Granite is a popular countertop material for a myriad of reasons, but this stone is not without its due course of maintenance and proper care. In addition, certain materials can dull the professional finish on granite, causing something known as “etching,” which is chemical damage that comes in various degrees. If you have inherited granite that was mistreated or neglected, a professional can help you recover the original charm of the stone. Using cutting boards and other food prep surfaces can go a long way toward protecting your countertops, but etching occurs due to accidental spillage.

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In fact, some efforts to mitigate damage are often counterproductive, as etching is a chemical reaction, not a common household stain. Speak with a granite repair expert if you’re unsure about the extent of the damage. Like many household repairs, taking care of etching when it is minor is the easiest route to preserving the integrity of your countertops.

When it comes to granite care , many homeowners already know the importance of regularly cleaning, sealing, and polishing granite to maintain a beautiful finish and protect the stone from penetration of dirt and germs. Often misconstrued as watermarks or stains, this type of damage is preventable. The longer the granite is exposed to these types of substances, the more severe the etching and the more in depth the repair process. Wipe the liquid so you contain the spill, as damage can occur upon impact and become exacerbated by rubbing, letting the liquid sit, or using common household cleaners.

While minor and moderate etching can often be more easily repaired, severe etching will require repair.

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Many people don’t have the right idea about the correct procedure of marble polishing and they think polishing is for removing marks and stains from the surface of the marble. There are many marble slab suppliers who will guide you in the correct procedure of the marble polishing. When you get the surface of the marble polished, it gives it a mirror like finish and makes the colour look more deep and saturated. The colours remain muted and the finish on the surface is more towards the matte finish. Honed finish is also very easy to maintain and the colour patterns look more appealing. As we all are in a habit of seeing the marble with shiny surfaces everywhere, right from hotels, to malls, we think that the marble comes originally with it. It also makes the grains on the surface of the marble look more prominent, giving it a very elegant and classy look. The shine on the marble is something that is in its construction and it’s a part of the marble itself. In etching process, the chemical compound might be used by some manufacturers to give it the required finish and bring out the shine.

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Polishing is a long process and must be done in right manner to ensure that the surface is polished in an even way. Always call the experienced marble slab suppliers for the installation and the polishing process.

Marble polish is used to make the surface shiny and there is a difference between etching and polishing. However, you need to understand that the natural stones can be polished and finished in number of ways depending on the style that is required by the buyer.

Because the shiny surface is very common with granite and marble countertop both, many people think that the polish is the only way to make marble look good. Many people opt for this finish as it makes the grains look prominent and the surface looks more natural. Honed finish looks dull when compared to the shiny finish and many people mistake it for some defect. The texture on the surface of the marble depends on the choice of the owner. They give you a much smoother finish where the colours look more rich and deep. The shiny surface on the marble is not achieved by applying some chemical or any other shining products. When the surface is polished, the shine comes out in a more pronounced way.

Before getting the polishing process done, make sure that you are calling the right experts for the job. Many people tend to get it done by non professionals and that results in different tones on the surface of the marble.

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If it’s in bad shape , then professional restoration may be your best bet to get satisfactory results and really make the marble look as good as it can.

If this doesn’t get all the dirt and spots off, then you have embedded stains, which requires a multi-step method to remove. You’ll need to hire a marble pro to re-finish and polish the marble with special abrasives. Of course, you may not have that info, so you’ll have to experiment a bit. So, you’ll need to inspect the tiles and determine which problem(s) you have and perform the appropriate procedures. Is there any way to sand and get rid of the discolorations and then hone or polish? Grinding and re-surfacing marble is not really a job for a handyman though. It requires quite a bit of experience and skill to do an acceptable job especially if you want a shiny polish.

Even pros can sometimes make a mistake and have to start over or re-do a step or two. The primary issue to consider with marble kitchen countertops is that they will easily etch (get dull and discolored) upon contact with acidic foods and drinks. But understand this is not the typical or recommended way to maintain marble countertops. But if you are looking to maintain the best surface finish (whether honed or polished), then you would avoid exposure to acidic foods/drinks and never use harsh or acidic cleaners like vinegar. I take it the marble originally had a shiny or “polished” finish?

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A honed surface won’t show wear from foot traffic nearly as bad as a polished marble.

Stains can be removed with a pretty simple process, but if the stains are old and deep, large and/or you have a lot of them, you probably won’t get satisfactory results trying to do-it-yourself. Again difficult and time consuming to clean and you still may not get great results. Depending on the size of the patio, it could be somewhat expensive, but you should get excellent results. If they don’t get the results you want, then you’re not much worse off and can call a pro at that point.

Most likely you’ll have success removing mold from the marble table top. If stains remain , then the mold has absorbed into the marble and regular surface marble cleaning methods won’t be enough. You may have to repeat the method a number of times, but it almost always does the trick. The vanity needs to be honed to remove imperfections and poulticed to remove staining.

But if it was in decent condition before being stored , then you may get good results on your own. Removing the stains will depend on what stained the marble table top. Marble cleaning isn’t necessarily hard or complicated, but there isn’t a magic cleaner that will fix all problems. Now, if the grime and any stains are near the surface so you don’t have much marble to remove and you are okay with a very rough honed surface, then you may be able to do the job yourself sanding with metal sandpaper and/or acid washing the surface using vinegar. Now, if you “revitalize” the surface with a vinegar acid wash, then the etch marks that occur from spills of acidic foods won’t be as visible and you may just continue acid washing the surface with vinegar periodically to maintain the surface in that rough honed condition. It’s simply impossible to stop marble etching on kitchen countertops and etch marks still show on honed surfaces. It looks very dull in the areas that have been walked on and it now has come to the stage where attention is definitely necessary.

Your marble floor tiles may be to the point where you have to hire a marble maintenance professional to resurface. The discoloration of the marble patio is probably from years of ground in dirt, maybe some moss, etc. A pro will simply grind away the stained and discolored layer until you have clean, raw marble of uniform color. You’ll need a different process to remove stains and it depends on what stained the marble, how deep it is, so it may involve a bit of experimentation. But if the patio is large, then just hire a marble restoration pro. It just depends if it is on the surface or has created a marble stain.

If you’re up for a project , there are some things you can do that may yield satisfactory results.

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It sound like it it an old carrara vanity with rust stains and etch accumulation.

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It is quite possible that the damage is minor but the most reasonable method of restoring the surface is by polishing.

Second, go to an automotive store and buy rubbing compound and an electric polishing machine (this machine will reduce a few hours of work to several minutes).

The darkness makes the granite look permanently wet, even though it is not. I used it around my faucets on my granite counter tops and now there is a cloudy white mark all around my faucets. My husband accidentally spilled some acid to clean the rims on the granite and it turned white. Etching is when the foreign material has eaten away some of the surface. Shiny surfaces are generally shiny because they have been polished with fine abrasives to a high level of smoothness. The only way to get that wood smooth again is to sand it down all over again.

I think the repolishing of the stone may be a job for a professional, or at least someone experienced with it. This can change the texture and/or chemical make-up of the affected areas, which changes the appearance to the naked eye. Think of it like how a wood surface is sanded until it is very smooth. Think of that like bashing your smooth wood in with some pointy metal things, like a meat tenderizer mallet.

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There are only so many ways to cover up that spot on your countertops where you dropped the smoking hot skillet.

A solid surface sink can be damaged by something falling from a great distance, breaking the sink. We get calls often for that, where someone is going to salvage their counters and would like it installed in the basement or want to give them to a friend. Watch out for low countertop prices that seem too good to be true. This composite surface material can be applied with customized edging over an existing laminate, solid surface or tile countertop.

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You don’t have to worry about pulling out the cabinetry and all that stuff. It’s usually about half of what (solid surface countertops) would cost and it can even be less than laminate countertops. Can someone come to house and provide free estimate for counter top instalation.

Or the gouge left behind when someone got a bit too aggressive when carving up the turkey. Many countertop specialists offer ways to restore, repair and renew your existing countertops for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Some typical examples of repair or damage would be some exposure to extreme heat causing a crack failure. When someone remodels a kitchen, we find a solid surface always has a place to be recycled or reinstalled in a new location.

Homeowners can choose from a variety of colors and looks, ranging from a glossy finish that has the appearance of granite, to a satin finish that looks more like seamless solid surface.

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Always clean the countertops before you start polishing to get rid of any spills or stains.

Keep your countertops protected by cleaning up spills immediately and using heat-resistant mats. Before you start polishing granite, it needs to be free of spills and stains. Add a few drops of mild soap like dish detergent and agitate the water to make it bubbly. Dip a cleaning cloth into the warm water and wring it out to remove the excess water. It’s important that it’s completely clean before you add the polish. Mix together 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water until the mixture is smooth and a thick paste forms. Baking soda is also great for removing stubborn stains from granite.

Avoid general-purpose polishing products, as these can damage granite.

Place a thin, even coating of the baking soda paste or retail granite polish onto the countertop. For retail granite polish, simply spray the product lightly over the countertop and let it sit for the specified amount of time, which is usually 2-3 minutes. It’s important to always use a very soft cloth for buffing, as anything more abrasive could scratch the granite. Streaks can easily ruin the appearance of beautifully polished granite!

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If you notice any excess water on the countertop after you have wiped it down, use another cloth to dry it off. In most cases, your granite countertop will polish up nicely using simple cleaning agents. Contact a granite restoration professional to get your granite countertop professionally polished and looking as good as new! These techniques are only recommended for professionals to use, as they can cause irreversible damage if they are done incorrectly. Liquids that are left on granite for too long can cause dark, shadow-like marks to form. Get into the habit of wiping up spills with a soft cloth as soon as they occur.

Although granite is very hard-wearing, it can still be damaged if you regularly cut straight on the surface. Hot pots, pans, hair straighteners, and curling irons can all cause micro-scratches to form. Micro-scratches form when the granite experiences a sudden change in temperature. Place these products on a tray or a mat, or leave them in a cabinet instead. Granite countertops are sealed to protect the stone from being weakened and damaged from everyday use.

If the water soaks into the countertop, apply a granite seal or contact a granite restoration professional to get it resealed. You can clean and polish the granite if the countertop needs to be resealed, however, it’s best to act promptly to avoid any damage. That area is now dull, not shiny like the rest – is there a way to polish that area to look like the rest of the counter? By the next day it will have soaked into that dull spot enough that it will blend in with the rest of the slab. I have removed oil stains from granite by making a mixture of cornstarch with a small amount of pure acetone (just enough to make a paste).

If it starts scraping into a flaky white powder, then keep doing that until it’s all gone and then your shine should be visible again. Some sealers have both polish and sealer combined, so double check before starting. If your countertop requires deep polishing, always hire a professional.

Then buff the countertops with either a baking soda paste or a retail granite cleaner to get a nice, polished look. Although warm, soapy water is very effective, you can also purchase specialty granite cleaners for everyday cleaning if you prefer. Although granite is a hard-wearing material, it needs to be treated gently to keep it looking good. Use the cloth to wipe away crumbs, spills, and stains from the whole countertop. Microfiber cloths or nubby washcloths are ideal for cleaning granite. Get a dry microfiber cloth and remove all of the excess soapy water. You may need to swap the microfiber cloth for a dry one if it gets too wet. Alternatively, you can use a terry cloth towel instead of a microfiber cloth.

Always read the label to ensure that the product is suitable for your countertop before you buy it. If you are using baking soda paste, place small dollops of it across the countertop using a spoon.

Get a clean, soft cloth and begin to work the polish into the granite. Rub the polish into the countertop in small circles and make sure to buff the edges too. Use the cloth to wipe down the countertop, removing any remaining baking soda paste or retail granite polish. Get the granite polished professionally if there are deep scratches. However, sometimes the granite can be too deeply scratched or damaged for home remedies to work. Professionals use specialty tools and either wet or dry polishing techniques on the granite.

Similarly, bright-colored beverages can stain light granite countertops. Always use a chopping board when you are preparing food and try not to leave any sharp objects directly on the countertop.

Keep a silicone, heat-resistant pad or an insulated mat within easy reach on the countertop. Makeup and nail polish contain chemicals that can tarnish the granite and break down the sealant with long-term exposure. Pour a few drops of water onto the countertop and check that water beads form, as this indicates that the seal is working properly. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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You can do this once a month to maintain the original level of gloss, but if you want a polished gleam, it will have to be refinished. But if you can’t wait that long, or don’t want to put in all that elbow grease, hire a professional countertop fabricator, who can bring the surface to a high polish. Just be prepared to pay a high price for this service, to contain the fine dust that the sanding will generate, and to hand-buff your countertops at least once a month thereafter.

The bleach in them doesn’t hurt solid surfacing, but it does take five or six wipe-downs to get rid of the residue. This isn’t an easy job, but it’s usually easier and cheaper than replacing the countertop. Of course, if you’re not willing to maintain that glossy surface, maybe you’re better off leaving it matte or semigloss.

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When cracks, chips and stains occur accidentally during use, it’s often possible to repair.

It’s best to get an experienced stone worker to do the repairs, but you may be able to repair granite yourself with step-by-step instructions. When using either the epoxy or the polyester resin, it’s a good idea to test the product in an out of the way place on the granite. Sanding and re-polishing is often an expensive way to fix granite and it may not even work — the only option then may be to replace the whole piece of stone. Otherwise, the pressure from people leaning on the overhang could cause the granite to crack. Large gaps between the seams may be difficult to repair, and countertop installation shouldn’t result in any gaping at any seam. For instance, some countertops require a sealant, but sealants used on stone that shouldn’t be sealed may cause discoloration that looks like a stain. While bleach, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be used sparingly to remove stains, ammonia-based products should not be used at all on granite. If you have any hard or super sticky dried stuff on the countertop, you can remove them with acetone. You need to use non-citrus-based liquid dish soap and a steel wool cleaning pad. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted.

For example, what looks like cracks in granite may just be veins or fissures in the natural stone, so it’s always a good idea for both the buyer and the seller to thoroughly examine granite tile flooring or granite purchased for a countertop.

It’s important to make granite repairs as soon as possible because cracks may spread.

This stone epoxy can usually repair a granite countertop or tile that has cracks or chips caused by dropping an object on the stone. A window scraper may be used to carefully scrape off excess epoxy so that the repaired countertop or tile looks neat. It may be easier to work with than epoxy, since the polyester dries faster. If a large section of granite is badly damaged or scratched, a granite sanding and polishing kit may work, but this should be done by a stone care professional for best results.

If you have a granite countertop that includes an overhang section, such as a breakfast bar, the section should be well supported with brackets underneath. Another preventive measure to take against granite repair is to make sure that contractors installing granite countertops fit the seams together well. I think it might have eaten away the glossy finish because the spill area is dull. Apply it to the stains on your countertop and leave it for 2 hours. If you happen to have any cracks or chips, you can repair them with granite epoxy resin.

Any suggestions on cleaning granite countertops would be great! Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

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If your home has granite countertops, then you know how they can make your home shine, but what happens when the literal shine is taken out of your granite? Contact our team of stone and granite specialist to assist with deep etching and get your granite looking like new again. The longer liquid acids have to make contact with your countertops, the more likely you are to experience etching. While granite is tough and many people chop food directly on it, do not prepare acid foods on your counters. While this may seem trivial, the acids in these everyday foods contribute to etching. Many of them can actually be the cause of etching, so make the effort to purchase a cleaner made specifically for your granite. If your granite lacks the proper sealing, it lacks a great deal. We use the latest technology with a non-acidic process to properly clean and care for your granite countertops.

Contact us at (214) 304-5611 for a free in-home estimate and demo.

And granite is one of the most beautiful and durable countertops a kitchen can possess. The good news is that loss of shine can be repaired, and it can be prevented! Granite is one of the toughest and most durable forms of natural stone. Over time, granite can begin to dull or gather an appearance of splotchy water stains where the shine has been removed from your countertop.

It occurs when acids come in contact with your counter, causing a chemical reaction that damages the shine of your granite, depleting its luster. Installing granite countertops is a big investment, and the purpose of that investment is to elevate the look of your home. Repairing etching comes down to the level of which the etching has occurred. Rather than polishing the granite, deep etching will need to be repaired. If you have questions about how deeply the etching process has occurred on your countertops, speak with a professional. To begin with, clean your countertops of spills and liquids as soon as you notice them.

Use a cutting board when chopping foods with higher levels of acidity such as lemons, limes, apples, and tomatoes. Use hot pads when placing warm items on your counters, and utilize coasters or placemats under liquids. Have your granite regularly cleaned and sealed to prevent etching as well as stains and damage. You deserve a home you can be proud of, and we can help you accomplish that.

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But if your granite contains traces of calcite, serpentine, onyx or other calcareous minerals that are sensitive to acid damage, you may find dull etch spots on polished granite surfaces. Preventing etching also means using a cutting board, chopping block or plate when preparing acidic foods such as tomatoes or citrus fruits. Consult a professional stone restorer before attempting to repair etch marks on granite.

While granite resists most types of harm, it is not completely immune to damage such as etching. Immediately blot up any spills from acidic foods, flush the area with mild dish detergent solution, rinse the area with clear water and towel dry.


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