drywall, but they just wrapped up week 4 and still aren’t quite done. They claim the reason it is taking so long is because we chose to do a smooth, grade 4 finish that requires more steps – although they knew this going into the job!

There are so many gorgeous fixtures out there, but they get insanely expensive fast!

I wouldn’t be sad if they wanted to send a few free fixtures my way!

I had them run the grain on the doors horizontally instead of vertically (we chose the exact same finish for the floating cabinets in both bathrooms). The crew tented the area with tarps to keep the rain off the wet concrete until it cured. The rectangular spaces will be filled with either grass or river rock, we haven’t decided yet. I think the exterior needed that bright pop of color to offset the gray and taupe siding. It’s still far from livable, but it’s looking more and more like a house every week. At some point in the near future we are going to need to replace the fence because it’s literally falling over. Clearly the drywall crew is not too concerned with cleaning up after themselves. The formwork is in place and ready for the driveway and walkways to be poured.

We had expected this to be complete when we arrived home, but the contractor still has quite a bit of work to do.

We had to get a new electrical panel in the garage to accommodate the added load of the new addition.

We are finally moved in, though, and it feels pretty amazing!

I invite you to come in out of the snow, sip some hot chocolate and enjoy the tour….

The new guys saved the day and did a great job for us!

We went with a glue down installation method for added durability. All of the rooms in the house have the same hardwoods except for the mudroom and bathrooms, which are tile. If you’ve been playing along since the beginning, you may know that we’re currently on week 29 of construction. Possibly with a few temper tantrums and curse words interspersed here and there. And, as you can tell from today’s photos, we’re still not quite done. That means both the drywaller and painter will need to return for touch ups. Such an improvement over the cheap, hollow core doors this house had before. The old baseboard heaters we had before were such an eyesore and so inefficient. I honestly wasn’t thrilled about spending money on radiators, but the temperature stays much more comfortable now.

We may even have space to use more than one pot at a time!

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Since everything else in the house is pretty neutral, we went a little crazy with the accent tile.

We would like to think that we’re so high tech and green, but in reality we have no idea what we’re doing!

We went with a smooth texture on all the walls and it’s a dramatic improvement over the orange peel texture we had before. Can’t wait to take my first solar heated shower in here!

None of the other subcontractors (painter, tile, hardwoods, etc) can get in to do their work until the drywall is finished so everything else is currently on hold. European look and did different finishes on the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen for an interesting contrast. There are also cabinets above, but this is when my camera battery died so there is no photographic evidence of those. The new driveway, sidewalk and patios were poured, despite the rainy weather.

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We had them do a broom finish to add some texture, then score a square pattern to help alleviate cracking. I picked it out, but we’re both really happy with how it’s coming together. Several neighbors have spotted them in their yards and one even reported that a bear broke through their garage window to eat the trash. They have plans to do more landscaping to this bed next spring. They made themselves right at home and even brought their own microwave as if they are planning to stay for awhile. The concrete has to cure for a month before we can seal them and lay the hardwoods on top. They are too busy with more important things, like microwaving their frozen burrito snacks. I can not imagine living in a house during an extensive remodel like this one. The good news is that the stucco is complete and looks amazing!

These bundles of wires are the “homeruns” leading from the panel to the rest of the house. The insulation guys put up creepy plastic sheeting up everywhere.The concrete subfloor will be poured on top of that, then the hardwood flooring will finish it off.

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You just have to make sure to prepare the surface correctly. For this particular project, we sanded the wood and marble surfaces and opted to remove the laminate layer from the main countertop. If it had been securely adhered we would have gone right over it. Once the laminate is secure sand it with 80 grit sand paper to rough it up.

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The key to them keeping them looking great is making sure you maintain a sealer coat. It is a breeze with the water based sealers, but you have got to keep them sealed. I also saw the comment on the other page about cover wall, someone had asked about bathroom or showers. Regarding the shower application, the feather finish cannot be used in areas that are exposed to constant water.

We hope to be able to update you in a couple of weeks. Does the distributor you list sell to “regular” people, or just professionals in the industry?

They are one of the few commercial suppliers we have run into that are quiet consumer friendly.

We had slate tile as the back splash and the contractors went cheap with laminate. Wilsonart laminate that degraded within a month of installation. Do you think that might be better for a kitchen counter?

This looks perfect because it’s quick, cheap and easy!

After each coat, you will want to lightly sanding the surface to knock down any rough spots that could mess up your finish on the next coat. However, if you prefer a smooth surface, you can achieve that look with more sanding.Now, this process is doable, but there are some things that you just learn better with hands-on experience. I was only able to put in a few hours work each day because of other jobs, but it could for sure be completed in two days if you wanted. The only reason we removed this laminate is because it was already coming loose. Since it was loose we just used a putty knife to pry it up and it came off quite easily. Counter sink them so they sit below the surface, but that should do it. If you start to notice that your countertop gets dark within a few seconds of getting wet you need to reseal. Have you ever done any stamping with these products are the layers too thin?

I have also been wondering this, it seems if you had a sealed membrane under this product it would work since concrete is permeable to water just like tile/ grout. It seems to be easier to work with when you use thin layers.

We did a sample piece and trialed oil, lemon juice and red wine spots over sealer and over paste wax. Would it be okay to pour it out at a quarter inch at one time?

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For courtesy listings of some firms dedicated to loop installation, see below. It has nothing to sell and has no financial interest in any loop product.

You should ask potential installers whether they offer engineering expertise to meet this standard and will guarantee that they have done so. American manufacturer of home and institutional loop systems.

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I ask him for a break down after we set a time for him to show up and he never answers me back. I call him again, he tells me once again he is going to get some lunch and will get there when he can. He tells me that he needed to come back the next day to finish for only a couple hours. They gave me a number to a plumber to call for that at an extra cost. I ask him for a break down after we set a time for him to show up and he never answers me back. He comes over to measure and about a week later he starts his install. I asked them why he would leave without finishing and they tell me it was their fault because they had to send him on a more important job than mine!

I asked who was going to install them since they gave me the impression that was part of the deal. Only thing they were concerned with was getting money without giving any apology.

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We are have solutions for anything your heart desires. Whether you are replacing the countertops or doing a complete update we are here to help you make your dream a reality.

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