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Our Painted Maple Cabinets 2 Years Later by

Oak has grain, so it’s more forgiving for brush marks, roller lines, errant hairs – jazz like that (because most homeowners don’t spray). So, let’s go on a little photo journey together (who’s bringing the wine?).The island is virtually flawless and next to the sink cabinet, it gets the most wear and tear.

It’s been almost a year that they’ve been done now and there are only a few minor nicks…all from a rough toddler smashing toys into them. The edges had to be painted (that 1″ wide strip), but the insides were left as-is!

And what colour is the kitchen cabinets and what sheen?

I thought cloud white had a yellow-ish undertone, but it sure doesn’t look that way in this room!

Would you mind weighing in, if you could go back to your kitchen before having your wood cabinets white, what wall color would you use today to paint the walls (instead of the dark brown).

Magic Chef 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Mcwc6b The Home Depot From Homedepot | Duration 46 Seconds

We’re your cabinets paint brush painted or spray painted and are there pro and cons for choosing one or the other. It will just be that bit more helpful if you know the exposures in your rooms as well!

I was wondering if that is a different color stain or merely because the cabinets were painted. And should the hardware finish match the faucet or the light fixture?

So now the question is what color – alabaster or pure white?

However, your before after photos are a bit misleading since the before was taken with an ordinary camera phone and the after image is professionally photographed with lighting. I do not want to paint over these but wish to keep them as they are with new white paint. I am feeling so stressed about this very important decision that we have saved years to undertake!

The main cupboard doors are looking great – some very minor wear on a few edges and a few weeee tiny little chips (like where the corner cabinet knob repeatedly hit the cupboard next to it as shown below). On the inside edge of the doors, a tiny bit of wear, but really, hardly anything relative to how much these doors are opened and closed. Completely surprised that it is cloud white, especially with the cooler colored walls and counter.

I am dying to paint my natural cherry cabinets but afraid my husband would kill me. Love your blog and have told all my friends about it!

Anything looks better with some nice light and post-processing. I wasn’t going to bust out my old camera for the afters 😉 and even then, the results would still be striking!

Avanza counter tops and medium dark wood look tile flooring in south facing room.

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