You almost never see dirt (or cat hairs!) on slate floors, and just about any non-solid color countertop will hide rings/water droplets/etc. I used to use it regularly to remove hard water from automobiles and household windows. Anyone with granite have any similar issues with condensation marks? In this case it’s probably dissolving and then re-depositing the residue from whatever you last cleaned the countertop with.

In this case it’s probably dissolving and then re-depositing the residue from whatever you last cleaned the countertop with.

We had a solid surface counter in the last home and it was nearly impossible to keep looking nice. We’ve been able to nearly get it all out by using a hair dryer on the water stain. Condensation is usually pretty soft, unless you live near an ocean. It performed mostly as expected, but the look is generally more industrial, and you are almost aiming for a patina, not a gloss so much. Anyone with granite have any similar issues with condensation marks?

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Granite has the most variety of color choices of any natural stone.

Take a small cabinet door with you when shopping for granite to ensure a color match. White granite easily substitutes for the bakery look of marble, and it costs less. The neutrality of the color allows the addition of contrasting colors to come into the room. Depending on the amount of light coming into the room, red granite can be dramatic.

Your decision about which one to use depends on the amount of light coming into your room, the flooring, the color of your backsplash and appliances. Purchase the slab you find in the granite yard as each stone is unique. It’s preferable to white marble because of its density and hardiness. A pure white doesn’t exist in granite because of the composition of the stone. Red, blue and green accents are the most popular colors with beige granite. The stone has a variety of overtones that include red, burgundy, brown, gray and black. Light accent colors, including yellow and gold, contrast well with red granite.

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Exuding with beauty and possessing durability which can last a lifetime, green granite is an excellent countertop choice for luxurious kitchens. Exuding with beauty and possessing durability which can last a lifetime, green granite is an excellent countertop choice for luxurious kitchens. Below you will find green granite countertops, their most popular types and a comprehensive styling guide for matching with cabinets in your kitchen.

Radiating flamboyance and grandiose, green granite countertops works as a bold dramatic statement for any kitchen. It comes in solid colors with little variations of subtle gray dots or either a coarse, pebbled, grained or flecked pattern. The second kind of pattern is the marbled or veined type which is characterized by a smooth transition of colors and textures. Speckled green granite has accents of frosted crystals and metallic colored minerals such as mica, quartz and feldspar. Since green is also a relaxing and soothing color, green granite countertops tend to make homes more inviting and inspiring. White cabinetry matched with green granite countertops balance and neutralize the overall look of a kitchen whether it may be traditional or contemporary. Green granite countertops with bold and busy patterns must always be paired with a more subtle and muted color palette.

A monochromatic color scheme is also another option that can be explored. For tiles, best to pair it with light colored matte ceramic or natural stone tiles. Or if not, opt for to go with plain simple beige strip tiles or natural stone with a complementary color such as slate or limestone.

Just always keep in mind that green granite exudes beauty and it is best if you allow it to stand out in the space. Green granite is known for adding drama and sophistication — the darker the color of green granite is, the more dramatic it looks. Labor costs and installation for green granite is the same for other types of granite. Aside from these factors, also take into consideration the edging to be used. This traditional inspired kitchen used the green granite countertop as a simple yet stunning focal point. Below is a list of the most popular types of green granite used for kitchen countertops. Characterized by a medium toned background consisted of green, gray, cream stone base with gold and brown vein highlights and burgundy flecks.

This type of granite is a perfect match for wooden kitchen cabinets. Due to the high movement in the pattern of this granite, this type of countertop must be paired with a light colored kitchen cabinet. To make this countertop an interesting focal point for your kitchen, it is best to pair it with white cabinets or light colored wooden cabinets. When used with light colored kitchen cabinets, this type of granite countertop will surely make your color palette pop. Its metallic appearance makes it a “stand out” countertop for kitchens with white cabinetry or light and natural stained wooden cabinets.

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Stainless steel appliances and a simple diagonal patterned tile backsplash add subtle contrast and accents to the look of this space.

Its overall color almost looks grayish which makes it an ideal countertop for creating contrast for kitchens with dark colored cabinets. Characterized by a black background with varying depths of green and gray veins which makes its overall look predominantly a rich green color. Considered to be a rare and exotic type of quartzite, it has varying shades of green, a light moss green background color with strong black veining pattern and yellow green highlights. Installation wise, granite tiles are butted edge to edge and has joints which need to be sealed perfectly.

Maintenance wise, granite tiles require more care because dirt can slip into joints and the grout also needs to be resealed regularly. When it comes to style, green granite tiles are more appropriate for modern and contemporary kitchens with simple lay-outs. This type of green granite tile is ideal as a countertop for kitchens with dark colored cabinetry.

Just like any other type of granite, green granite countertops are a wise and practical investment for any home, not only because of their resilience but also because they are very easy to maintain. Although not a top choice like white granite countertops and not as popular as black granite, green granite is one of the most sophisticated countertop options one can explore. It is a distinctive and eye catching focal point in itself which will surely make your home interesting. This is the most interesting type of green granite as the color combinations are very unique and incomparable to other granite colors. The last kind of pattern is the speckled type has high variations between color and texture. Green granite is also an ideal countertop for both casual and formal kitchens, depending on the shade of its color. Contrary to popular belief, green countertops are not really a challenge when it comes to decorating. It is the color of nature, that is why it gives kitchens a relaxing atmosphere and a natural look.

First thing to consider in deciding which green granite to use for your kitchen countertop is to determine which concept you want to go with. Modern style kitchens typically have a more simple streamlined look so choose green granite that is subtle or light colored, isn’t ove rpowering and less dramatic. Green granite countertops can go well with most kitchen cabinet colors from shades of white to light, medium and dark wood stains. Green granite also complements various shades of brown and wood stains since its earthy golden tones blends well with natural look of wood. For the cabinet hardware finishes, go with shiny or satin finish or bronze fixtures. A neutral wall palette always works best with green granite countertops.

Go with beige or cream walls, or if you want to add a more nature inspired look to your kitchen, paint walls with light brown, tan or sand.

Marble Granite Permanent Lifetime Sealer, Tan Brown Granite | Duration 5 Minutes 47 Seconds

Pair rich and deep colored green granite with a more muted shade for the walls like sage, light moss green or very light mint green. If using wooden floor planks, select light colored stain like maple or light birch.

These will complement your green granite countertops perfectly without competing for attention.

Complementing mosaic tile colors may still be used if you want to add more character to your space. Dark backsplash colors matched with green granite countertops evoke flamboyance and are also extravagant looking. Combining too many patterns will take the attention away from the natural beauty of your granite countertop. Remember that the color palette you use for any space evokes different feels or ambiances. It approximately costs double the amount of materials and usually take up about 70% of the total project cost. Its general appearance looks more like a subtle olive green with a brownish tone. White kitchen cabinetry are also an ideal pair as it does not overpower the unique look of this one of a kind stone. The addition of a muted colored tile backsplash complements the colors of the countertop without overpowering it. Since this granite has a busy overwhelming look, it is highly suited as a countertop for white kitchen cabinets. It has a consistent dynamic veining pattern and sometimes has yellowish accents in its surface.

As a kitchen countertop, it is best paired with white or light colored cabinets. This type of granite kitchen countertop will surely add sophistication to kitchens with medium to dark colored wooden cabinetry. Characterized by a heavily crystallized appearance, it has frost white and beige background highlighted with silver, yellowish and gray minerals. It is best used as a countertop for white, light, medium and dark stained wooden kitchen cabinets.

This green granite countertop is a perfect match for medium to dark stain wooden kitchen cabinets. Granite tiles are pre-cut, smaller and lighter which makes them more manageable when it comes to handling and installation. This is more appropriate for small scale projects or for kitchens with complicated layouts or counter shapes. Considered to be a downside of using granite tiles is that it is more cheap looking than a whole slab countertop and needs grout which exactly matches the color of your tile to lessen the visibility of seams. As one can notice, it has a grayish green pebbled appearance with beige and cool gray undertones. Visit this page for more ideas about granite countertop colors including edge types and finishes.


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