Fortunately, nothing frees up space like a little organization. Actual woodworking is not a requirement, because these 10 ideas for storing spices include simple repurposing projects as well as custom-tailored solutions, and all of them get the job done. This in-plain-sight presentation means you’ll never again have to dig through a cabinet or drawer to hunt for the oregano. Then, pour your spices into the test tubes and top each with a cork. Keep the more frequently used spices in the top panel, so the ones you need most are always together and at the ready.

You can easily see exactly what you have the instant you open the drawer.

Simply wrap floral wire around the necks of some clear spice jars, and form a loop in the back. Remember to place a label on the top of each jar so you can easily see what you need before pulling it out. A small wooden shelf across the middle (painted silver to match) allows you to stand two rows of shakers inside. Just empty your spice containers into magnetic tins and arrange them on the fridge door for an eye-popping presentation. Just drill holes into a strip of wood to accommodate your test tubes, and mount the strip on your kitchen wall.Attach small cup hooks to the bottom for handy storage for measuring spoons and cups. Set nails (or even adhesive wall hooks) into the wall in your favorite configuration, and hang. The end result is easy to add to, keep alphabetized, and carry to your meal prep station. The bottle compartments are just the right size for your herb and spice containers. Filled with uniform bottles, they are pretty, eclectic, and functional.

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There is quite a bit of down time while letting stain or paint dry. We’ve provided the most common spices plus an extra fillable label sheet so you can have custom matching labels for all your spice bottles, no matter how rare or specific your spice tastes may be. Then return the blade to cut at 90 degrees and cut to 3 1/2″. Then cut on miter saw at about a 64 degree angle to the 5 7/8″ corner. Along the top mark at 2″ from both edges, along the sides mark at 1 1/2″ from the edges.

One pocket hole along the top edge, marked at center on both side pieces. Make sure you mark the mirror of the first piece so your pocket holes are on the outside of the drawer on both sides. To begin assembly of the box align the back piece and one of the side pieces. I used my pocket hole bit to drill these holes so the screws will be countersunk. First glue and clamp the rails (10″) and stiles (6 1/2″) together. Check to see if it moves easily, and stops against the stop piece. The graphite is transferred from the pressure, so try not to touch anywhere else!

Free building plan and printable space labels at #remodelaholic. The drawer tips forward to quickly grab what you need — beautifully labeled thanks to our free custom fillable spice labels you can download below!

Run the top along both of the 13 7/8″ lengths, and then cut the edges as well. Mark along the bottom (none 45 edge) at 2″ from both side edges. Attach the side to the top with the pocket holes along the back first. Spread the glue to within 1/2″ from the outside edge of the trim.

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A sturdy matte-black metal handle also means you can tote it from pantry to island when it’s time to start cooking. The tiered clear, white, or black plastic expands to fit the exact width. This wooden shelving unit features four shelves for spices — not to mention hangers for a cheese grater and more below. Just hold onto the containers your kid’s baby food comes in — or ask a parent buddy to keep a few for you. Angled levels make it easier to see the oregano when you’re whipping up dinner.

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It can be easily utilized for bathroom, make-up and nail polish storage or used for storing crafts goods and ribbons. Full metal construction that requires zero assembling or installation. I used to put all things on the surface, but having this shelf allow to put stuff vertically and definately a total space saving!

I keep it close to the stove which makes it very convenient.

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I think it will hold up well and there was absolutely no assembly required.

You are only able to fit a few of your larger sized spice containers and the rack on bottom does not allow for much height. I may move it to counter top if need to create more space in the cabinet. It is wonderful that it is all one piece instead of something you have to put together. The free-standing rack can be moved and positioned in almost any location including kitchen countertops, cabinets, pantry, or even other rooms in the house. Its wide enough to place hair dryer yet not taking too much space. It holds about 2 layers of spices on each row and is very stable. It holds all my spice bottles and give me more space at the front of shelf for other use. But for me to give it five stars, it really should be a little longer, a little deeper and a little taller. There is lots of room on the bottom shelf to fit taller boxes of bandages etc. It is a contemporary style that looks great in my stainless steel kitchen and granite counter tops.

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