With professional service, you can rely on us to build and renovate anything you need. We also provide granite countertop fabrication and can provide you with our exceptional granite countertop installation service. Upgrading your countertops can change the look of your entire room and add value to you home.

However, home remodeling is a lot more complicated than it looks, which is why many people choose to hire professionals. From tile installation to marble resurfacing, there is nothing we cannot assist you with.

From bathroom remodeling to vanity countertops, we’ve got you covered.

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From beauty to ultimate resiliency, we have an innovative and stylish solution for any application. No matter what style of space you’re creating, there’s bound to be a perfect match for you. The right stone solution for a particular project depends on the performance and maintenance the space permits. It’s a natural byproduct of more than 70 years at the forefront of the surfaces industry. But it’s our 40 stone centers and slab yards that offer the greatest availability of large-format porcelain slabs, quartz countertops, granite countertops, and natural stone slabs.

A collage of subtle movement and soft veining, combined with unrivaled performance, will be hallmarks of the showpieces created with this modern classic.

No matter where you visit, with a variety of sample tools and resources, we make it easy to choose the look that’s right for any project.

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From flooring to kitchen or bathroom countertops, stone can add an elegant look and even increase the resale value of your home. These crystals are what gives it its characteristic grains of color.

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Each slab will be unique, so work with your supplier to find one you like. The main component is calcium carbonate which is softer than the minerals that make up granite. Typically considered more luxurious and is therefore more expensive.

Typically, they are custom cut for countertops so that there will be no seams. Installers often use them for flooring because of the larger area to be covered. Take care to not place furniture or plant pots on your stone flooring that will scratch them. They’re are a great option for natural stone flooring and come in a variety of sizes. Reinforcement of your cabinets may be necessary to hold the weight. Transporting and moving the slab into place requires special equipment. It can resist scratches from kitchen implements, though the surface should not become a cutting board.

Countertop edges and corners are areas that are especially vulnerable to chipping. Repaired chips are less visible because of the natural flecked pattern. For this reason, neither are commonly considered environmentally friendly.

Using previously owned stone will stop it from ending up in the landfill. You should take care to not place hot items down without a trivet or other barrier. If you choose a dark or an unusual color, there is the possibility of it going out of style. Worn looking or damaged marble will not provide the same resale value as when first installed. Marble is an option, but make an informed choice understanding that it will require more frequent care and a diligence in wiping up spills. Use granite in hallways and entryways where there is a lot of pass through traffic due to its durability. If it’s a table you’re going to eat or prepare food on, granite is a better choice.

Quartz used for countertops comes from crushed rock mixed with resin and then formed into slabs. Unlike other natural stone, quartz countertops are non-porous and therefore will not stain. It is suitable for flooring and fireplace surrounds, but not typically used in countertops. They are non-porous and non-staining and are an economical alternative to natural stone. A good supplier will walk you through the ins and outs of selecting the right stone for your home and will be there through the installation process.

When choosing a finish for you home, there are several choices, with granite and marble being two of the top ones.

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Quartz, potassium feldspar, mica, and amphiboles are what primarily comprise it along with other trace minerals.

It will contain flecks or veins of color to give it some character. In home construction and remodeling, this material is popular in countertops for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as flooring. The process incorporates other minerals which give it its color and characteristic veining. There is wide market availability for this type, making it a popular choice.

Slab refers to large pieces used to cover an entire countertop or other area. Tiles are small, uniform pieces laid side by side to cover a space. Countertops and backsplashes also use tiles with grout lines visible between each piece. With its elegant veining and rich, deep feel, marble will bring class and beauty to any space. Add felt or rubber pads to furniture legs and use rubber mats under pots. Spills left sitting eventually absorb into the stone and cause staining. The main difference is whether you are using slabs or tiles. It also stands up well to the wear introduced on flooring in areas of high traffic. You will need to hire someone for large repairs or resurfacing when damaged. However, sometimes you can rescue a piece of recycled stone or use remnant stone if you are willing to be a little flexible with color and/or size.

It’s is especially susceptible to acidic liquids, which can damage the polished surface; a process called “etching” that leaves the once glossy surface dulled. Stick with whites or neutrals if you want to maintain the value in the future. Because it won’t normally face spills from acidic foods, the bathroom is a great place to leverage marble, although you will have to make sure that you keep it sealed to resist the moisture that it will face. With its resistance to heat and higher tolerance for acidic food spills, it will continue to look good and require less diligent care than marble. In lower traffic areas, like a bathroom, the look of marble adds an elegant touch. Quartz is stronger than granite because of its flexibility, which makes it resistant to cracking.

However, it is softer and will not hold a shine, but rather settle to a matte finish.

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Don’t shy away from doing background checks and calling references.

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Help, my marble tile floor doesn’t match my marble slab countertops. Being able to choose all the many parts to look good together is difficult. You need a splash that will allow your stone and wooden cabinets and hood to shine. I highly suggest having a tile consultant come to your house for a consultation. On the bright side, if you choose one of those busy mosaic tiles, nobody will notice your two different marbles. I personally would paint the walls that color but the bar stools and maybe the backsplash that color would look so pretty imo. Sophie suggested sanding down the marble or you can use a muriatic acid to hone it and get rid of whatever is covering it. There can be harmony or the stylings of an inept bagpiper (you won’t go there!).

Wall color still to be determined, and a single color accent chosen for the area rugs, small appliances, etc. We recently redid our kitchen, and it took almost 2 months to come to a decision on our backsplash. In your case, those large holes that are soon to be filled will have a big impact on the look of your kitchen.

You liked both those marbles individually, but didn’t realize they don’t belong together. Anyone who’s renovated a kitchen will tell you that the backsplash is the hardest choice of all.

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Only to finally end in a hotel at 3:00 am, in exhaustion and out more money. Ceramics would be a great choice if you want a solid type of ceramic subway tile. You cannot have your favorite backsplash and your favorite countertop and your favorite cabinets and your favorite hood. You have to create a favorite kitchen unking harmonious choices and you have to pick out a star and its supporting actors. Interesting how people who claim to be so sensitive only see their own feelings. So, no sense beating a dead horse with mean spirited (vulgar) comments.

Maybe some of the commentators who understand color will chime in with suggestions. Then as she suggested try that 1:5 mixture of stain to clear over your extra tiles to see if you can warm up your floor tile.

You have to either live with it or bite the bullet and redo. As someone upthread mentioned, backsplash decisions are the hardest ones to make in a kitchen. Sometimes you need to see everything else installed and in place before deciding. If you could get them to a walnut travertine shade, that still contrasts with the cabinets, and it lets them recede into the background, where they belong.


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