What is the largest size baking dish can be used ( 9 x13)?

This is a really nice toast oven with convection and rotisserie. This is our first convection oven and we don’t know how to use it. It gives setup specifics for making toast, doing pizza, etc. I think we went thru 2 loaves of bread the first 2 days we had it.A nonstick coating covers the interior to make cleaning easy and.

The booklet could be a little more informative and even give a few recipes for us. But, in general, this is a toaster oven that is not expensive but has many features. My kids are so exited that they can make 6 slices of toast at time. Industrial styling four cooking options including convection bake and convenient keep-warm function make this multi-functional countertop oven a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven With Convection and Rotisserie by easykitchenappliances.com

Meat will self-baste as it turns and you will be able to fit a 5 lb. Cook anything that you’ve cooked with your standard oven, plus a lot more. It features a big glass door that makes it very easy to check on the food and the commands on the right side are very simply made and easy to read. The construction and body are made from stainless steel, which gives a really nice look. The door handle that is located on the top of the door is also made of steel and it’s made to always stay cold no matter what. Other than speed, convection function makes sure that the food is baked more evenly as well, and it uses about 50% less energy than a standard oven. Such a combination of accessories and versatility will give you a chance to cook two things at once without having to take turns. That way, you will finish cooking or baking your favorite meal faster than you would with an oven, especially with the help of the convection feature. All you have to do is remove the tray, clean it, and give the interior a little wipe. Such simple maintenance and cleaning once in every few weeks will make sure that this countertop oven stays in the best shape possible. It features everything that a standard traditional oven has, but it also adds up when you see it’s different functions and features that boost cooking time but also boost the abilities this countertop oven has to offer.

Oven With Convection And Rotisserie

Also, when comparing this countertop oven to other ovens with similar features – it beats the competition easily.

You may be able to make pizza but can you cook a chicken rotisserie in your standard oven?

It’s small enough to fit on any kitchen countertop, yet it’s big enough to provide a plenty of capacity. There are 3 big knobs that give you a full control over temperature, functions, and timing. It fits into any kitchen interior very well without attracting too much attention.

You will be able to fit up to two 12″ pizzas, two 9″ x 13″ pans or casseroles, and even two cake pans at the same time. It’s also worth it to mention that this oven is 110 voltage only, but it offers a true powerful cooking experience. Such a setting allows this countertop oven to bake and cook faster than any traditional oven, but also faster than other competitor’s countertop ovens.

You and your family and friends will be able to get all of your food at the same time. Therefore, cleaning the interior won’t usually take very long. It offers a lot of value for the price it so you ultimately get a great deal by simply purchasing it.

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