Glass can be cut into any shape and texture and can be stained in any color. Keep in mind that no matter the glass countertop you choose, it can be pricey. This will make the glass countertop an accent rather than a material that is used throughout the kitchen. Even though it’s a pricier option, it’s becoming increasingly more popular because of its modern look. Many surfaces are embedded with materials that allow for a mix of browns, blues, greens and other colors that suit your kitchen color palette.Recycled glass is not only an eco-friendly option, but it can be made to emulate granite countertops, using a mix of colored glass pieces.

Glass countertop tiles are a good option if you are seeking a do-it-yourself option that will add a bit of flair to your current countertop. If budget is a concern, then consider using a glass countertop in conjunction with another surface.

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The natural hues of granite sparkle with shimmering flecks and colorful crystals of quartz, mica and feldspar, while glass tiles come in an assortment of solid or patterned colors, from crisp whites and neutral earth tones to vibrant rainbow hues. The character and patina of a bronze vent hood or faucet, antique copper kettles and warm wood furnishings complements the rich browns in the granite.

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Or, pair a simple, unembellished black granite countertop with small, one-inch square glass tiles in black and white for an eye-catching checkerboard graphic. The solid granite backsplash is easier to keep clean and allows you to choose more complex glass tiles with thicker, more numerous grout joints for the wall surface above. Locating tile higher up on the wall puts them out of the way of splashes and spills, keeping them in pristine shape. Match the dimensions of the glass wall tiles to the granite countertop tiles for a more unified feel. Minimizing the size and number of grout joints makes the surface more durable as well. Alternating colors for each stripe further accentuates the effect. Her work has appeared in informative guides on student housing cooperatives and sustainable building alternatives. Or, for a bolder approach, play up the granite’s variation in color and pattern with a glass tile mosaic in an assortment of colors pulled from the stone. An understated charcoal granite slab plays a perfect counterpoint to bright turquoise glass tiles in an intricate lantern shape. Step up the contrast by choosing honed granite in a matte finish to juxtapose with the glossy finish of glass tile. It creates an ideal location for a convenient shelf on which to place soap, condiments or small cooking canisters.

Use large tiles and thin grout lines for both the walls and the countertop to give the surfaces a sleeker look. For a distinctive striping effect, use long tiles oriented vertically on the wall that run down across the countertop and fold over the front of the countertop edge. Other areas of specialty include technology, health, gardening and cooking.

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We use advance technology for real estate marketing and our construction projects. Our qualified staff and management fully focus to meet the international construction standards. Modern and stylish glass countertops are a brilliant way to improve the look of your kitchen. First and foremost, a kitchen countertop needs to be functional and durable. Anyone who enters your kitchen would not be able to take his eyes off your kitchen countertop.

Our staff use latest construction apps for construction bidding process, construction documents and construction drawings.

We use construction engineering technology and construction estimating software for our construction projects. Because it’s able to withstand high heat, glass won’t crack or scorch. Easy maintenance and the irreplaceable beauty of unique shapes, then the smooth and glossy finish of the countertop is adorable and unthinkable if you use some other material.

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It is important to carefully choose and install the tile because it is going to be there for a long time. If an old counter top was removed, a new counter has to be rebuilt with plywood that is free of paint or glue. Installing a wood molding all around the counter is an easier option to prevent breakage than making it of glass tile. Use a sponge to wet the plywood before applying the thin set. Since glass tile is transparent, the white color of the thin set will be seen through the glass. The joints should be cleaned of any excess of thin set between the tiles with a wet sponge. When ready, mix sanded grout with a small amount of water in a pail. Apply the grout with a soft rubber trowel and let dry about 10 to 15 minutes. If a wood molding needs to be installed at the edge of the counter top, it must be done before applying the grout. After the excess of grout is cleaned off, the joints between the tiles should not be touched to avoid marks to be made in the soft grout.

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It is not that much harder to install glass tile than it is for regular tile, except for a few details. Deciding how to make the edge of the counter top has to be done before laying the tile. Otherwise the plywood will absorb the water in the thin set and cause it to dry too fast. A different color can be obtained by mixing some sanded grout within the thin set. Install the tiles starting at the edge of the counter top going towards the back splash wall.

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