In the case of water and other foreign substances like acids and chlorides that can cause severe damage to natural stone we recommend blotting the affected area with water to prevent spreading the stain and further damage to the stone. There are many effective granite cleaning solutions in the market these days specializing in many types of granite and natural stone, we can recommend a few tips, give us a call! Gently wipe the granite surface and dry it with a clean soft cloth. If the granite surface is extremely dirty then gently cleaning with a damp sponge is not sufficient, call one of our offices and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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Unsealed granite surfaces exposed to water for long periods of time can cause excess moisture to penetrate the granite causing surface cracks and sometimes irreversible damage. There are many sealers and sealing solutions in the market these days specializing in many types of granite. It is also good to seal the granite surface after it’s been cleaned and polished. We recommend spraying the sealer on the floor or countertop surface with a spray bottle and then using a squeegee to spread the sealer around before wiping off any excess. But, sealers only protect for a reasonable period of time, given enough time acidic substances will erode away the layer of sealer and inadvertently cause damage to the granite. However with nano-technology advanced sealants have been developed to reduce the risk of staining and etching considerably.

Water can also damage marble, but not quite as severely as damage caused by acidic agents or chlorides but in either case the best precaution is to seal the marble with the proper sealing solution. Preparation is the key, proper care of the surrounding areas is very important before starting a granite cleaning job.

Look for reputable granite cleaning products that won’t leave stains or streak marks on the surface of the granite; product manufacturers that specifically indicate that they are safe to use on natural stone surfaces like granite. In either case the best precaution is to clean the affected area with the proper granite cleaning solution. Apply warm water over a soft clean sponge ringing out any excess water until the sponge is barely damp. In either case the best precaution is to seal the granite with the proper sealing solution. The best way to avoid stains and etching is simply sealing your granite showers, floors and countertops. Its good common practice to clean spills immediately after, you do this by blotting the spill as opposed to wiping it, as wiping it will only spread it therefore spreading the damage. Sealer will keep most moisture & foreign substances from penetrating the granite immediately, keep in mind that natural stone sealers are not the ultimate protection against etching & stains. These type of sealers will penetrate into the granite and protect the natural stone from within rather than creating and outside layer. It is a good idea to pick up after spills immediately after they occur.

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That’s why sealing granite, etching/stain removal is better left in the hands of marble restoration professionals.

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They didn’t, so they came back, applied acetone, and then re-sealed it. Etching is a problem with marble, because marble is reactive to acids, but granite is not sensitive to acids, so it is not the stone itself.

However , antiqued, honed or otherwise non-polished finishes can require additional granite care. You are not likely to ever stain this granite especially if it is sealed properly. I suggest that you do a little maintenance and experimenting yourself to diagnose the spot by cleaning with acetone and then testing with lemon juice. It is often recommended for cleaning because everyone has soap, it’s cheap, and won’t “hurt” your stone. Refinishing may be needed, but that’s tough on a leathered surface.

I asked him about some streaks before he left, and he said they would wipe off over time. Stains occur when substances absorb into the stone turning the stone darker in color. Your spot is a “lighter pale-grey color,” so you need to find out what is being etched.

Now do the same on an area that was sealed, but not cleaned with acetone/methylene chloride. We recommend using products formulated specifically for natural stone. The smudges are a lighter grey than the rest of the island.

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Natural granite is considered the countertop material of choice by many home owners and contractors alike. People usually think of granite countertops as hard surfaces but they can be easily etched or stained if untreated. We use only the highest professional grade sealers and cleaners on the market. As a result the time and frequency of cleaning the surface is reduced. Our process retains the natural, look, color and finish of your stone. Immediately after the service the stone will repel food, water, stains and etching. The sealer is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the surface.

There are many factors that go into the lifespan of the sealer so having it done every 3-5 years is a safe bet. A good way to test the sealant’s effectiveness on your granite countertops is to spill water on a small area. If the water starts to seep into the granite, causing the granite to appear darker, it is time to re-seal.

Does your granite counter not clean up as easy as it did when first installed? It is the latest materials that most homeowners want for their kitchens and elsewhere. That is why a professional cleaning and sealing are the most important aspects to protect your investment against staining.

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Our granite sealer creates a protective coating that chemically bonds to the surface, creating a non-stick barrier that resists oil, staining and etching.

The sealer creates a protective barrier which assists in protecting the granite, helping to prevent the deterioration caused by staining and etching from contaminants including oils, grease and grime. Our process enhances the shine and make the stone easy to keep clean. It does make dull granite shine again and the cleaning of the granite is made easier and less frequent. Will the sealer protect my granite from getting etched/water stains?

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With a nice, flat floor cleaning is much easier and your floor will have more uniform, monolithic appearance. Periodic professional deep cleaning services, utilizing highly-effective and stone-safe cleaning solutions help keep your granite surfaces looking their best. Once your granite is cleaned and restored, we may recommend you have us seal it to enhance its stain resistance.

Much harder than marble, granite is a rugged and resilient stone that requires specialized knowledge and equipment to restore. We can grind away the excess stone (a process also known as lippage removal) to create a flat, level surface using state-of-the art diamond grinding technology. Once your granite surface is ground level, we can give it the finish you choose — honed (matte finish), high-polish, or somewhere in between. We can hone granite surfaces to eliminate these imperfections, revealing the brand new granite surface underneath—a surface that is free of damage. Your granite will be easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services, using non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning solutions. Whether you want guidance in do-it-yourself granite stain removal or prefer to have us remove your granite discolorations for you, the original color of your granite can most likely be restored. The areas which were cleaned and sealed, give the impression of a new installation.

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Keeping your countertops clean and looking beautiful for years to come is as easy to maintain as its indoor counterpart, with a few notable exceptions.

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Direct exposure to the suns rays can affect the finish and color of your stone. You should clean with any mild dish soap and water or you can use any dedicated stone cleaning product.

Kitchen surface cleansers that do not contain bleach or harsh abrasives are also acceptable.

When granite is properly installed and cared for, it will not crack due to normal weather conditions. You should not allow an accumulation of wet leaves to remain on your granite countertops for extended periods of time. To prevent the wax residue, we recommend the use of plates or trays under your candles. Clean the areas with a mix of baking soda and water, using a soft bristle brush to agitate the rust, and then wipe to remove. Is there a recommended process to clean my countertop after the winter? If you feel additional cleaning is necessary, you can clean with any kitchen surface cleanser that does not contain bleach or harsh abrasives. Of course, use of a dedicated stone cleaning product is also recommended and you can use any kitchen cleanser that does not contain bleach or harsh abrasives. Your outdoor granite should be supported in the same manner as any indoor installation. We can advise you to the specific supports necessary for your application. Smaller, individual pieces of stone may not necessarily be affected by these circumstances.

Is granite a good material to use as a surround for my outdoor fire-pit or fireplace? Granite is a non-combustible material, which makes it an excellent choice for use around your fire pit or fireplace although it is not covered by the warranty. Extreme weather conditions can break through the sealer’s protection. Any good penetrating, or impregnating, sealer should be used when you re-seal.

You can cool off your countertops / tabletops by wiping down with tepid water, but do not use very cold water as you need to cool the stone gradually.

Depending on your living environment, it is highly recommended to cover your countertops with adequate shading such as umbrellas or patio roofing. To clean, first remove the residue, and then clean the area with soap and water. If you live in an area where you do not use your outdoor countertops for extended periods due to your climate, we recommend covering your granite. Candle wax will leave markings on your granite as the wax will leave residue in the pores of the stone that will eventually dissipate. You should first clean your countertop with water to rinse off any loose particles of dirt or outdoor debris, and then clean with soap and water. As dish detergents contain antibacterial agents, cleaning your granite with soap and water will be sufficient.

I plan on having an overhang for a bar top; do you recommended supports? Smaller pieces of stone do not necessarily require poured footing and can be used with pavers or bricks if they are individual pieces.

We suggest the use of umbrellas whenever possible as granite will absorb the heat of the sun; it will not affect the granite other than to make it hot to the touch in extreme sunlight conditions.

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If your granite is rough or dull and needs maintenance sealing, give us the opportunity to show you how your granite should look and feel. Most homeowner’s do not want to deal with all that tedious scrubbing or trying to remove a stain which has penetrated into the stone. Have you recently installed or plan to install granite countertops, but lack the knowledge of how to maintain their new appearance? You can have renewed pride in your home’s appearance by using our services and practicing our maintenance methods. Has it been more than a year since you resealed your granite? Use our online booking option or give us a call to discuss the best possible solutions.

Our competitors typically need to reseal granite at least once or twice a year.

Our exclusive granite sealing product chemically bonds to granite surfaces, which allows us to provide a minimum 5-year warranty. Keeping your granite sparkling usually requires a quick, daily swabbing with a damp cloth for food and drink spills. Some of the most dense water stains we see are right around the sinks in granite-surfaced kitchens. Never place hot items from the range or oven directly on a granite countertop.

Using the wrong products to clean granite ruins its look and texture. The occasional use (once or twice a month) of a commercial grade granite polish is highly recommended. Because of the unique bonding power of our sealer, alcohol will not harm the seal at all. He was very knowledgeable about his craft, he told us how to properly care for our floors and countertops. Would definitely recommend him and go to sac surface pro again for any of our flooring needs. He and his crew did a beautiful job on both floors and educated me about what products to use.

Matt and his crew did great workand got the grout to look shiny and new. He arrived on time, explained the process thoroughly, and performed the work beyond our satisfaction. Matt is very professional, has been in the business for a while and knows what he is doing, had great suggestions for my maintaining it and was always on time.

Granite surfaces are lovely, durable, and usually somewhat low-maintenance, but removing stains or hard water stains can prove to be a nightmarish task. We educate our clients on the proper methods of care for their granite, to achieve and maintain that “like new” glow. Many companies don’t want to risk the liability of potentially damaging granite in the cleaning process.

In fact, we have all the right tools, attachments, products and skills for many surfaces in your home. Most people agree that granite countertops have an incomparable modern elegance, but many homeowners are unaware that without proper sealing and protection, granite can easily become permanently stained and damaged, leading to thousands of dollars in replacement costs! Fabricators and retailers of granite surfaces recommend that granite surfaces be sealed one to two times per year. Are you frustrated because your granite is dull and has lost its original glow? Sealers absorb into the pores in the granite temporarily filling them.

A topical seal makes the surface smooth and shiny and helps prevent the formation of hard water stains. Your granite will be protected from spills and staining and have a smooth sheen for years if maintained properly. Sealing granite doesn’t make it bulletproof, but it does protect it from stains that ruin its look and shine. To avoid hard water stains, many of our customers keep a soft, dry microfiber handy and swab around the faucets after dishwashing, handwashing or food preparation. Other acidic cleansers, such as vinegar, will remove the seal very quickly. We recommend using denatured or rubbing alcohol mixed with equal parts water to maintain the protective power of our seal. However, over spraying alcohol products may damage the finish on cabinets or painted walls, so remember to use these products sparingly. I just moved to a new home and tile floors were dark and disgusting and they did an amazing job cleaning everything. They did a great job sealing my granite counters, glass showers and marble counters. They were courteous and efficient and sealed the granite and the glass in both showers!

He even gave the heavy traffic sections of our floor a second layer. They were careful to put corner guards on the corners and wore booties each time they came into the house.

He came over and used a big machine with a special pad to go over it and checked with me to make sure it wasn’t so slick anymore. We have a large indoor tile floor and the grout had turned black from dirt after years of foot traffic. Matt and his crew went above and beyond to ensure the job was done right and we were happy. Matt and his team did amazing work restoring our floors to its former glory. Matt also did a great job on my old tile kitchen floor – gave me a few more years of life! We have a lot of tile, granite and glass showers in our newly built home so we want it to last and look nice.

He is also very knowledgeable about new building materials and what to use on each.


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