Scroll down to see the extraordinary selection of green granites below. Since we see much of this color in nature, green countertops can bring a stimulating and sometimes tropical quality to the room. For peace of mind, make sure to see the slabs in person prior to selecting any material for your kitchen. Most likely you will find the more popular colors for your area. From simple and subtle patterns to astonishing works of art, this photo album includes virtually all of the green-colored granites thus far discovered in the earth.With so many granite countertop colors displayed here, it is unfeasible for your local granite yard to carry them all.

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Recycled glass countertops are one of the more popular materials in this list. Look for laminate made from recycled plastic that has been glued to formaldehyde-free substrate with nontoxic glues. Because large amounts of energy are required for transport, look for locally mined and fabricated stone (within 500 miles). Avoid lead-based and radioactive glazes on some imported tiles.

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Use it to find the best green countertop material for your home. Use it to find the best green countertop materials for your home. Because large amounts of energy are required for transport, look for a local fabricator. Large tiles and tight grout joints reduce ongoing maintenance. Recommended as backsplash; may not be practical for countertop. If product is laminated, avoid product with added formaldehyde.

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Stone or quartz countertops remove the stone from the earth in a permanent fashion though. Learn a few things in this section of our blog about how wood is a “green” countertop material.

We hear so much about the destruction of tropical rainforests. Yes, it still exists once it’s in your home but it’ll never be that majestic mountain again. Responsible harvesting does not destroy the forests where it grows and even the slowest growing trees will come back quickly in comparison to a mountain.

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Conventional counter choices, including laminate and engineered solid surfaces, may contain chemicals considered harmful to human health. Also be sure to ask about potential toxins in materials, as even some “green” products can include resins made of chemicals you might not want in your kitchen. His second criteria for choosing counters might surprise you: aesthetics . Natural materials, he says, are typically more repairable than synthetics. Recycled paper counters are hard surfaces that resist nicks and stains, and they can be sanded to remove scratches that do occur. Paper-based counters can reportedly withstand heat up to 350 degrees, but taking something off the stove or out of the oven and placing it on the counter isn’t recommended. The resins used in paper countertops are a small percentage of the countertop material, but should still be considered in your choice of paper countertop suppliers.

In theory glass tiles could be recycled, but removing tiles is challenging. A quartz counter’s greenness depends somewhat on the manufacturer. Wood is durable and can be fastened mechanically, which eliminates the need for adhesives. But with some care and maintenance, a wood countertop can be beautiful in a modern kitchen. Made of entirely natural, renewable and recycled materials, linoleum is durable and water-resistant. A much-used green flooring option, perhaps linoleum counters will catch on. A stainless counter is long-lasting, hard wearing and resists cut marks, which is why these counters are commonly used in restaurants and commercial food prep operations. When it’s finally removed, it can also be reused or recycled into new concrete products. Concrete is pretty porous and needs to be resealed regularly. Diverting materials from the landfill, whether a slab of granite, some reclaimed wood, or sheet metal seriously shrinks the footprint of your renovation project. Plywood and particleboard backing use binders and glues that can contain chemicals you’d rather not have in your home, like formaldehyde.

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Take care of your counters and they can last you a lifetime. While concrete is incredibly durable, for example, it requires a lot of energy to make it. When possible, choose materials sourced locally to cut down on the energy required for transportation. The resins used in making paper counters also means they aren’t recyclable the way some counter materials are.

You can also use recycled glass tiles, which use far less energy to make than ceramic made from new materials. Grouted countertops are difficult to keep clean, so tiles are often reserved for backsplashes. Long-lasting and low maintenance, naturally hard quartz is combined with resin to create a nonporous surface. While they are durable and moisture-resistant, they do not withstand heat and can scratch easily. Reclaimed wood is an especially sustainable option, as it requires no virgin materials, but recycled lumber and wood from sustainably managed forests also have relatively low embodied energy. When removed it can be reused for other projects, burned for heating, or shredded for use as mulch. The finish on wood countertops can be compromised by putting hot pots directly on the surface. Schirber cautions that bamboo tends to “move a lot” with fluctuations in humidity and generally does not recommend it for long spans of counter. But if you’ve ever owned a stainless steel appliance, you know this material is prone to showing streaks and smudges. But its durability means a concrete counter can last a lifetime. It can also be prone to cracking when hot pots are routinely placed on its surface. Ask your builder or lumberyard about what’s in the wood products they’re selling. Hirshberg also urges cooks to use cutting boards, as most counter surfaces will show nicks if you cut directly on them, and those that don’t will dull your knife.

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