Honey finds the best promo code and applies it for you automatically – for free. Their surface is too dense for liquids to seep in, not even sealer would penetrate. What type of granite would be best used as a hot rock to cook on?

As it is a natural material, each granite type will vary in porosity. If you are not sure whether you need to apply a sealer or not, drop a small amount of water onto the stone’s surface.

Are granite slabs better than granite tiles for kitchen counter?

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In its natural state, granite is naturally rough and has a texture to it. For example, a granite that is very high in feldspar will have a rich red or pink highlight. Many people love granite because of the differentiation in the looks of the stone. When you are shopping for granite, you will find that there are many ranges in the colors of the stone and achieving the look you want and having something unique is so fun. The biggest potential drawback is staining that occurs when the homeowner either buys cheap granite countertops that haven’t been properly sealed or fails to reseal them when needed.

Plus, resealing granite countertops is quite easy and the sealer is affordable.

Granite begins as a molten magma that flows into other rock structures and then cools off. When it is ground and polished, it becomes smooth and has a beautiful luster. Granite is made up of several different types of minerals that give each slab a very unique and beautiful appearance. For this reason, it’s very important that you select a slab of granite that has been quarried from the same stone to ensure that the color and the amount of veining are similar. If you have questions about granite, then we will be glad to help you in the selection process. The good news is that most granite slabs are now sealed at the factory with a finish that will last at least five years and often longer.

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The day after a kitchen or bathroom remodel is completed, everything is shiny and beautiful and clean. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to lose hope of keeping your kitchen or bathroom looking good as new for years to come. But don’t worry, those three steps are simple when you’ve got the right tools! When your new countertops were installed, chances are they came already sealed.

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It’s a good idea to do it every 12 months, but fortunately, it’s so quick and simple that you can do it in about 10 minutes or less. If the water soaks in and darkens the surface, then it’s time to re-seal!

Yes, as beautiful and durable as they are—and don’t worry, they’re some of the most durable substances around—granite countertops are still porous, which means that they can absorb liquids or moisture. It also means that the beautiful sheen that your granite countertops possessed when they were first installed can dull over time.

Experts agree that cleaning is just one part of the three-step process to proper routine granite maintenance. But, sealer wears off over time, so it’s important to make sealing your granite countertops a part of your regular maintenance. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to re-seal your granite countertops, you can perform a simple water test. Sealing and polishing your granite countertops is important—not just to keep them looking as good as new, but also to keep them performing their best.

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The more porous the stone, the easier it is for damage and stains to occur. With the right stone-safe granite sealer , the process can keep your countertops beautiful. Leave a carton of strawberries on unsealed stone and you may discover a deep red square on your otherwise flawless countertop.

Some cleaning products contain citrus, which can quickly eat away at the calcium in the stone and leave pits. A sealer works to seal the cracks and tiny fissures in the stone to keep stains from going deep into the countertop. Unsealed stone absorbs liquid quickly, which can become a problem in a kitchen or bathroom where countertops are bound to get wet.

Without proper maintenance, even the strongest stone countertops can experience damage to the finish, unpleasant stains, and irreversible damage to the stone itself. All types of stone countertops can be sealed regularly with a stone-safe sealer to maintain a strong seal against stains, liquids, and corrosive compounds. Buff the surface right away until it’s dry for a flawless finish and the best possible protection.

It’s important to seal granite, marble, and other porous natural stone often to keep liquids from seeping into the stone and causing damage. The good news is sealing your countertops is easier than you might think. This staining can happen in a matter of minutes, even if you’re quick to wipe up the spill. Chemicals that seep into the stone can damage the finish and cause discoloration. You might think something as natural as water wouldn’t be a problem, but it is.

If you don’t know how to seal natural stone , the process is fairly simple. Spray the sealer onto the stone in three-foot sections, then immediately wipe it into the countertop with a lint-free cloth.

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As a construction material, quartz is made of crushed rock fragments featuring a high concentration of silicon dioxide. Less than 10 percent of quartz consists of synthetic resins and artificial pigments. After this stage, the quartz material is heated and curated before the surface is finished and polished.

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Unlike marble and other types of natural stone, quartz does not feature a porous surface that would require sealing and resealing.

Even though they were built with solid natural stone materials, being exposed to the elements without adequate sealants, which would not be formulated for a few more centuries, resulted in permanent damage. With quartz, stains are less likely to happen, but this does not mean quartz is 100 percent stain-proof.

Looking at current real estate listings, it is clear to see quartz floors and countertops have become a major selling point, and one of the reasons behind this preference is because quartz is a construction material that does not require constant resealing. There is a bit of confusion in this regard because quartz is the name of the crystalline mineral that gives many kinds of natural stone its attractive patterns. These pieces are mixed with coloring substances and bonding resins to form slabs, tiles, and even bricks.

The compound made from these materials is placed in vacuum chambers that mix, vibrate, and mold the resulting slabs or tiles. For example, the high porosity of limestone and marble is the reason many ancient structures did not retain their integrity. When the quartz fabrication process is complete, a sort of permanent seal is formed to the benefit of homeowners who get a very attractive, durable, and long-lasting material. With natural stone, frequent sealing is required mostly because substances can seep through the pores and cause permanent stains.


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